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Volume 10 Issue 3 - November 2004

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Toronto Musicians

Toronto Musicians Association News by Brian Blain Sylvia Tyson Honoured TMA member Sylvia Tyson was awarded the 2004 Estelle Klein Award at the recent Ontario Council of Folk Festival (OCFF) Conference in recognition of her immense and significant musical legacy. Sylvia is credited with helping to create Canada's classic folk sound and shape Canadian musical history. She received the Order of Canada in 1995 and was inducted into Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1992 and The Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 2003. As one half of the folk country duo "Ian and Sylvia", she recorded 13 albums and helped change what the world was listening to. They played at the Mariposa Folk Festival for the first time in 1961, and parted ways in the mid 1970s. Sylvia later hosted the award-winning CBC Network radio show "Touch the Earth" and a national CBC Television show "Country in My Soul." She has released several solo albums, the most recent "River Road and Other Stories" and now performs regularly as part of the popular group "Quartette." The Estelle Klein A ward honours those who have played a considerable role in shaping and inspiring the folk music scene in Ontario. Estelle was the "grande dame" of the Canadian folk music scene and created the model (Mariposa) for how a folk festival should be run. This is a particularly poignant year for the award: sadly, Estelle recently passed away in June, 2004. Instrument bank receives First Donations The TMA instrument bank has been making itself known through these pages, and through distributing flyers at various events. We are pleased to announce our first donations of a violin and a set of cymbals for a drum kit. We are currently preparing the paperwork to make these donations official and to lend them to appropriate recipients. In addition, we have had a request for a cello for a young musician who is a serious student, but has no resources to buy an instrument. If you have an instrument available, we will gladly assess its condition and make the necessary arrangements to receive a donation, or to facilitate an instrument loan. The TMA is looking into partnering with the Royal Conservatory of Music and their instrument bank in a way that will be beneficial to all parties. The Committee is very excited about these developments, and we look forward to hearing from you if you can help. Please contact Corkie Davis at 416- 503-3016, or for more information. WholeNote Salons Begin Congratulations to WholeNote on the success of their first 'salon' featuring various performances in 'threes'. All performances were well executed and featured an interesting variety of material. Of particular note was the performance of TMA member Robert Aitken's trio, with members David Hetherington and David Swan, who presented a wonderful performance of George Crumb's "Vox Balaenae". Closing the evening was a presentation by the Jim Galloway Trio, w)th Reg Schwager and Rosemary Galloway, which stretched the concept of 'three' as far as it would go! Thank you to the staff of WholeNote for their musical contributions, and for a very pleasant reception afterwards. Welcome aboard The Toronto Musicians' Association has two new directors, both highly respected musicians on the local and international scene. Bass player Dean Jarvis is musical director for Nelly Furtado and Gabriel Radford plays French Horn with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. It's gratifying that these musicians are willing to take time out of their hectic schedules to help guide the TMA into the 2lst century. As they say, "If you want something done, ask a busy person." We'd like to hear from you The Toronto Musicians' Association invites WholeNote readers to give us your feedback on this new column. If you have any suggestions for news items relating to members of the Toronto Musicians' Association, forward them to Please include the word "WholeNote" in the subject line. "How I. met my Teacher" personal reflections on a formative relationship My first official piano teacher was Mrs. Anne Brayshaw at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. I had been sneaking over to our neighbour's house for quite a while, learning whatever I could from her, until I begged my parents for piano lessons. compiled and edited by Maslla Buell Pianist and teacher Eve Egoyan They finally caved in and I joined a group class led by Mrs. Brayshaw. however, by this time, I was actually not'a beginner (having learnt whatever I could from my neighbour) so Mrs. Brayshaw took me in for scholarship private lessons. I Eve Egoyan was just over 11. She was an amazing teacher who drew me out through my sound imagination, keeping it in perfect balance with the discipline of learning the instrument. I loved and still love her for her sensitivity to my natural musical impulse ... Countertenor Matthew White There are obviously many different ways to realize one's musical talent but I would argue that some are more efficient and waste a lot less energy than others. Helping you to achieve your goals with the least amount of wasted energy, while communicating how to keep a balanced life is the job of an excellent teacher. I was very lucky to find Jan Simons in Montreal. He has consistently communicated a healthy singing technique in conjunction with a life view that suggests that a career is only ever going to be a part of a healthy life - this was extremely impor­ . tant for me. Music is too personal a thing for it to be completely separate from our psychologies. A SONGBIRD STUDIOS )l piano )l voice .theory A comprehensive program encouraging adults and children to appreciate their musical gifts •reasonable rates •conservatory grades er& b /pop .musical theatre • audition preparation Hallie Rezsnyak 416-766-7112 MA'RJ

Matthew White good teacher is aware of how each person needs to be treated slightly differently in order to bring out their best. I feel lucky to have found a teacher who was aware of my particular set of skills/ character and was able to bring out the best in me. Felix Deak Baroque cellist & teacher My first cello teacher was a wonderful woman named Mrs. Starr. Most other people called her Mary. My parents were the eager sort and wanted me to start my celloing at the ripe age of 2.5 years old and they had heard that the only people/program willing to start kids that early was something called Suzuki. So living in Flemingdon at the time, the closest Suzuki school was at the Seneca College Finch Campus. And there they enrolled me and I got assigned Mary Starr. I remember her to be a towering old woman with white hair and a huge gentle smile. She always wore long flowing skirts or dresses it seemed. I wanted her to be my grandmother. And through being her student for ten years, she did feel iike family. She was soft spoken and kind and patient and she made lessons really fun. Since leaving her "studio", I failed to keep in touch properly. We spoke about a handful of times in the next ten years. She came to see one of my I FURIO­ SI concerts about 5 years ago. She seemed a lot shorter, but the11 again, I'm much taller. But still the same gentle smile. I could see that she was proud of CONTINUES AIM YOUR VOICE Organic and functional vocal training to gain access to your full range , resonance and vocal freedom. For singers, public speakers, teachers, clergy, or if you just want to enjoy using your voice! Sue Crowe Connolly Hamilton Studio 905-544-1302 ALEXANDER KATS A first class Russian-trained professional pianist/teacher is now accepting students for regular private lessons or repertoire coaching, from advanced (ARCT, university) to all grades ofRCM. DOWNTOWN LOCATION Call: 416-340-1844 Love To Sing? Breathe new life into your voice with a unique and sensible kinesthetic approach to vocal pedagogy. This is a method which focuses on influencing and improving the coordinative process of the vocal muscles. It brings them into equilibrium, thus eliminating muscular interference. Great for Everyone! •All styles •All Levels •Beginners and Children welcome •Excellent for public speakers, actors, etc. Call Pattie Kelly for private lessons at 905-271-6896 NOVEMBER 1 - DECEMBER 7 2004 KE:RE:KE:S Music Lessons . i\LL r'\CE:S, ALL LE:VE:LS )Piano, Violin,. Viola, Cello, Gwtar, Flute, clarinet, Saxophones, Trumpet:, Trombone) (416)83 8-4906 MUSICA - the music school with a difference! Private tuition in piano, voice and guitar available · seven days a week for children and adults. MUSI CA also offers the parent-and-child keyboard-based program MUSIC FOR YOUNG CHILDRENao> Practice Studio available. CALL (416) 696-0905 88 Laird Drive, Toronto, Ontario WORKSHOPS - to train Music Teachers in a new way of Teaching· Music with Colour ,("'

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