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Volume 10 Issue 2 - October 2004

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News from the Toronto

News from the Toronto Musicians' Association BY BRIAN BLAIN Included in this issue of WholeNote is a comprehensive listing of many of the professional and amateur groups and presenting organizations who appear in these pages throughout the year. The musicians of the TMA encourage you to support musicians who have made a commitment to their profession and who make their living as musicians. 'Those of us who do so are grateful for your support, and the support of the many amateur musicians who make up a knowledgeable and enthusiastic audience. We would also like to suggest that you can help to expand that audience by introducing someone you know - a friend, parent, young person - who may not hear live music often, to the concert world. The experience of a quality live performance is unique, and nourishment for the soul. Unfortunately many kids these days get through their school career without hearing or seeing a live musician. Their experience is entirely recorded music, which you can change by giving an opportunity to hear music in real time. Freelance Musicians Services Coordinator: Thomas F. Lee, President of the American Federation of Musicians has announced the ap-' pointment of Paul Sharpe as Freelance Musicians Services Coordinator, a new postion in the AFM and a new initiative to support the thousands of musician members .who rarely work under collective bargaining agreements. Paul Sharpe will be working out of the AFM 's Canadian Office under the direction of the Vice President from Canada, Bobby Herriot. Freelance musicians will benefit greatly from a full-time employee dedicated to their needs. Paul was an initiator of the Freelance Musicians Association, created, an online musician's reterral service, and has served as president of Local 279 (London, ON). Paul can be contacted at 416- 391-5161 (Toll-Free: 1-800-463- 6333) or Arts and Cultural Industries: The TMA is always advocating more support for the arts and music in particular and encourages music fans to do the same. There are some new players recently elected to government ministries and other offices who are in a position to help the cause: The Hon. Liza Frulla, P.C., M.P. (Minister of Canadian Heritage and Minister responsible for the Status 32 Among the numerous TMA member bands en- gaged by various unions of Women), The r,'4-------::;;>: ;;;m.,,'l'"'l-;;::;ir.::-:---= ;;;;

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