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Volume 11 Issue 2 - October 2005

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16 ORCHESTRA The Royal

16 ORCHESTRA The Royal Conservatory Orchestra Bernhard Gueller conductor WAGNER Prelude and Liebestod from Tristan and Isolde STRAUSS Death and Transfiguration BRAHMS Symphony No. 4 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 8 PM RCM Concert Hall 90 Croatia Street (Bloor & Dufferin) Adults , Students & Seniors Group rates available 416.408.2824, ext. 321 GREAT ARTISTS Harpistry Solo and chamber works for flute, harp and viola PESCETTI Sonata in C Minor SCARLATTI Sonata in E Minor, K. 15 SALZEDO Prelude No. 1, from 5 petits preludes intimes DEBUSSY Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 8 PM RCM Concert Hall 90 Croatia Street (Bloor & Dufferin) Adults , Students & Seniors Group rates available 416.408.2824, ext. 321 l+I Canadian Heritage Patrimoine canadien Back to Ad Index ~ ; WWW. THE WHO LENOTE.COM /Jy Heidi McKenzie The CBC lockout - ripples and rage Political is probably one of the last adjectives I would previously have used to describe the unit to which I belong - CBC Radio Music. But Howard Dyck's soon-to-become-legendary 16-hour marathon shift on the picket line has raised the bar for us all. As a consumer and supporter of music events around town, I can sense, and share, a feeling of collective rage. We CBC workers, contract or permanent, are not the only victims in this conflict: artists and arts organizations are the ones who are suffering from a dearth of the publicity and information that they have come to rely on from their hitherto trusted Mother Corp. September 4, 2005: I decided to shake off my frustration and march it out for the union at the Labour Day Parade. So did about six hundred of my fellow colleagues. I ran into Neil Crory, who told me that Andre Previn is this year's laureate of the Glenn Gould Prize. Neil had effected a small miracle by pulling together a gala program for the Glenn Gould Foundation to be presented on September 25 at the George Weston Recital Hall. Management on "the inside" have had to pick up the pieces -- perhaps the most prestigious music gala of the year, plucked out of the hands of one of the most skilled senior classical music producers in the country. A sad casualty of the lockout. September 11, 2005: I set out for the Al Green Theatre to catch the Palestinian/Israeli collaborative Yitzhak Yedid Trio, in town from Jerusalem. Milling about before the concert, I overheard a woman bemoaning the lockout: "I'm in dire need of CBC back on air." I pricked up my ears, revealing myself as the interested party that I am, and Allie Lehman proceeded to tell me that she couldn't believe the poor showing at the previous weekend's Roots Festival in the Distillery District. Her take: largely attributable to the lack of CBC Radio - who would otherwise have promoted the festival "up the whazoo". This is purely anecdotal. I really can't say. I didn't go. I hadn't heard about it. September 19, 2005: As the lockout lengthens, my income and reserves shrink. So I've been hustling. I pitched some features for Small World Music Festival. As it happens (no pun intended) CBC Radio One has been Small World Music Festival's media partner for two out of the past three years. The Festival is the brainchild of Alan Davis. He says it's hard to predict the lockout's impact. Asking "How many tickets won't get sold due to the CBC lockout?" is like asking "How would life be different if I were a millionaire?" September 20, 2005: I've been trying to no avail to get a list of the presenters who were/are scheduled to perform at the Glenn Gould Studio during this time. I decided to do my own digging. Amici is virtually synonymous with the GGS - having been "residents" for the past 16 years. Their Executive Director, Wendy Limbertie was grimly pessimistic - practically counting on the lockout still being firmly entrenched on November 4th - their season opener. (Her contingency plan is in place with the Jane Mallett Theatre holding their date.) October 7 is her "pull the plug" date. Nothing like the certainty of 'wait and see.' And then there are the big guns - the TSO is going ahead with its CBC Live Broadcast series opener on September 29 - sans Andrew Craig, and sans live broadcast for Radio Two's In Performance. Don't know about the COC's season opener, Macbeth, slated to be recorded for Saturday Afternoon at the Opera. September 25, 2005 It's press time, with no end in sight. Minister of Labour, Joe Fontana maintains, from Ottawa, that he's not in favour of back-to-work legislation. Those of us clinging to the perverse hope that tensions might magically be resolved in time for hockey are sitting it out in the penalty box. In a recent huddle on the picket line with a team from The National, the talk was about bracing ourselves for a long, cold winter. I'm struggling with my optimism. In this so-called "war of ideology," the casualties are very real, and the survivors will be sorely wounded. Heidi McKenzie is a free-lance writer and associate producer of Saturday Afternoon at the Opera and Choral Concert for CBC Radio Two. Regular T.O. diarist, Colin Eatock is in London, U.K. O CTOBER 1 - N O VEM BE R 7 2005

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