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Volume 10 Issue 5 - February 2005

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WORKSHOPS - to train

WORKSHOPS - to train Music Teachers in a new way of Teaching Music with.Colour . r

I followed him lO Banff, England, Quebec, and Hungary. When you studied with Lorand Fenyves, you went where he went. My studies lasted 4 years formalworld, as 1Vell as University of Toromo and Royal Conserva101y of Music artists in a Lorand Fenyves tribwe concert: "Celebrating A Life in Music" Sunday February 13, at 2pm in Walter Hall. This memorial concert is ·open ro the public and free of charge. A double CD commemorative recording of his pe1formances 1vill be available for purchase ivith all proceeds going towards funding annual master classes with illustrious guest artists. You can also hear Erika in an 011Stage concen of Fritz Kreisler 's music (Februmy 8 at 8pm), in Mooredale Concens 'first three presemations of 2005 (February 19 (It 8pm and Febmmy 20 at 1 and Jpm), and beyond the GTA in Lindsay on February 5. ly, and another 10 informally. When . "What advice, above all, would I began teaching, we began another phase in my education. I challenged teacher for a child, or for themhim constantly, I'm afraid to say, se lves ?" but it was my way of testing the information, and he indulged me. He was demanding. We used to laugh about how the greatest compliment you could get was, "much better", and a pat on the cheek. But it just made the very occasional "excellent" that much sweeter. He was the kind of teacher you refer to as "my teacher" your whole life. Lorand Fenyves is always with me because what I learned doesn't really break down into different lessons and information. He is blended into who I am - music or no music. He was my teacher, and I couldn't have asked for a better one." Erika Raum will pe1form with other leading performers from around the €EAIMYOUR VOICE Organic and functional vocal training to gain access to your full range, resonance and vocal freedom. For singers, public speakers, teachers, lergy. or if you just want to enjoy using your voice! Sue Crowe Connolly Hamilton Studio 905-544-1302 Toronto Studio 416-523-1154 **Gift Certificates Availa FEllRUARY 1 - MARCH 7 2005 you give to someone looking for a Erika Raum It should be someone who makes you feel good about yourself and your potential, not by praise, but by doing you the honour of demanding your very best all the time. It should also be someone whose relationship with and attitude toward music you respect a great deal, because through the intimacy of the student- teacher relationship, you can expect to take on a lot of those traits. The instruction they dispense is only a part of the process. Please send suggestions for people who might be included in this column to : susan Purd}lMusi'c. · · Certified in Early Childhood Music, Orff and Kodaly Music and Movement Classes for Babies, Toddlers and Young Children The Walmer Centre in The Annex Wednesdays and Thursdays Ongoing Registration Free Parking 416-413-7925 l susanpurdymusic@hot111iLcom b'•'''°''''""'''""'"""' ,..,...,,.,..,; i.:.-,,.'; z '=:;;;.::m, .&=;'{i,, , ,,,. • ,,,,.,,.......... . J Little people can have big dreams. We help make them come true. Grou.p Programs ,; I? ,c> I. ,; ff.J? ,/, lo ,r-, ,; I? ,r-, . uuyk iyt:rt.Y Music for You & Your Baby (0-3 yrs) Orff/ Kodaly/ Dalcroze Eurhythmics (3-B yrs) Children's Chamber Choirs (Ages 6 & up} Creative Drama & Speech (Ages 6 & up) Music Theory & History (RCM Grades 1- 5) Summer Programs Available Private Instruction Piano Guitar Voice Violin, Viola and Cello French Horn, Trumpet and Sax Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Recorder - Sharon M. Burlacoff ARCT B.Mus. MA MFA. Executive Director The Kingsway • Conservatory ., of Music U• Love To Sing? Breathe new life into your voice with a unique and sensible kinesthelic approach to vocal pedagogy. This is a method which focuses on influencing and improving the coordinative process of the vocal muscles. It brings them into equilibrium, thus eliminating muscular interference. Great for Everyone! •All styles •All Levels •Beginners and Children welcome •Excellent for public speakers, actors, etc. Call Pattie Kelly for private lessons at 905-271-6896 FRENCH FARMHOUSE HOLIDAYS 416-234-0121 3086 Rlnor St. W. Toronto, Ontario 1\rn hloc:ks W>t of.Rvyul York Rtl. 2005 COURSES Scandinavian & Baltic Choral Treasures with Diane Loomer !uly 6-17, 2005 Baroque Choral Masterworks with lvars Taurins July 19-30, 2005 French Language and Culture July 6·17, 2005 July 19-30, 2005 All-intlusive workshop holidays from 52750 604-737-1665

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