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Volume 10 Issue 2 - October 2004

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COMPOSER TO COMPOSER INTERVIEW BY PAUL STEENHUISEN WITH Keith Hamel On Ucrober 2nd. 77ze /-la111merhead Canson it'i/I perfor m m '/7ze Music Uallerv. in a concerr fem uring. among 01her 11ieces. 1he premiere of Kei1h llmnel 's Kolokolchiki (for 2 pianos and 2 percussion). //ravelled ro Vancouver and spoke 1vi1/z him in his o.fjice, the some room where I once had composi1io11 lessons, and in which 20-year old Macilllosh compwers serve as bookends. while 111oni 1 ors. a SIOckpi I e of newer machines: recordings. and cablesfi/l 1he mo111 wi1h 1he look and .f£,el f.!( auivity. STEENHUISEN: I'd like 10 wlk abow your 0110maropoeically 1i1led piece l

Saturday October 2, 2004 Co-pre.senled with The Music Gallery Hammerhead Guest Ensemble: Hammerhead Consort, Edmonton Corey Hamm and Haley Simons. pianos Trevor Brandenburg and Darren Salyn, percussion +Forsyth, +Godin, +Bashaw, +Hamel & Helweg* Sunday November 21 , 2004 Co-presrmred witb The Music Gallery ·Generation 2004 !:Ensemble contemporain de Montreal Veronique Lacroix, artistic director Featuring four young composers from across Canada: +Edwards, +Gilbert, +Gagnon & +Stewart Sunday January 9, 2005 Glenn Gould Studio Japanese ShO virtuoso Mayumi Miyata with Robert Aitken, flute, Joseph Macerollo, accordion, and the Accordes suing quarrel • Gagaku selections and music by Hosokawa*, Suzuki* & Cage* Monday February 2B, 2005 Glenn Gould Studio New Music Concerts' Greatest Hits Patricia Green. mezzo-soprano NMC Ensemble dirmed by Robert Aitken landmark scores by +Tremblay, +Mather, +Aitken, +Morel & +Garant Friday April 1 • 2005 Glenn Gould Studio An Evening with Heinz Holliger In conjuction with the Faculty of Music. NMC presents the Michael and Sonja Koerner DisLinguished Visito,r in Composition at Lhe UniversiLy of Toronto. Works by Bolliger* and Carter feJturing Patricia Green, the NMC Ensemble, & U of T Contemporary Music Ensemble Sunday May 1 , 2005 Glenn Gould Studio Co-prese11ted ulitb Goethe Jnstitut 'foronto The Music of Jorg Widmann The rising young German clarinetist and composer performs his rnusK with the NMC Ensemble and Accordes (4 Canadian premieres) Sat I Sun January 22 I 23, 2005 The Music Gallery Three Cities in the Life of Dr. Norman Bethune a chamber opera by Tim Brady featuring Bradyworks with Michael Donovan, b:iritone, plus solo electric guitar works by +Brady, +Schafer & +Lussier Can.ida Council Conseil des Arts © fot the ArU du Canada torontdart sbou nci I OJo!...a>(; ... ff,(,l,ll,'fOl,.ll ... IKlUUl.iC.•U>llMll) l•I =..'":'° Quebec:: TbtJ SOCAN Fo11.ndaJion luruu du Ou,bec l Toronto Friday May 27, 2005 Co-presented wirh The Music Gallery Wild, Wired West Keith Hamel curates a concert of chamber music with computers NMC Ensemble directed bv Robert Aitken with soloists Joseph Petric, accordion & Max Christie, clarineL music by +Hamel, +Steenhuisen*, +Pritchard, & +Radford * Premiere performances I • Canadian work Programs and artists subjec/ lo change fl'ltlSit _,LLEIHi' . . . . . ...... . . . . . . . . . .;,::; ·· o Lj &OUN!INSTl!UT "'.,f!;? INTll UTIDN!S

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