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Volume 10 Issue 3 - November 2004

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GREAT MUSIC NOW ONLINE OVER 40,000 CLASSICAL & JAZZ TITLES IN OUR ONLINE CATALOGUE DISCS OF THE MONTH, continued ances with a strong point of view revealing cohesion and compatibility between the performers . The vntiveness and humanity . tn the wnttng of these pieces is simply astounding. Included on this disc is the powerful E minor sonata, K. 304, which features a profound juxtaposition of tragedy and resignation and the mature B-flat sonata, K. 454, a veritable symphony for two players. There are great tunes, exciting virtuosity, melancholy and nostalgic worlds opened up in a single chord, and unpretentious humour, all within an expert structure of Classical symmetry. I also find it amazing how a sonata movement in a certain key can call to mind later works of Mozart: the E-flat major of K. 302 foreshadowing Die 'Zauberflote, parts of the C Major sonata, K. 305 bringing to mind Cosi fan tutte. Throughout, the fortepiano provides a wonderful . percussive quality and beautiful mellow melodic lines. The only thing one misses is a real sense of bass in some of the works, but this is quibbling. The fortepiano and violin sonically weave in and out, intertwined and completely dependent on each other. On a personal note, while I've heard some of these works in concert, I admit to never having heard them on recording, as they are so familiar (in the true sense of the word) to me from years of dining room readings of them with my father. This CD is full of a warm and wonderful, intimate collegial spirit; chamber music making at its very best. Highly recommended. Larry Beckwith

, November 13, 14, 16, 18, 20, 2004 living Aris Centre November 25, 27, December 2, 4, 2004 Toronto Centre for the Aris Cavallerkl Rusticantl Madama Butter February 19, 20, 22, 24, 26, 2005 living Aris Centre March 3, 5, 10, 12, 2005 Toronto Centre for the Arts LIVING ARTS CENTRE Box Office: 905-306-6000 Administration: 905-306-0060 TORONTO CENTRE FOR THE ARTS Box Office: 416-872-1111 Administration: 416-322-0456 www. Royal OperaCanada. com

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