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Volume 10 Issue 3 - November 2004

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FJ@•l®QIS"iiiliii!§1i vember 3rd features works by four Toronto composers. And of course we commission a lot of music. So we really can't be classified, and that's how we prefer it. Even with the chamber music series, we're not spec.ifically a newmusic group; that's just where a lot of the repertoire happens to be. (Acrually. the last concert in this year's series includes works by Faure and Chausson, as well as several Canadians.) What we're about is introducing audiences to all sorts of interesting repertoire, and making connections that are illuminating. A 1111111ber of ensembles have a core group of players IViTh guests Thal vary from concer1 10 concen. So one sees repertoire for a concerr being chosen 10 fir rhe guesr or guesrs. Talisker Players chamber music concerrs, as you poinred ow, can be builr somewhar dijferenrly, because of rhe pool of players in rhe orchestra. What do you see as rhe greatest benefits of the way you 're able to do things? These are two separate issues really - our choice of guest artists (the singers featured on our chamber music concerts) and the variety of instrumental combinations we can use to accompany them. But both issues lead to the same place: the repertoire for these concerts is chosen for i cs content - for the words chat underlie the music. mentioned 'A Medieval Tapestry'. Other concerts this season include 'Reflections of Eden', a programme built around settings of animal poetry; and 'L'amor et la vie', a selection of settings of poetry from France's belle epoque. So the themes are carefully planned and researched. But we're very eclectic in other ways. There is always an interesting variety of periods and styles of music. And because we can draw on the members of the larger ensemble, there is also an exciting instrumental variety. The singers we invite as guest artists are among the many wonderful voices this country seems to produce. Those who are interested in the challenges of chamber music are a special subset; we've been very fortunate in our collaborations. /r 's nor hard to see rile benefits for rhe chamber music series of the exis1e11ce of rile orchestra. Is there a reciprocal benefit 10 rhe orchestra? 12 · It's difficult to quantify. But I'd say that since both parts of the organization developed from our fascination with singers, and vocal repertoire, every part enhances all the other parts. Can you say a bir more abour rhe co-directing relationship. I noticed for example in tllis month's listings E-mail interview by Sophia Perlman On November 11, Lula Lounge hosts an evening 10 r.emember the life and music of Chet Baker. Along wirh performances by Norm Amadio 's All-Srars, vocalist Danny Depoe and drummer/ composer Arlt Frank, Paul Baker, Chet 's son, will present a t ri but e featuring rare Ji lm footage of the jazz legend. Such a multi-faceted event could seem daunting to organize. But to mondo.urban series creator Jlzames Lee, it's just the kind of thing the Toronto arts scene demands. Who I am? a concert and club promoter. I am also a professional photographer and copywriter. I am also in corporate event management. (I'd also like to add that Toronto is the best city in the world!) A bit about what you 're doing right now ... . ... I like to create unique events that invigorate the arts, whether it be fashion, dance, music, painting or photography. In terms of music, I promote everychir.g from experimental dance music to rock and jazz. The Chet Baker tribute is a very special event indeed because of Paul Baker's involvement. We are also very lucky to have Danny Depoe join the all star ensemble cast of musicians, several of whom have played with Chet Baker. Talk about whar you are going to be doing in the near furure. We are in discussion to exchange musicians from Toronto and Montreal. The Chet Baker Tribute is traveling to Montreal on Nov l 2ch to Gallery Gora. Macdonald's quartet will be replacing Lorne Lofsky's trio for the Montreal show. There are also some plans for festivals for the summer of 2005. thar Valerie is doing a performance with Nota Bene in Guelph on Nov 20. I'd assume there must be areas where differences in your strengths and interests are as important to the partnership as similarities. Yes, you're right. We have a lot in common (including our sense of humour, which has gotten us through many tough spots!) but also a lot of differences in personality. training and experience. The strength of the partnership probably comes more than anything from the way the differences complement each other. #2: Jhames Lee's Chet Baker ro·ect "Sorry! I don't have a good photo of me. I would rather have just a photo of Chet instead. " What's the attraction to Chet Baker? How did you first come upon his music? I have been speaking to Paul Baker about doing a documentary regarding his father and his musical legacy. Paul has been great with sharing knowledge about his late father which in turn initiated ideas to pay homage to Chet Baker. I have been a fan of his music for many years and enjoy his singing as much as his trumpet playing. Whilst attending University in Ottawa a long time ago, a friend named Benoit from Belgium turned me onto Chet Baker. We would talk phil.osophy, sip strong espresso in his living room and he would 'school' me on jazz artists that he thought were cool. Chet was one of his favourites. I knew many jazz artists, and it was a casual affair so to speak but Benoit was quite influential on who to concentrate on and what it meant to understand the jazz sound. WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM You mention an exchange between Toronto and Montreal. Is this only for the Chet Baker Tribute, or is there the possibility of something further? We are looking at doing a monthly exchange of jazz and lounge type music between Toronto and Montreal. Gallery Gora is quite eager to promote music as well as fine arts, which is why we are working in tandem to create a music festival next summer in downtown Montreal. You also speak of "events that invigorate the arts". How do you think Toronto compares with other cities, such as Montreal, when it comes to not only supporting the musical community, as it exists, but also encouraging its growth and evolution? .. .I think that Montreal seems to nurture its arts community perhaps a little more than Toronto. It may be all perceptual, as I haven't compared the two cities earnestly, but they seem to have many artistic properties of cultural merit that Toronto does not have. Toronto, however, has many funding opportunities for those willing to take the time ... I think the two cities complement each other and we can both learn from the different ways we present the arts. Maintaining the arts community and keeping it healthy is paramount for any city to prosper and grow. NOVEMBER 1 - DECEMBER 7 2004

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