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Volume 1 Issue 8 - May 1996

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--~- ----- --- - ---- - - - ---- - -- - -- - -- ~---- May '96 -- -~- - -=--- ~- TWO PULSE ~~ -- -=--- ~ - Pulse: Toronto's Music Classical and New Vo11, No 8, Copyright® PerpuiProze, 60 Bellevue Avenue, Toronto Ont M5T 2N4 Publisher Allan Pulker Editor David Perlrnan Sales· Allan Pulker, Peter Elliott Phone 416-603-3786, Fax 416-603-3787 E-mail drumkm @ Publication Date 25th of each Month, except January and August. Deadline for Listings . 15th of Each Month. Listings Are Free. Please phone or write for A copy of our listing guidelines. Advertising rates: Display advertising rates: available on request. Classified advertising rates: 50c per word Usual deadlines for booking advertising: 20th of each rnortth. Subscriptions: Per Year (Ten Issues) Bulk rates available. Pulse is a production of DRUM Publishing, 60 Bellevue Avenue Toronto M5T 2N4 Printing by New Concept Publisher's PODIUM Welcome to the eighth Pulse. The May issue has more concerts than ever before -- 177 -- plus numerous events of interest to musicians and people interested in music. Our thanks to the dedicated readers who uncover new groups and venues for us every month. We welcome your comments, and suggestions, etc. whether by phone, in person, by letter, fax or e­ mail. A feature of PULSE that has been very popular with our readers has been the monthly ticket give-away. So it is with regret that we must tell you we are discontinuing the feature until we have worked out a better way of managing it. It is very hard to keep track of tickets offered and tickets won, and with the best will in the world we seem to end up each month with either a disgruntled reader (whose Dear Perpulpeople I have just seen this publication for the first time -- the April issue. Can you supply copies of the six previous issues? On behalf of the Faculty of Music Library, it would be great to add them to the collection. I I i I I I I i I I I I / .• ticket wasn't there on the night) or an unhappy concert giver who held a ticket at the box office for someone who didn't show up! Thanks to all the concert-givers and readers who participated. Let us know if you can think of a way to get the give-away going again. On a more positive note, we're happy to announce that the Scarborough and Mississauga library systems are now part of the PULSE distribution network. This means you can now pick up PULSE, free, from most branch libraries in and around Metro except the City of Toronto itself. City' ofT oronto has a strict policy of not taking in publications until they've survived for a full year (We see their point. Little magazines come and go like string quartets!) So, they won't look at PULSE till September. Meanwhile, our ,downtown network of distribution points is strong and getting ' stronger. So things could be worse! ALLAN PULKER l1TI£lS TO &o anuvut AVtttUI ~ULS£ l.eDi ~ W

May '96 THREE PULSE &oncert .fjotes Spring's. eter_n~l Spring has finally amved and wyh zt . a number of performances by muszaans m the spring of their lives. •Metropolitan United Church features young organists in its Thursday "Organ Futures" Recital Series. •The U ofT Faculty of Music Opera Division has performances by its students May 2 and 4, then on May 11 at Agincourt Baptist Church. •The Royal Conservatory of Music's String Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra both perform· May 5, and its Percussion Ensemble performs on May 9. •Also May 5 the Toronto Children's Chorus rounds off its six day International Symposium for Conductors of Treble Voices with a concert at 3:00 at Lawrence Park Community Church, 2180 Bayview Ave. (Not in the listings - our error.) Call Toronto Children's Chorus, 932-8666. • Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra, under the direction of its 26 year old conductor, Colin Clarke, is at the MacMillan Theatre May 11. •Also May 11 the Toronto Children's Chorus sings with Nexus and St. Paul's Church organist, Eric Robertson, at St. Paul's Church. · •And May 12 at Roy Thomson Hall. North Toronto Collegiate Institute's 50th May Melodies. See our feature story, page 5. •Also May 12 the Royal · Conservatory's Children's Choir is · at .the R CM Concert Hall; the following night catch the Bach Children's Chorus at George Weston Recital Hall (Ford Centre). •Libby Yu, CBC's young performer's competition winner, is at the Glenn Gould Studio May 24. And Sunday 26 the. Bach Children's Chorus . sings again, in the Trinity­ St. Paul's vocal concert series. •Looking ahead: June 1 and June 2 Canadian Children's Opera Chorus, Oohn Tuttle, cond.) performs Doctor Canon ~ Cure by Derek Holman (libretto by Robei:tson Davies). Premiere Dance Theatre. Tickets, 973-4000. ,. THE ETC FILE Below: MOTLEY CREW: designer Dany Lyne~ costume designs for Queen of Pudding~ Mad for All Reasons, kicking off lhe month at the Music Gallery QUEEN OF THE ETCETERAS singers). At the other end is Peter Maxwell May 2 to 5 Queen of Puddings, a Davies' Eight Songs for a Mad King of which . professional music theatre comp~y~ . the New York Times says "it hits the founded in 1994 by conductor Damne N1 listener like a collective shriek from Mheadhra and pianist John Hess, is at the bedlam." Music Gallery with Mad for All Reasons--"a .· Nightwood Theatre's Alyssa Palmer directs collision of music and theatre." the three-singer, seven-musician cast. A "hallucinogenic program of dreams and See listings for further info. doubts" the show consists of four miniature fi~~:::::i~~~~==========9F=~~9 masterworks. At one end of the range is THE • Marie Pelletier's Studio Varidzioni Sull'A (a I ETC fiLE .,.., hilarious singer-pianist duo which lays waste our assumptions about stuffy opera ~ew ~ f)l'"k 1u1s tme. .. atuJ 1W11J T f)l"f)DW 1u1s one!

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