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Volume 10 Issue 4 - December 2004

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his gigs and ask him

his gigs and ask him what he was doing or what he played and then I'd go home and practise it. some times pretty late. My fami- • ly and later my neighbours must have been pretty understanding. l'vc had a lot of teachers - Phil Nimmons. Frank Falco and a lot of othcrs. Kirk Macdonald shO\ cd me something the other day that changes the way I hear music. I guess with music you're always studying. I'd havc to say that Phil Nimmons taught me to have run with music. I try to bring that to everything I play. Music is the most important 1hing for me (after my family) and I try to bring that with mt when I teach. Susan Purdy Music Certified In Early Childhood Music, Orff end Kodaly Music and Movement Classes for Babies, Toddlers and Young Children The Walmer Centre in The Annex Wednesdays and Thursdays Ongoing Registration Free Parking 416-413·7925 What advice, above all, would you give to someone looking Anna The advice that I would give to any person looking for a teacher would be to shop around. Every teacher is different and choosing one is a very personal thing. So don't simply take another person's advice about a teacher. Just because they were righ1 for one person they migh1 not be right for you. I also think it's important to have a teacher who has technical knowledge but with some practical experiences which they can share with you in order to help you learn. for a teacher for a young person or for themselves? Advice I would give to a parent whose child loves to perform would be nurture it, but also be encouraging of other interests they may have - keep many doors open. Try not to be judgemental of their interest in performing. I think any field deal- SONGBIRD STUDIOS )>piano )>voice )>theory A comprehensive program encouraging adults and children to ap p reciate their musical gifts •reasonable rates •conservatory grades • r & b I pop •musical theatre •audition preparation Hallie Rezsnyak 416-766-7112 ing wi1h 1he ans is a form of expression more oftt:n stitlcd than explored. especially in our education system today ... it's ce::rtainly not a choice that is as lauded as say wanting to become a doctor or a lawyer. So my one piece of advice would be to nurture and e::xplore your child's desire to perform. Alex I guess if you're looking for a teacher you· d ask around and see who everyone likes. Maybe see if they actually connect with their students and if they're patient. It depends on how serious and how old the student is. I chink a good teacher is different for everyone. Once you pick a teacher it's a good idea to listen to what they say and do what they ask and not try to second guess them all the time. You'll learn more. And to hear them, live ... Anna Madgett Anna is in her second year starring as Sophie in the Toronto production of Mamma Mia at the Royal Alexandra Theatre. On December l lth , 2004 Anna and her mom, Mary Lou Fallis will be co-hosting a Family Christmas Concert with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra at Roy Thomson Hall. (two concerts, I :30 and 3:30 pm) The programme will include Leroy Anderson's Sleigh Ride. excerpts from the Nutcracker. Victor Herbert's -March of the Toys. 12 Days of Christmas and of course. an audience sing-a-long! Anna and Mary Lou will sing both togetht:r and solo. Alex Dean will be at the Montreal Bistro with his own band DEW east (a band with \horn he's recordt:d 3 CDs) from Decl4 to Dec 18th. He'll be at the Rex with Rob McConnell's tentet on Dec 8th and 9th. ATld fi11ally a few words from the other side of tile equation "This is a kind of sentimental "full circle event for me, in that J made my debut with the TSO when I was the same age as Anna is now. I'm excited and proud that we'll be performing together for the first time in public. Do join us if you can. Bring a child or a grandparent, come as a family and make an afternoon of it." Mary Lou Fallis Send suggestions for people who might be included in this column to: musicschildren@ Unlvcnity Sctdcawu F""ndtd 1910 UNIVERSITY SETTLEMENT MUSIC AND ARTS SCHOOL Founded in 1921 MUSICA - the music school with a difference! Private tuition in piano, voice and guitar available seven days a week for chlldren and adults. MUSICA also offers the parent-and-child keyboard-based program MUSIC FOR YOUNG CHILDREN• Practice Studio available. COMMUNITY ORCHESTRA Conducted by Andrew Chung Has spaces for new members in all sections, especially strings. Rehearsals are on Saturday mornings from I 0 am to noon CALL (416) 696-0905 88 Laird Drive, Toronto, Ontario ROYANS School For The Musical Performing Arts Vocal Science n' Program Beginner to Pro Singer in -Only 10 Hours{ Guaranteed Results! • Revolutionary Accelerated Vocal Method. • Videotaped Results - See, Hear, Feel the Difference Instantly! • Noteworthy clients Include: Raine of Our Lady Peace (Sony) Brian Byrne of I Mother Earth (Universal), Edwin (Sony), etc. • Voice Loss? We specialize in voice repair. University Settlement, 23 Grange Rd .. Toronto • Sounding too classical? Need to change the style to Rock, Pop, R&B, 416-598·3444 ext 2431244 etc.? Ask us how! 416·229·0976 42 WWWTH'£Wlt0l£NOIF.CQM DEnMnEw 1 2ll04 -FEeRu1111v non5

'Janusian Pairs': A Meditation a new tradition proposed at the turn of another year /Jy Clrri.1·wphu Dall'es Darkness and Light. Death and Binh. Old and New. The ullegorical dying Old Man and the newborn baby. Janus· double-faced, toic consider:nion of past and future. At 1he turn of :111111her year . the antonymic binary. the juxtaposition of opposites. reigns supreme. This is 1i1anic stuff. So how is it that New Year·s. holding such connicted content. can seem so hollow and mvial'! How many January I sts have we awoken feeling. not reborn. bu1 rather more like a tired (or worse) version of ourselves 1)n December 31 st? Why do new years in al I their newness so strikingly resemble old ones. other than being disappointingly darker and more quiet'! Why do writers annually recommit w 1he gra1ui1ous use of dangling rhetorical questions·! A ··year .. . whether retail. calendar. profcs· i.i111rnl. r..:ligious. academic or mher tlavour. i a revolving construction which builds up. and then hreaks down . . . holy .. 1ime. I use the word .. holy .. in the broadest possible sen:.c lO cmoracc nol just faith, but joy. prosperity. sickncs. fn.:ne1icism. achievement and other ideas so 1rnnsforma1ive that 1hey dominate our experience - they . . take over . . life. at least for a time. Christmas can make you sick, or well. or ho1h. The laM two weeks of a s1uden1·s fall 1erm. with up-piling exams. :issignment and par1ic arc all-encompassing. but 1hey 100 give wuy to something else. The retailer or freelance mm.ician who must crazily cam 25- )()

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