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Volume 1 Issue 9 - June 1996

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CLA551CAL96F~ TORONTO CLA551CALIO)FL · EASTERN ONTARIO PROGRAM GUIDE Monday through Friday 6 a.rn. The Morning Show A muslml wake-up CGIII Momlllg marches and allegros with BIU Anderson. Davld FT

What We're Not X There are a lot of things we're not. Firstly, we're not big. We never intended to be a supermarket - never will be. X We don't have everything in our store - There's a lot that we don't sell - either by our own choice or by our lack of space. X In our selection of meat you won't find regular chickens - or blade steaks, or ••• there's a lot of types of meat we don't sell. . Same with fresh produce - You'll find that we have a selected assortment. X You won't find that we're the cheapest. We're sure that if you look around enough you'll find that some of our items are cheaper elsewhere. X We're not what you'd call modern - and no neon. No glitz, please! very little chrome We're not a lot of these things . ./ But WHAT WE ARE IS OLD-FASHIONED fRIENDLY, DOWN-TO- EARTH, KNOWLEDGEABLE, AND DRIVEN BY A TOTAL COMMITMENT TO THE QUALITY OF OUR MEAT. WE'RE A SMALL COSY STORE, WE'RE FAIRLY PRICED, AND WE MAKE A LOT OF WHAT WE SELL - AND WE CARE ABOUT WHAT WE SELL I IF YOU CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU BUY AND HOW GOOD IT IS - , YOU'LL WANT TO PAY US A VISIT - THAT'S OUR BUSINESS! VILLAGE GROCER QUALITY FOODS 548 CARLTON ROAD UNIONVILLE 905 940-0655 ·······-··-·-··-··--·--·······-·- ......•........ ········································································-·-······················ .... ·························· ··················-··························· ····-······-············· ··· ·~ ·-· ···· · ·· ·· ·· ·

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