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Volume 10 Issue 4 - December 2004

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In the Listings h\·

In the Listings h\· Sophia Perlman Someumes the 1emp1acion to be self 5erving wi1h a column like this is too much 10 take - especially when 1he first concert in this issue's concert quick-picks is one that you're in. December lst, Humber College foaturcs 1he srudent ensembles of Pat LaBarhera and 1he vocal jazz ensemble of Trish Coller - which I get to smg with! Ac1uall) • December and Januaf) are grea1 for vocal jazz in Toronto at man) different levels - the next mght. tcoumerpartensemble from Uof T perlorms at Waller Hall, under 1he dm:ction of Lisa Martinelli, and York Uni"ersity features its apiringjazz vocalists in January (the 141h and 21s1). And just to redeem the sclf-Strving opening to this column. I should also point out that Hampton A venue 4 is also performing December lst, over at Hugh's Room. Top Of the Senator learures up and cmning singer Sophie Milman with the Bill King Quartet (Dec 7- 1055 Restaurant and Bar 1055 Yonge St. 416·482 8485 Every ThulFri Stacyb +Uglow Jan Every Sun Richard Uglow. Alleycatz 2409 Yonge St. 416·481·6865 Every Mon Sals8 N(Jht w/ flank 8isdlun. Ev. TueChnstqih!f Plod Trio. Ev. Wed TheOut· liws JilO Bhes Jlld Motown. Ev. Thu The flow w/ Carlos Morgan flKI*. SrM, R&B BfKI Regg;Je. Ev. Sun J8111 Se$S10ll w/ Tony Spmp Band. Alto Basso 718 College Street. 1416) 534-9522 Ev ery Sun Trans Mod Airways Ben Wicks 424 Parl1amen1 416·961·9425 All shows start at 8 or 8:30. No cover. First Sat/month Myrne & Nick Van We111erdenblJ(g & the Oowntown Ja11 Band. Second Sat/month Ge01g1a Ambros. 4th Sat/month Janine Blanch4rd Black Swan 154 Danforth Avenue. (416)469·0537 Boiler House 55 Mdl Street 1416} 203·2121 Cameron House 408 Queen St. 416 7D3·0811 C'est What 67 Front St. E. 416-867·9499 Saturday afternoon traditional jazz from the Hot five Jazzmakers Chick N'Deli 744 Mount Pleasant Rd (416) 489·3363 81g Band Music every I st and 3rd Monday of the month. Every Sun Rhonda SiWer. Dec 6 Advocats Bl!I Band. Dec 20 GeOfge lake Big Band. Jan 3 Advouts 8Jg 8arrJ. Jan 17 George lake 8Jg 8arrJ. Jan 24 Doc Green Band. Gate 403 403 Roncesvarles 416·588 2930 70 JAZZ: CLUB LISTINGS AND CONCERT QUICK PICKS Sophie Milman 11) and Heather Bambrick the next wt:ek "nh the Richard Whiteman Trio . Over at the MontrI Bistro, Adi Braun plays one night only (January l Oth) There are also quite a few singers with regular performances worth checking out - The Rex features Kevin Qua in on Thursdays and Mclisi,a Stylianou on Fridays (both at 6:30). Most clubs didn't have complete listings available for January at time of press. but they'll be updating websites as soon as they've finalized their lineups. In the meantime. happy listening! JAZZ: CLUBS Graffiti's Bar & Grill 17D Baldwin St. 416 506-6699 Every Wed. 16·8pm) James and Jay Grasshopper Jazz & Blues Bar 460 Parliament St. 416-323· 12 IO music stans at 10 No Cover. Dec 4 CristJn LmdeH Tflo. Dec 11 Eanh/y Soul Dec 18 Donkey. Grossman's Tavern, 379 Spadma Ave, 416-977-7000. Founded and led by Kid Bastien unt his death in early 2003. the Happy Pals are still rock· ing the house Saturdays 4:00 to 8:00 pm, or later. Dec 1 Mike MacDonald Open Stage Jam. Dec 2 Kirk Broadbridge. Dec 4 Happy Pals. Fullerton. Dec 5 Nicola Vaughafl Acous· llc Jam, The Nationals with Briafl Cober. Dec & Laura Huben Band (Les5e Spft Treeo). Dec 7 Ch11s Caddell. Dec 8 Mike MacDonald Open Stage Jam. Dec 9 Heahhy Scratch. Dec 10 O'N1/e Blues Band. Dec 11 The Happy Pals, Jahmalama. Dec 12 Nicola Vaughan. The Nationals. Dec 13 Laun Huben Band. Dec 14 Chris Caddell. Dec 15 Mike MacDonald Open Stage Jam. Dec 17 Silver Dollars with Mike McKenna. Dec 18 The Happy Pals, Espanola Slim. Dec 19 Nicola Vaughan, The Netionals. Dec 20 Laura Huben Band. Dec 21 Chris Ceddell. Dec 22 Mike MacDonald Open Stage Jem. Dec 26 Nicola Vaughan. The Nationals. Des 27 Lsura Huben Band. Dec 28 Chris Caddell. Dec 29 Mike Mac0ol18/d Open Stage Jam. Jan 15 Cmdy Booth Blues Band. Jan 21 /.Jttle Bo/Jby and the Jumpstarts. Honey Supper lounge 115 John Street 41 &977-9994 Hot Ho use Cale Markel Square 416-366-7800 Jazz brunch every Sunday. alternating weeks: Ken Churchill Quartet, 5spot Hugh's Room 2261 Dundas West 41 &531-6604 Dec 1 Hampton Avenue four. Dec 5 Sunday Gospel lunch. Dec 17 Marc Jordan. Jazz at Oscars Arbor Room. Hart House, U of T. Jen 7 Beverly Taft. Jan 14 Toronto Jau Orchestra. Jen 21 Kenny Kirkwood. Jen 28 Kye Marshall le Saint Tropez 315 King St W 416·591·3600 Live music, 7 days a wee. liberty Street Cale 25 liberty St. Unit 100 416-533-8828 Lula Lounge 1585 Dundas West. Dec 2 Af11can Guitar Summft. Dec 3 Salsa Friday w/ Cache. Dec 4 Salsa Saturday w/ Marron Mati1ado. Dec 9 Salsa Thursday w/ Cache. Due 10 Salsa Friday w/ Ru/Jen Va1que1. Dec 11 Diego Marulanda + PaG · ande. Dec 15 Red: A Night of Live Perform· ance. Dec 17 Cubafl Dance Party w/ Eva11sto Machado. Dec 31 New Years w/ Cache. Meuetta 681 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-658-5687 ·wednesday Concerts in a Cale" Sets at 9:00 and I 0: 15 pm. Reservations recommended for lust set. Dec 1 Norman Liota, Cameron Colly· er. Dec 8 Ben O'Cunha, Bob Fenton. Dec 15 Mike Murley, David Occhipinti. Jan 12 Bernie Sencnsky and Bill McBirnie Mezzrows 1546 Queen St. W. 416-535·4906 Parkdale neighborhood pub featuring jazz end blues on Saturday afternoons, Sunday evenings and a live jam every other Wednesday. Michelle's Brasserie 162 Cumberland St 416·944-1504 Montreal Bistro 65 Sherbourne 416-363-0179 Dec 1 ·4 John Abercrombie and Don Thomp· son Duo. Dec 5 Michael Hynes. Dec 6 TorOfl· to Jau Orchestra. Dec 8 Michael Dunston Ouanet. Dec 9 Tommy Ambrose Ouintet. Dec 10 John Neudorf. Dec 13 Swing into the Holt: day Season. Dec 14· 18 0.£. W. East and Reg Schwager. Dec 20 Georgia Ambros Quintet. Dec 32 Gary MOlgan & PanAmericane. Dec 22, 23 Ed Vokurka Jm Violin Ensemble. Dec 28-Jan 1 Jim GaHoway Trio. Jan 5 Dave Young Octet. Jan 6·8 laila Biali Trio. Jan 10 Adi Braun. Jan 11-15 Mike Murley Ouanet. Jan 17 Pat Collins Ouanet. Jan 18-22 Mark Eisenman Trio. Jan 24 Oeb/Jie Flemiflg Ouin· tet. Jan 25. 26 Swing Rosie Septet Jan 27· 29 Cedar Wahoo Trio. Jan 31 Jay Boehmer Trio. WWW, ntEWHOLENO H .COM N'Awlins Jau Bar and Dining 299 King St. W. 416-595-1958 Caj111 style cookirrJ and New Orleans style jazz Orbit Room 508A College St. 416-535-0613 Every Fri The Stickmen, Every Sat The Dex· ters, Every Sun Oare Murphy Band, Every Mon Kevin Breft and the Sisters Euclid, Every Tue School of Roots, Every Wed LMT Con· nection, Every Thu Oe l e Funk, Pilot Tavern 22 Cumberland 4 I 6·923-5 716 One of Toronto's oldest watering holes, estab· l1shed in 1944 with a tradition of five 1azz every Saturday afternoon. Quigleys 2232 Queen E. 416-699-9998 Reservoir Lounge 52 Welli ngton 416-955-0887 Every Mon Bradley and the Bouncers. Every Tues Tyler Yarema and his Rhythm, Every Wed Guest Performer Night. Every Thu Jan ice Hagen Every Fri Chet Valiant Combo, Every Sat Tony Cassis Rex Jau and Blues Bar 194 Queen St. W. 416-598-2475 Sun·Fri 2 shows/evening. Sat, 3 shows/day Dec 1 EXlfman. Tyler Summets Ouartet. Dec 2 Kem 01J8111. Shanon Mcleod Ouartet. Dec 3 Me/Jssa Styfianou Trio, Davide VrefJs Presents: from New YOik: J8SlKI Palmer 81/d Warren Wolf. Dec 4 Ed Vokurka Swil!J Trio, Pat CIJfey's J1111 NovigatOfS, Arnand8 Manine1 lstir1 Joa Ensem· ble. 01H1Can Hopkins Ouanet. Dec 5 Coorinenta/ Rhythm. Club Ojango, POfk Chops fOf Dimer. Dec 6 Carey West Trio. UofT Student Jan Ensembles. Dec 7 Tony OUNrir!jtoo & StWig Street ClasSIC Rex Jall Jam w/ Nick Ai Dec 8 Eritman. Ro/J Mcconnel Tentet. Dec 9Kevin0ua;i. Ro/JMc Connel Tentet. Dec 10MemaStyfanou Tm. Anl6 Roth Ocintet. Dec 11 Ed Vok11ka S T no. l8U18 Hubett 8arrJ. Dec 12 Kevil Hifftch & The 5 Spot. Dec 13 Carey West T no, Bruce Cos· SK/y'sHotfootOrchestra. Dec 14 Tony0llllf· ringtOfl & Sw Street Rex Jall Jam w/ Julie Moherldran. Dec 15 Eritman, Joe Sha/Jason Ouanet. Dec 16 Kevin Ouain. Dec 17 Melissa Styianou Trio. Dec 20 Carey West Trio. Dec 21 T ooy Ouarringtoo & Switr} Street. Dec 22 Exit· man. Dec 23 Kevin 0118in. Dec 24 Melssa Styjanou Trio. Dec 27 C8teY West Trio. Dec 28 Tony Ocamgtoo & StWig Street. Dec 29 Exit· man Dec 30 Kevin Ouain. Dec 31 The Rex's Aflllll/ New Yew's Eve Bash: "Groweyanl". Jan 26 CMao. Jan 27 Cruzao. Safari Bar & Grill 1 749 Avenue Rd 41 6-787-6584 Every Tues: Encore Jazz 8· 11 Sassafraz 100 Cumberland 416·964·2222 Thu·Sun Washington Savage Sat, Sun (brunch) Roy Patterson Trio Spezzo Ristorante 140 York Blvd Richmond Hill 905-886- 9703. Live Jazz every Thursday. Top D' the Senator 253 Victoria St. 41&364·7517 Dec 2 Toru Dado. Dec 3 Oaiki Yasuksgawa, Dec 4, 7 ·9, 11 Sophie Milman w/ Iha Bill Klng Ouartet. Dec 14· 19 Heather Bambrick w/ the Richard Whiteman Trio The Trane Club 964 Bathurst St. 416-913·8197 T he Tranzac 292 Brunswick Ave. 41 &923-8137 Every Mon 9pm-12 OpenMic w/AdamBmil. Every Thu 10· 1 Mighty Gil (Show f811 origi nals) Every Fri 5· 7 Classic Jm Matinee w. The foolish Things Zazou 315 KingSt. W. live Jazz every Friday and Saturday. 0EC£MU£K l 2004 -fEBRUAY l 2005

:, JAZZ: CONCERT QUICK PICKS For details on these concert quick picks, see the main concert listings: GTA, pages 45-65; further afield, pages 65-68 Wednesday December 01 8:00: Humber Music Jazz Series. Student Ensembles of Trish Colter & Pat leberbera. . 8:00: University of Toronto Feculty of Music. Small Jall Ensembles. 8:30· Hugh's Room. Hamptofl Avenue 4. Friday December 03 8;00: Toronto All·Star Big Band. A Chrtst· masSpeaal . 8:00: University of Toronto Faculty of Music. Vocal Jail Ensemble, Lisa MartmeHi, d11ector. Saturday December 04 8:00: East York Choir. Songs of Comfort & Joy. Sunday December 05 1·30: McMichael Gallery. Tara Oav1dson. J8ll saxophone. -4:30: Christ Church Deer Park. Jan Ves· pers: Mark Eisenma11, pia110; Steve Wallace, bass; John Sumner, drums. ·7:00: Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensem· ble. Our Annual Christmas Concert. 7:30: Leaside United Church. lessons and Carols. 8:00: Roy Thomson Hall. Keith Jarrett. p18no; Gary Peacock. bass; Jack OeJohnette, drums. Monday Decembes 06 ·8:00: Jazz FM91. Sound of Toronto Jail Concert Series: Roberto Occhipinti Oumtet featurmg Hilano Our an. ·9:00: Toronto Jaz.z Orchestra. The Music of Stan Keflton. Friqay December 10 -7:00: Jazz FM91. Sound of TorontoJau Concert Series: Oione Taylor. Saturday December 11 ·2:00: Toronto All·Star Big Band. A Christ· mas Special. Saturday December 18 8:00: Tempus Choral Society. Sleigh Ride - A lively Musical Celebration for the Holidays Sunday December 19 4:30: Christ Church Deer Park. Jau Ves· pers: Barlow Brass & Orums. Monday December 20 8:00: Jazz FM91. Sound of TorontoJm Concert SerHJs: Jim GaHoway & Friends *Swing into Chflstmas· Thursday December 23 8:00: Roy Thomson Hall. Canadian Brass: Annual Christmas Concert. Saturday January 08 -7:30: Music at St. Mark's. George Heldt, organ. harpsichord.p18no: Everything You Always Wanted to Know AbOllt Keyboards But Were Afraid to Ask. Sunday January 09 -4:30: Christ Church Deer Park. Jan Ves· pers: Richard Whiteman Tflo. Monday January 10 -8:00: Jazz FM91. Sou nd of Toronto Jazz Concert Series: Marc Jordan. Thursday January 13 · 12:30: York University Department of Music. Anthony Michelli Jell Ensemble. Friday January 14 ·12:30: York University Department of Music. Blue and Sentimental. ·7:00: Jazz FM91. Sound of Toronto Jazz Concert Series: Alex Pangman. -8;00: Milton Concert Series. Peter Apple· yard, vibraphone. Friday January 21 12:30: York University Department of Music. Torch Songs & love Ballads. Sunday January 23 ·4:30: Christ Church Deer Park. Jan Ves· pers: John Johnson Ouartet. Monday January 24 ·8:00: Jazz FM91. Sound of Toronto Jazz Concert Series: Oavid Braid. Tuesday January 25 · 12:30: York University Department of Music. Jazz Ensembles. Thursday January 27 · 12:30: York University Department of Music. Jazz Ensembles. Friday January 28 · 12:30: York University Department of Music. Jau Ensembles. Saturday January 29 ·8:00: Markham Theatre for the Perform· Ing Arts. Preservation Half Jall Bond. -8:30: living Arts Centre Mississauga. Alex Pangman, Tuesday February 01 ·B:OO: Humber Music Jazz Series. Oave Holland, Artist in Residence Monday February 07 ·8:00: Jazz FM911 York University Depart· ment of Music. Sound of Toronto Jeu Co11· cert Ser ies: York University Student Concert. Beyond the GTA (in this issue: Alliston, Hamilton, Lindsay, Owen Sound) Saturday December 04 2:00: Toronto All-Star Big Band. A Chr1St· mas Special. Owen Sound. Saturday December 11 ·B:OO: Millpond Centre. Chflstmas Jazz. Saturday January 22 8:00: Lindsay Concert Foundation. Show· case Gale. Lindsay. Tuesday February 01 · 12:30: McMaster School of the Arts. lunchtime Concert: Bob Shields Tno. Hamil· ton. ANNOUNCEMENTS, LECTURES SYMPOSIA, MASTERCLASSES, WORl

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