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Volume 10 Issue 2 - October 2004

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WOMEN'S MUSICAL CLUB OF TORONTO The 107 year-old Women's Musical Club of Toronto presents a series of chamber music concerts called "Music in the Afternoon," featuring musicians on the threshold of international recognition as well as established artists and ensembles. Concerts are held on Thursday afternoons at 1.30 p.m., in Walter Hall, Edward Johnson Building, 80 Queen's Park. The · series of live concerts is available for 0 (single tickets are ; group rates available). Artists for the 2004-2005 season of "Music in the Afternoon" concerts: Viva Voce, chamber choir, directed by Peter Schubert (October 14); Measha Brueggergosman, soprano (November 25); WMCT Career Development Award winner Sonia Chan, piano (February 3); Lark Quartet, string quartet (March 10); and "An Afternoon of Eric Sa tie" with Eve Egoyan, piano, with dancers from Dancemakers (April 14). "Tuning Your Mind", a free pre-concert lecture series is presented in partnership with the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto. Each lecture is presented by a me'mber of the faculty on a topic related to the day's concert and is open to member/subscribers of the WMCT. Timothy McGee, Artistic Director Susan Corrigan, Arts Administrator 56 The Esplanade, Suite 203A, Toronto M5E IA7 416-923-7052 Fax: 416-923-2863 YORK UNIVERSITY, DEPARTMENT OF Music York University's Music Department showcases student and faculty talent in more than 12"5 public performances each year. Highlights of the 2004/2005 season include tour festivals of classical voice and classical piano, a concert featuring works by Canadian composer Ann Southam, and the fifth annual Drum & Dance Fest showcasing a lively blend of Cuban, Brazilian, Caribbean and West African performance traditions. Music at Midday is an eclectic series featuring faculty, students, alumni and visiting artists, which presents four tree lunchtime concerts each week throughout the season. The world music program spans many different global traditions, from South Indian, Celtic Canadian and Middle Eastern music to Chinese orchestra, Balkan chorus and Latin jazz. Classical chamber and orchestra concerts, solo recitals and a vocal series spotlighting the Concert and Women's Choirs are offered alongside performances of cutting-edge electro-acoustic explorations and new music by student composers. A four-day Jazz Festival winds up each term with engaging stylings for small combos, jazz choir and big band. Season brochure mailed on request. Chair: Michael Coghlan 4700 Keele St. Toronto, M3J 1P3 416-736-5186 Fax 416-736-5321 WholeNote's Tenth Season! As our tenth season gathers momentum we'd like to remind everyone that we value and welcome your ideas and contributions, so here's a look at what lies ahead. No\lember New Music and Jm: A Myriad of Modes. WholeNote explores the rich world of new music and jazz. Our MUSICAL LIFE section reflects back on "How I Met My Teacher ... " December & January Double Issue CDs, DVDs and books: a treasure trove of gifts for any music-loving person (including yourself!) for the month with the busiest musical calendar, and for private pleasure in the months that follows. MUSICAL LIFE explores "Family Fare" making live music accessible to everyone. February Early Music: Unfettered and Alive. The riches of the past are more vibrant and engaging than ever. "Summer and Beyond, Part 1" begins our look at opportunities for enrichment: from summer camps to post-secondary programmes. In "A Healthy Instrument", MUSICAL IFE investigates keeping both body and instrument well-tuned. March "Summer and Beyond, Part 2" is about planning for memorable summer learning ... Camps, workshops, institutes: what better cure for the winter blues than looking at the abundant opportunities for musical growth next summer? MUSICAL LIFE looks at "Musical Chairs" ensemble playing as an integral aspect of living music. April Focus on Opera: celebrating the season on stage and behind-the-scenes, WholeNote seeks out the opera community's multi-talented movers and shakers for a rich taste of their exotic (and nuts-and bolts) wortd. MUSICAL LIFE's "Finding Your Voice" takes singing from the shower to the studio to the stage (well, maybe). --··-·--··-·· ····--· ··-·····-··-·"---····--· . ·-···-················-·-·-· May Choral Celebration: an astonishing oveNiew of bur choirs and their accomplishments. WholeNote profiles the community that touches thousands as participants and as audience· as the world springs into song and concerts abound! Meet MUSICAL LIFE'S "Unsung Heroes" who provide or raise funds, book halls, design everything from posters to gowns and promote the live music scene. June The Second Season: an Overview: . .. Paint the town or hit the trail with WholeNote's guide to all the Summer Festivals: detailed listings for live music to suit every taste, and sate every appetite. MUSICAL LIFE'S "Have Bow, Will Travel" looks at festival life on the open road. July/August Double Issue Second Season: The Details where to go and when, where to stay. And just in case you need a cello case with wheels, MUSICAL LIFE looks at buying, selling and renting instruments, and the people who make and sell them in "Sound Advice". September It's Better with a Band ... Community bands are a force to be reckoned with, enriching the lives of amateur and professional musicians. Everyone "blows their own horn" a little. MUSICAL LIFE talks to students of all ages about playing and learning, and to teachers about...well... "Playing and Learning". --·--·---· October WholeNote celebrates the musical community as the season returns with the Member Profiles Edition. MUSICAL LIFE catches up with "Music's Children" to find out what they did next and what they' re up to now ... Editorial queries, suggestions and proposals should be addressed to or by calling the editorial desk at (416) 603-3786. Be sure to get in touch at least a month or two ahead. Advertising queries should be addressed to or by calling (416) 323-2232. The deadline to book space is the 15'" of the preceding month. 26 Wllllllltl MEMBER PROFILES 2004-2005

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