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Volume 1 Issue 7 - April 1996

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........ ... April '96 Concert f.lotes continued Unmixed Voices April 14 -- The three year old Toronto-based men's chamber choir, The Victoria Scholars, already has a CD, an appearance at the IntercQllegiate Men's Choruses National Seminar, and several broadcasts to its credit. The choir is conducted by Jerzy Cichocki. April20 --Women's chamber choir, Cantores Celestes, under conductor Kelly Galbraith, performs at Runnymede United Church. One string . Saturday 20, the remarkable George Gao', virtuoso on the one-string Chinese "violin", the er-hu, plays traditional Chinese music as part of the Music Umbrella Series at Eastminster United Church. - - -· ...... '-'~" . ---------._........-- ________ - FOUR THE ETC FILE WORKSHOPS, ETC •12 7:30: Playing Without Pain Workshop with Barbara Paull & Christine Harrison. To help musicians avoid and manage injuries. University Settlement Music and Arts Dept. 23 Grange Rd 598-3444. , . . •13 10:00 am - 1:00 pm and 14 10:00 am - 10:00 pm: Do Music:. Four New Music workshops for new musicians. · Music Gallery, 179 Richmond St. W. 964-8106. per workshop of for all four. •17 to 20: 8:00: Urban Dance. Remembering. Brazilian modern dance, choreographed by Newton Moraes. Music Gallery, 179 Richmond St. W. 204-1080. . •19 6:30 to 8:30: An evening with Oscar Nieto and Claire Seddon. Lifespace Institute, 294 Dupont St. . -------=-------' 20 & 21 10:00 to 6:00: Lifespac:e Also out-ofthe-ordinary April 28 .. Canadian Institute and The Sacred Gypsy. Moving With Grace and Power. A creative workshop of transformational sacred and Ukrainian Opera Association's expressive art, movement and presentation of V alaeri Kikta's Flamenco dance. Yonge St. Sacred Dnipro Oratorio at Studios, 625 Yonge St. 423-4961. Massey Hall; •21 CAMMAC. Cantata April 30 -- the Aldeburgh Reading. Handel's Chandos Connection's presentation of Anthems. St. Anne's Anglican Russell Braun and Stephen Church, 270 Gladstone Ave. 421- Ralls performing Johannes 0779. . Brahms' Die schone Magelone •22 to 26: Toronto Symphony at the Glenn Gould Studio. Volunteer Committee. The Apri/8 to May 11: The Canadian 1996 Piano Competition. Stage Company. A Little Night Metropolitan Toronto Archives Music by Stephen Sondheim. 872_ and Records Building, 255 1111. Spadina Rd 483-7611. @,_,-rtlie souna post Canada's String Shop violins, violas, cellos, basses repairs and restorations, bow rehairs strings and accessories music and recordings educational materials guaranteed lowest prices "' NEW LOCATION "' 93 Grenville St. (near College/Bay), Toronto .phone (416) 971-6990 fax (416) 597-9923 Free Parking "' Open Sundays 12 - 5 ..... ~· . ...... . ------------- •24 to 27 8:00: Urban Dance. DeJame Gritar! Arte Flamenco Spanish Dance Co & Canboulay Dance Co. Choreography by Elena la Comadre & Ronald Taylor. Music Gallery, 179 Richmond St. W. 204-1080. , . •26-28: CAMMAC. Chamber Music: Weekend. For information, call Doris Tanter, 924-1938. •28 2:00 Eighth Annual Alumni Opera Lecture and reception. "Wagner's Tristan und Isolde" by Prof. Emeritus, M. Owen Lee,; C.S.B. St. Michael's College, Alumni Hall Senate Chamber, Rm. 400, 121 St. Joseph St. 926-7260. . NEWS, ETC Music Matrix on the up Music Matrix, which has been supplying concert producers with advance notice of concert dates for scheduling purposes is expanding its services to include grant proposal writing, Resume and CV preparation, concert promotion and even hookkeeping. For more information, contact Lauren Pratt at 785-8707. TSO making waves March 9 - a critically acclaimed Carnegie Hall appearance; March 10 - a )uno Award for its all Richard Strauss recording with Canadian tenor, Ben Heppner on the CBC SM5000 label; and a recently completed first recording session for Finlandia Records - the inaug~ral disc of a three-year exclusive commercial recording contract" Congratulations TSO! AUDITIONS, ETC •April 18: Opera in Concert Chorus, Auditions. 461-3041. PULSE •The Classical Youth Orchestra has openings for string, wind, brass & percussion. To arrange an audition, call Peter Wong at 233- 4200. The orchestra is also available for charity functions, weddings & social events. BENEFITS, ETC. All Fools Eve (March 31) at 3:00: a Benefit Concert by the Mississauga Choral Society. The location is St. Dominic's Church on Cawthra Rd at Atwater, tickets and . 905-278-7059. Margison times two Canada's renowned tenor, Richard Margison, sings at two benefits in April. The first, April 1, is for the Esprit Orchestra. Tickets are 5 with dinner and without. Phone 366-7723. His second appearance, with members of the COC Orchestra, is on the 5th at and for the McGill Club. Tickets . Reservations 977-4122. Honouring Ruby Mercer Saturday, April 27 the Canadian Children's Opera Chorus is having a benefit dinner with music performed by CCOC alumna Karina Gauvin, the CCOC and apprentice choruses in honour of CCOC founder, Ruby Mercer. Tickets are 0. Reservations ·366-0467. EARS, AWARDS, COs ETC For those of you who missed out on CDs of the award-winning Annogoni soundtrack, the answer to the question WHAT BODY PART DID HE LOSE, AND HOW was not "a leg in the war", it was "an ear in a car accident." This month's question to win CDs (first three callers) is "name the award Burbi just won." ~pera &>tore Canada's Unique Specialty Store ... . At Your Service With a Large and Ever Expanding Selection. of All Things Opera Related. VISIT or CALL to learn about the exciting array of new arrivals in our print music, video, CD and "gifts" and "art" sections. PROMPT PHONE & MAIL ORDER SERVICE (416) 968 7236 1-800-667-6925 local out of town 210 BLOOR ST. W. TORONTO (JUST WEST Of AVENUE ROAD, NEAR ST. GEORGE SUBWAY)

-- April '96 ----=-- ~='"':::::_' .. """"'.:____:_:: --- ~ FIVE ••• ur= on'"',., ur HT • ------------ -- -- - TaxiCabaret: hope or hoax! MARCH 24 1996: Inspired by the legendary romance and success of Venice's gondoliers, a group of entrepreneurial Toronto singers today announced the launch of "TaxiCabaret" a singing cab service. Commencing April 1, the enterprising group of seven will combine singing ability with skill at piloting a taxi around town, serenading their clients on the fly. "Everyone knows these are tough times" comments TaxiCabaret spokesperson · Alan G~sser. ''We figured if we took government's advice and got real jobs there'd be that much more to go around for artists with less portable gifts. I mean you can't play a viola while you're driving -- at least not very well.'' "It's wonderful" says an ecstatic Jennifer Chamandy. "Whenever I'm back from touring, I get to earn money as I practise!" T~nor Douglas Rice is equally delighted: "I love to sing and I love to drive - it's a perfect combination! And at lOO km I h you've really got _a 'captive audience.'' "For sure" says Bill Silva. "And the acoustics are way better than the O'Keefe.'' How it works for an audience. We can all When a passenger gets into handle rejection. We can take the back seat of a Cabaret cab ' directions. And anyone who he I she will see, in addition to can read a new music score the usual photo-ID, a "menu" can learn how to handle a of the singer's repertoire, from road map. ... It's a niche which the passenger can request a personalized trip programme. TaxiCabaret cabs will initially have a bust of Beethoven as a hood ornament to identify them. "Choosing Beethoven was a bit of a compromise" explains Rita Ghent. "But I mean if you're picking up customers after Sunset Boulevard who's going to recognize Scriabin?" "We'd hoped to start with winking Beethoven cab lights right away" says Ghent, "but we'll have to see what the tips are like before we get fancy.'' (Cabaret cabs will cost no more than regular cabs--as in the restaurant trade, the customer gets to signal approval or disapproval of the quality of the service by the size of the gratuity.) "Let's hope they base their tips on the singing, not the driving," says Ghent. "At least initially. I mean how many performers do you know who get to practise driving.'' Perfect synergies "The synergies are perfect" raves' Gasser. "Our serenading drivers have been doing the night shift for years, looking market where we can really compete. I mean, we're way more upbeat than the PhDs out there." Hurdles All going well TaxiCabaret takes to the streets April 1. But there are three major hurdles to overcome. First, the Licensing Commission has raised concerns that singing drivers will have an unfair advantage over their non-singing colleagues. "It's a valid concern" says tenor Dan Chamandy. "It's not selfregulating like gondolas where a top-weight tenor sinks the boat." So the TaxiCabaret 7 have proposed a solution which they hope will satisfy the Commission: free workshops for tonally-challenged caboies. Tenor Bill Silva who will run the first workshop comments: "Sure learning to sing is a lifetime pursuit, but as every cabbie knows, it's amazing what you can pick up in a day.'' New music threat The second serious obstacle is · from within the music ranks--- Gary Armstrong Woodwinds Ltd. 720 Bathurst Street, Suite 502 Toronto Ontario M5S 2R4 Phone 416-535-6000 Fax 416-535-9650 Toll free 1-800-356-4025 Fine instruments Expert repair Accessories Sheet music PULSE by Viola Jones -new music practitioners worried that their product will be less marketable. "It is a problem" says operetta buff Henry Ingram "but we're working on it. As soon as we find a cab with four hubcaps, Murray Shaeffer is going to write a Suite for it, so we can offer our contemporary colleagues the Spadina Avenue route.'' Cultural control The third obstacle is Metro Cou~cil's Cultural Division which has expressed the concern that in the absence of critical scrutiny the driver I singers will deliver substandard performances. So the group is proposing that diva Mary Lou Fallis, a master of disguise, be retained to ride Taxicabaret incognito, to ensure that Toronto patrons are getting a quality ride. "I'd be honoured," says Fallis. "Everyone knows a world-class city can be instantly recognized by the character of its cabbies.'' A spokesperson for provincial premier Mike Harris said the'.premier was not thinking culturally at this moment. But Community Services Minister Dave Tsubouchi opined that if drivers can persuade more than 21 Olo of their passengers to sing.along, the scheme will probably qualify as work fare. "That's great" said Gasser. "We're looking forward to taking the taxi-payer for a ride.'' Interested patrons of the arts wanting to get in on the action early can call 416-925 GAS 7 to ·book their first TaxiCabaret ride. Classical and Acou~tic Music Recording Service • Concerts • Demos • C.D. Recordings Frank Lockwood (416) 769-2204 http:/

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