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Volume 1 Issue 1 - September 1995 "Pulse"

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ULS Ee TORONTO'S MUSIC e CLASSICAL & NEW 60 BELLEVUE AVENUE TORONTO MST 2N4 (416) 603-3786; 603-3787 (fax) Volume 1, no.l September 1995 Pulse. What & why Message from the publisher PuLsE began a year and a half ago as a rev\ew of a single concert (by the Toronto Consort) in the Kensington DRUM, an offbeat downtown west Toronto community newspaper. By the fall of 1994 PuLsE had blossomed into a regular feature of DRUM. We werf:: including as many mini-reviews of concerts as we could squeeze in; as well as a feature called "Classical Heaven on 0 a month" (a subjective and idiosyncratic selection of upcoming concerts, the total ticket prices could not exceed 0. We were also trying, semi-successfully, to include comprehensive listings of everything going on. In September 1994 I found myself writing with pride that I was no longer missing concerts which up till then "I either never heard about, ... or by the time I did, they were over." But by October I found myself almost overwhelmed by the difficulty of gathering information for my DRUM column on an ongoing basis: "working with sixteen brochures and handwritten notes, ..• numbering the brochures, transferring relevant items to a large calendar." Is there any other way? I wondered. And the answer was clear -- there wasn'.t. Visit us at: ., St.John's Music ~~ Ltd. fonnerly Boddington Music • Fine Wind instruments and Accessories • Large Inventory of Wind and Choral Literature • Selection ofhard to find CD' s featuring Concert Band and Choral recordings 1650 Avenue Road Toronto, Ontario ( 416)-785-5000 Well, we think there should be. In May 1995 we put together a prototype issue of PuLsE, containing listings, reviews, and other bits and pieces. And we circulated it for comment within the music community. The message we got back was yes, indeed there is a need for such a publication. Interestingly, everyone who responded placed reviews as a much lower priority than previews and listings. (Some went so far as to say that reviews were completely dispensable!) That being said, everyone encouraged us to go ahead. So here we are! To all those who gave us advice and support over the summer, our thanks. May Pulse be of solid service to us all. We look forward to your ongoing input in shaping the way it develops. - Allan Pulker •To provide comprehensive, free, timely information on all upcoming classical and new music concerts and related musical events in Metro Toronto. • To provide an affordable means for providers of musical events to reach established and potential concert- Cojjcert Jjotes Sedate September? Not this year It's usually only as the days get significantly shorter and cooler that the Toronto concert season really gets under way -- as if, by tacit agreement, we save up the healing balm of music for the months when light and heat are gone from the land. (Or less poetically, everyone seems to know when it's too hot for serious music.) So when we decided to launch PULSE in August'a swelter, we knew we were taking something of a risk. Would there be enough happening in September to prove our main point -- that Toronto has a phenomenal wealth of classical and new music? We need not have worried. We are off to a flying start. OPEN AIR ART START The season's first offerings bubble up in two most unlikely places--the south sides of King Street and Wellington Street between Bay and York, at the sites of two sculptures Wall and Chairs (on King) and The Pasture (on Wellington). Every day at noon for four days, starting the day after Labour Day (see listings) a consortium of Toronto musicians and dancers called "Art in Open Spaces" will be using these sculptures as the focal points for four new music/dance creations. These promise to be a unique celebration of the city, of the nineties and of life. They're not to be missed. MUSIC GALLERY The Music Gallery is also off to a flying start this September, with 14 events that defy neat categorization. An example of the flavour and diversity: Wednesday September 20 Herbie Spanier merges and bridges jazz and new music traditions; while Thursday 21 you can hear three flutes from nonwestern traditions, the Middle-eastern ney, the Japanese Shakuhachi and the Indonesian soling Then Friday 22 the Canadian Electronic Ensemble, the world's first and oldest live performing synthesizer ensemble blend their electronic sounds with William Beauvais' woody guitar sounds POSSESSION OF OUR FACULTY Perhaps this is the year the secret gets out! Namely that one of the biggest concert producers in the city, with well over a hundred events each year, is U. of T.'s Faculty of Music. And that many of PULSE: STATEMENT OF PURPOSE going audiences. • To help broaden the concert-going audience base. FORMAT •Newsprint, tabloid FREQUENCY Monthly, available about a week A warm welcome to Pulse from ~ ri~ -- ~

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