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Volume 10 Issue 4 - December 2004

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Violins, violas, cellos,

Violins, violas, cellos, and bows Complete line of strings and accessories Expert repairs and rehairs Canada's largest stock of string music 1st Time Event! V i n t at g e / lllllP.:W G a l e r "$\ Fast mail ordr service 3 DAY SALE • NO\'. IH. 20 &. 2 I • Fri. & Sul. lOam - 8prn •By appolnLmenL only Sunda· 11 am - 6prn •(No appolnt.mc11t needed) • J,:irges/. \i/ntt1ge Stclmva,i·

On OPERA by Cllrisropher Hoi/e Coming up in 1he nex1 1wo momhs 1he one opera on everybody" s mind is Siegfried. the COC's second installmen1 in the firs1-ever Canadian Ring Cycle. The whole cycle can·1 be judged on the basis of Die Walktire alone. but the second opera will certainly give a hint of 1he direction 1he Cycle will go. Bt!fore Siegfried opens on January 27, though, there are several other works in the interim 10 help remind us that opera nt!ed no1 be monumenial to be enjoyable. First up from Novt!mber 30 10 Dece::mber 5 is Benjamin Britten's de::lightful opera Albert Herring perfonm:d by the COC Ensemble. Albert Herring ( 1947). widely regarded as one of tht! finest comic ope::ras of the 201h century . tells of a small town forced 10 choose a boy. A lber1 Herring, 10 be crowned Queen (ra1her King) of the May since none:: of the:: local girls art: deemed virtuous enough. Albert, howeve::r. longs to finally bn:ak free from his mother·s apron strings. The:: U. ofT. Opera Division presemed 1he work in 2001. bu1 the COC has not prest!nted it since 1991. Christopht:r Newton. former Artistic Director of the Shaw Festival. will direct. Consult for further information . Still in the comic vein is the Toronto Operetta Theatre's production of Emmerich Kalman's operetla Co11111ess Marirw ( 1924 ). The works of Kalman (1882-1953), staples in germanophone counirics. have never enierl!d thl! repertory of North American opera houses the way that Tiie Merry Widow of his great comemporary and fellow Hungarian Franz Lehar has done. Charles Workma11 in the ritle role of rile COC's 199 J rrod11crio11 Albert Herring. Bui the signs are looking up. The Ohio Light Opera in Wooster. Ohio. is engaged in a traversal of Kalman·s complete works; the Sama Fe Opera has presented "'Mari1za in 1995 and 1999. and the Los Angeles Opera s1aged ii in 1997. This abundanily tuneful work runs December 26. 2004- January 6. 2005 and s1ars Elizabeth Beeler. Kurt Lehmann. Keith Savage and Curtis Sullivan wi1h Tapestry Music"s Wayne S1rongman conduc1ing. For more infomllltion. On December S, 2004. Opera in Concert cominues i1s look at Canada's own operatic li1era1ure when i1 revives Timo1hy Sullivan's .. Dream Play"' of 1988 on a double bill with Charles Wilson's "The Summoning of Everyman·· of 1972. On January 22-23, 2005 New Music Concerts presems the Toronto premiere of Tim Brady's chamber opera .. Three Cities in the Life of Norman Be1hune" featuring Canadian baritone Michael Donovan at the Music Gallery. First Dave Snider Music Centre 3225 Yuni:c SI PI! (416) -ll!3-.Sl

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