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Volume 10 Issue 2 - October 2004

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f AUH!ONs" 1

f AUH!ONs" 1 2004-2005 season II The Lachan Jewish Chamber Choir announces auditions for all voice parts on Sept. I 27, Oct. 4 and Oct. 5. We are looking for qualified 1 singers who can read music proficiently and commit to all rehearsals and concert dates. I Lachan is a 30-voice choir, I committed to the highest level of artistry and to the accessible and passionate pcrfom1ance of all kinds of music that comes out of the Jewish culture. Please contact Laurence Jacobs at 416 630-1259 for more infom1ation and [ audition appointments. Pax Christi Chorale TORONTO'S MENNONITE CHOIR STEPHANIE MARTIN, CONDUCfOR. WWW.PAXCHR.ISTICHOR.ALE.OR.G 416-494-7889 The Messiah Cometh December 4th 0 5th1 2004 11 ighlight s from Bach's Christmas Oratorio, Handel's Messiah, Berlioz' L'enfance du Christ, carols ancient & modern. Sometimes a light surprises April 23rd 0 24th, 2005 Luminous Canadian soprano Teri Dunn joins us in music by Schutz, Bach, Mozart and Brahms and traditional hymns, anthems & folksongs. Grace Church on-the-Hill Satw:days B:oo pm _ .. ,, Sundays 3!00 pm ..Y!CO • .A..'f•o ... :\l'

Their concert will feature new work And on the penultimate Sun- To learn more about the ensemby Monrreal-based compnst:rs day of the month. October 24. the bles and music presenters menboth established (Brian Cherney) Hanm1ford Street Silver Band tioned above. be sure to browse and emerging (.Justin Marriner). takes over the Jane Mallett Thea- through the Member Profiles found On Ocrober 5. The Music Gal- tre to launch into the concert sea- in this issue ofWholeNote. You·ll lery continues the series by pre- son wit:h a programme rirled "B1ing find snapshots of Arraymusic. senting the Corona Guit ar K var- on the Brass ·· . The Hannafords Esprit Orchestra. the Music Galtet from Denmark. This Danish promise an all-Cam1dian celebration lery: Hannaford Street Silver Band. acoustic quarter is known for their of kgendary arris1s in an afternoon the Canadian Music Centre. as well exquisite ensemble playing. inrer- of musical memories. This concen as nver 140 other music organizaesting reper1oire of Nordic and will fearure f'ri\'flfe Turvev·s War. tionb. Visit their websites. give Baltic composers· works. and m1 a na1Tated musil'.al story of rhe mis- them a call. and learn more about engaging stage manner. The rep- adventures of a Canadian soldier this incredibly rich and diverse ertoire for rheir Toronto conl'.ert during the Second World War. One musical world we are so blessed includes many works written es- of Canada·s great band cnmpos- to hnve around and among us. pec:.:ially for the K varret. including H brand new work by Munt real- b:-ised composer Tim Brady. ::>co11 11"1/.wn e rs. Howard Cable gives us the world premiere of Mcintyre Ranch Country. And Charlie Farquarson middle of rhe month. on Ocrober 14th. Arraymusic launches its 2004-2005 season at the Glenn Gould Studio with H prognmme r i r l e cl "Schipol 2 .. . Drawu1g on the mune of the Amsterdm11 uitemarional airport. naturally we assume a programme of Dutch music. which is fining given Artistic Director Allison Cameron ·s musical ties m the Netherlands. And indeed we will be treated tu works by Dutch composers Peter Adriaansz and Gilius van Bergeijk. interspersed among world premieres by Montreal ·s Scott Godi11. Michael Oesterle. and recem Canadim1 ex-pat Scott Wilson: The following day (Ocr 15) the Esprit Orchestra launches its season ar the Jane Mallen Theatn::. St. Lawrence Centre for the Ans. with a mixed programme including works by Canadian heavyweights R. Mrray Schafer and Harry Somers. Esprit will premiere Schafer·s latest work Thunder: Perfect Mind for mezzo-soprano and orchestra. Any Schafer premiere is an occasion not ro be missed. And any opportunity to hear the orchestral work' of Somers is also a ra1: e trear. lnternarionally recognized Estoni­ '""'.··"I - ( ) "( }.!"·. · .. ... ··- ·· ······ .. ·· Any Pictures in your Programs? Use one of our reasonably priced packages to odd colour, pictures, and quality design to your concerts. Choose from a selection of papers and layout styles. Include advertising and logos from your sponsors! Program notes and composer bios also available. earshot/ concerts Thurs. Oct. 7 @ 8:00 Music Gallery ( 19 7 John St.) & Sat Oa. 9 @ 8:00 Trinity-St Paul's (427 BloorW) earshot #13 In December ... earshot # 15 iiee·ve E"teryJhr: fou car Montreal-based composer Michael Hynes presents his stunning new concert-length stnict11red improvisation, performed by the Earshot Ensemble and friends. Oc IOIH 1 - NovrMIJrR 7 2004

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