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Volume 10 Issue 5 - February 2005

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music by three composers

music by three composers who lived puts an evening's worth of this ca­ gram (February 25), "Medieval of psalms and prayers brought art and worked there during the I 8th pricious repertoire in the hands of Roots and Branches." Website: music into the synagogue for the first century: Quantz, Graun and Verac­ an equally eclectic musical gro1.1p: time, radically challenging Jewish ini. Guest musicians for this concert at Kimbourne Park United Church, include the very busy Thomas Georgi. viola, Cristina Zacharias, violin and Laura Jones, gamba. Composer-musicians Castello, Uccellini, Marini, Purcell, Gibbons, and Jenkins, among others, were purveyors of the early Italian and English Baroque style, with its dramatic contrasts and spontaneous flights of fancy. Baroque Music Beside the Grange, February 19, Rona Goldensher & Kathleen Kajioka (violins), Margaret Gay (cello), Terry McKenna (theorbo), and Michael Jarvis (harpsichord). There are many connections between medieval music and the "folk" music of European and Europeanbased cultures, some clear and some enigmatic. Sine Nomine Ensemble for Medieval Music explores the relationship between the music of the Middle Ages and the traditional music of later centuries in their pro- Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra is joined by English soprano Emma Kirkby to tell the fascinating story of l 7th-century Jewish composer Salamone Rossi (February 2-6). Well regarded at the ducal court in his native Mantua, Rossi was confined to live in the Jewish ghetto due to the overt anti-Semitism of the times, While known at court for his secular Italian music, Rossi also wrote sacred music for his own people: his gorgeous Hebrew settings music traditions. With well over JOO recordings to her credit, Emma Kirkby has performed worldwide with many distinguished ensembles and, in 2000, received the Order of the British Empire. Ms. Kirkby will be joined on stage by singers Laura Pudwell, mezzo-soprano; David Arnot and David Nonman, tenors; and William Sharp, baritone. See the website: Frank Nakashima can be reached Canadian actor R.H. Thorgson becomes the Latin poet, Ovid, who wrote the dramatic stories that were an important source for the plots of baroque opera: meet Pygmalion; Echo and Narcissus; Castor and Pollux the Gemini twins; and more. Featuring the expressive vocals of tenor Rufus Muller along with the Tafelmusik Choir and Orchestra, this concert includes some of the most sublime music written by Purcefl, Handel, Monteverdi, Rameau and Marin Marais. Sponsored by HSBC ID HSBC Securities HSUC Sl·c:urm.._.,. ( Im:. M ..·mb ..·rCll'F. Sat February 26 at 2pm Only for youth 18 and under! Introduce your family to the super-heroes of yesterday through music - the original Argonauts who morphed into the constellation Gemini, and Pygmalion, whose ivory girlfriend came to life! R.H. Thomson narrates these humorous, exciting, and touching stories which ·are interwoven with the exquisite baroque music that was inspired by these tales. Sponsored by • MAoc Munich R• Group 200412005 season Sun f P1esen1ing lponsm Life Financial

CHORAL Sce·ne by Larry Beckwith THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY always seems to bring out the interesting choral projects and there are indeed many fascinating events happening this month, involving both Toronto and visiting choirs. Tafebnusik and its choir director lvars Taurins are involved in several intriguing programs over the next month, beginning with a concert devoted to the music of the early l 7th century Italian-Jewish composer Salamone Rossi. Rossi was active at the court of the Gonzaga family in Mantua as a violinist and composer and wrote several books of madrigals and sacred music. He is the composer of the only extant collection of polyphonic music for the synagogue to appear in print before the nineteenth century. Tafelmusik and a consort of singers welcome their frequent special guest, the legendary soprano Emma Kirkby, to perform Rossi's music and tell his story. These concerts take place on first weekend of the month. The following weekend sees the return to Toronto of the Inter-Varsity Choral Festival,· an annual event where choirs from several Ontario and Quebec universities get together for fellowship and a little music-making under the guidance of a master conductor. This year's guru is lvars 'I'aurins who will take the massed choristers through a variety of repertoire culminating in a public event in Convocation Hall on the afternoon of February 13. Near the end of the month, Taurins leads his Tafelmusik charges in the opening concerts of the city-wide Metamorphosis Festival. Curated by David Fallis and Alison Mackay, this festival is looking at the wide range of art, music, dance and literature inspired by Ovid's poetic mythological masterpiece. They have a wonderful website at www. metamorphosisfestival .ea which will give you details about the participation of over 30 ·organizations across Toronto. Tafelmusik's program involves operatic excerpts from core Baroque repertoire by Purcell, Handel, Rameau and others and features tenor Rufus Millier. The host for the concert is R.H. Thomson. Taurins and the Tafelmusik choir continue their busy season the following week (March 5) when they FEBKUARY 1 - MARCH 7 2005 appear on yet another ground-breaking Soundstreams bill. The worldrenowned Hilliard Ensembk is coming to town to partner in this venture which features performances of Arvo Part's Miserere and a brandnew work by composer Omar Daniel and poet Anne Michaels entitled The Passion of Lavinia Andronicus. For more information, you can visit www. soundstreams. ea. There are fewer mushy Valentine's Day choral programs being offered this year, but Roy Thomson Hall is putting us in the mood by presenting The Four Tops - you know, "Sugarpie, honeybunch" and all the rest?! -on Feb. 14. One of the great Motbwn groups, they've been around for over 50 years now and I think they qualify as a choir. Certainly, in their heyday, their sound was impeccable, warm and intricate. And the tunes! · Three days later the celebrated Soweto Gospel Choir rolls into the Hummingbird Centre to raise the roof. They've been touring a great deal lately and garnering raves wherever they go. The Nathaniel Dett Chorale is going from strength to strength these days. Despite the fact they get a ton of free publicity from Andy Barrie almost every morning on CBC 1 (he's got to be their biggest fan!), I have to make mention of their concert on Feb. 23 with Kekeli, a Ghanaian dance and drumming ensemble, as guests. The Den Chorale has made the move up to the George Weston Recital Hall and that seems to have made all the difference for solidifying their audience and giving them a first-rate performing home. Check the WholeNote listings for other important concerts from the Bell' Arte Singers, All the King's Voices, the Toronto Children's Chorus, the University of Toronto Women's Chorus, and the Mississauga Choral Society. Next month I'll write about a performance by the Exultate Chamber Singers and a number of significant Bach Passion shows, including the long-awaited Toronto Mendelssohn Choir/Toronto Sympho ny St. Matthew Passion conducted by Nicholas McGegan with an amazing line-up of soloists and evangelist Benjamin Butterfield. It's cold outside ... get to a choral concert and warm up! Footnote':"The recent Tsunami disaster in South Asia has galvanized the artistic communities in CONTINUES PAGE 20 WWW.THEWHOL IJ rm m 261h Concert Series presented by ,. SHARING THE VOICES Friday, Marc h 18, 2005, 7:30 pm ' ' St. Basil's Church, 50 St. Joseph St. (at Bay) Toronto Guest Artists: The Bach Choir from the University of Toronto Faculty of Music, Doreen Rao, conductor. Bach, Jauchzet dem Herren, al/e Welt, Mendelssohn, Sanctus ("Heilig lst Gotr) Brahms, Three Motets op 29 and 110, Mozart, Mlssa Brevis In F Major 't THE CELTIC SPIRIT Friday, May 6, 2005. 7:30 pm Glenn Gould Studio, King and John Streets, Toronto '§ "t Guest artists: Mark Haines and Tom Leighton An evening of Down East music and superb entertainment that will make you tap your feet and leave with a song In your heart. All ProfP!""B and locations subject to change _., C•n•d•Councn ConMlldeaArt• torontdartsbouncil ) forth•Art• duC•n•d• Al'lamltlengl"l)O(lyot1twoCllyo4lOfOl'llO FOR TICKETS OR INFORMATION CALL 416-217-0537 Monday to Friday 9 - 5 p.m. .

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