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Volume 11 Issue 3 - November 2005

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LISTINGS Jazz Clubs 1055

LISTINGS Jazz Clubs 1055 Restaurant and Bar 1055 Yonge St. 416-482 8485 Every Thu Jasmin Bailey Alleycatz 2409 Yonge St. 416-481-6865 Every Mon Salsa Night w flank B,schun Every Tue Ch11s Plock Swing Exltavaganza Every Wed Jasmin Bailey and Co. Every Thu Peppa Seed. Nov 4 Lady Kane. Nov 5 Soular. Nov 11 Lady Kane. Nov 12 Groove Mattix Nov 18 Lady Kane. Nov 19 Lady Kane. Nov 25 Soula,: Nov 26 So1J/ar. Ben Wicks 424 Parliament 416-961-9425 All shows start at 8 or 8:30. No cover. Black Swan 154 Danforth Avenue 416-469-0537 Boiler House 55 Mill Street 416-203-2121 Cameron House 408 Queen St. 416-703-0811 Nov 3, 9, 16, 30 Friendly Rich and the Lol!tpop People. Chick N'Deli 744 Mount Pleasant Rd 416-489-3363 Big Band Music every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. Odd Socks at Dovercourt House 805 Dovercourt Rd. 416-537-3337 Nov 5 Tena Hazelton and Her Easy Answe,s Gate 403 403 Roncesvalles 416-588-2930 Every Wed Grand Slam Arts Jam Night. Nov 1 James Thomson & Ju/tan Fauth Blues Duo. Nov 3 Patnce Ba,barchon, Kurt Net/son, Jonathan Kay, Nathan Ht!tz and Denis Song Jazz Band. Nov 4Easy Listemng Jazz with Suzanne B,own. Nov 5 Harvey Pipher Jazz Tno. Nov 6 Jim F111/ayson S1i1ger's Night Jam Sesston. Nov 7 Artist of the month: Peter SinghKhe/a. Nov 10 l(ev,n La!tberte Jazz Guita,: Nov 11 Greg Hobbs Roots Music. Nov 12 Jen Sagar Jazz Trio. Nov 13 John Russon Jazz Tno. Nov 15 James Thomson and Julian Fauth Blues Duo. Nov 17 Michael Gabnel Funk, Soul and Pop Band. Nov 18 Amanda Martinez /attn Jazz Duo. Nov 19 Laura Hubert Jazz and Blues Trio. Nov 20 Peter Ht!! Jazz Duo. Nov 24 Jeari Czapla Uptown Aboriginal blues tno from Edmonton. Nov 25 Mr Rick and the Biscuits. Nov 26 Michael Gabriel Funk, Soul and Pop Band. Nov 27 Elizabeth Shephe,d Jazz Duo. Nov 29 James Thomson and Ju/tan Fauth Blues Duo. Graffiti's Bar & Grill 170 Baldwin St. 416-506-6699 Every Wed. (6-8pm) James and Jay Grasshopper Jazz & Blues Bar 460 Parliament St. 416-323-121 O Music starts at 10 pm. No cover charge. Grossman's Tavern. 379 Spadina Ave, 416-9777000. www. grossmans Founded and led by Kid Bastien until his death in early 2003, the Happy Pals are still rocking the house Saturdays 4:00 to 8:00 pm, or later. Nov 2 Mike MacDonald Open Stage Jam. Nov 4 Swinging Blackjacks. Nov 5 The Happy Pals. Nov 6 Nicola Vaughan Acoustic Jam The Nattona!s with Briar, Caber. Nov 7 Laura Hubert Band Nov 12 Ernest Lee Cotton Ttaffrc Blues Band. Nov 18 Mtke Mc!(enna Blues Band. Nov 19 Rave On & Woodshed. Nov 25 Frankie Foo. Home Smith Bar The Did Mill, 21 Did Mill Road, 416-236- 2641 Hot House Cafe Market Square 416-366- 7800 Jazz brunch every Sunday. Ken Churchrll Duarte/ Hugh's Room 2261 DundasWest416-531 -6604 Nov 4 DK lbomeka Le Saint Tropez 315 King St W. 416-5913600 Live music, 7 days a week. Lula Lounge 1585 Dundas West. www. Nov 1 Cache. Nov 2-6 Gary Topp Presents· HabanaSax Nov 7 Catalyst Centre.· Tel/mg Our Stories. Nov 8, 9 Red. A night of lrve performance. Nov 12 Salsa Saturday w/ Diego Marulanda + Pacande. Nov 13-15 Gary Topp Presents: John Cale. Nov 16 MPC Music Presents an Even111g of Jazz. Nov 17 Lattn Cool. Amanda Martinez and Evans to Machado. Nov 18 Cuban Fridays w/ Cafe Cubano. Nov 19 Salsa Saturday w/ Cache. Nov 20 Viva Havana/ Nov 21 Nick Cuda Nov 25 Salsa Frrday w/ Cache. Nov 26 Salsa Saturday w/ Cafe Cubano. Nov 29 Fado Blues 7 5. Catarina and Mrke Srracusa. Mezzetta 681 St.ClairAve.W.416658-5687 "Wednesday Concerts in a Cafe" Sets at 9:00 and 10: 15 pm. Reservations recommended for first set. Mezzrows 1546 Queen St. W. 416 5354906 Parkdale neighborhood pub featuring jazz and blues on Saturday afternoons, Sunday evenings and a live jam every other Wednesday. Montreal Bistro 65 Sherbourne 416-363-0179 www.montrealbistro .com Nov 1, 2 Phil Dwyer Duarte/. Nov 3-5 Gene DiNovi/Dave Young. Nov 7 Amanda Martrnez Nov 8 Brlly Newton-Davis Duarte/. Nov 9-12 JumorMance Trro. Nov 14 NormanMarshall Villeneuve. Nov 15 Rrchard Underhill CD Release. Nov 16 Rosanne Agasee Nov 17 - 19 Julie Michels Duri1tet. Nov 21 /(01y livrngstone Nov 22-26 Bill Mays Trro. Nov 28 Runcrb/e Spoon CD Release. N'Awlins Jazz Bar and Dining 299 King St. W. 416-595-1958 Cajun style cooking and New Orleans style jazz Orbit Room 508A College St. 416-535-0613 Pilot Tavern 22 Cumberland 416-923-5716 One of Toronto's oldest watering holes. established in 1944 with a tradition of live jazz every Saturday afternoon. The Red Guitar 603 Markham St. 416-913-4586 Nov 1 Srenna Dahlen. Nov 2 Lisa Martinelli & Reg Schwage,: Nov 3.4 Mark Ersenman Trio. Nov 5 Richard Undet!11I/ Duarte/. Nov 6 Joe Sealy. Nov 8 Chris Coo/eand Etynn Mar shall. Nov 9 Chrrstine Bougie Trro. Nov 10 Lrna Allemano & Adrean Fam,gra. Nov 11 Kev111 Turcotte Trro. Nov 12 David B11chb111der Duarte/. Nov 13 Gary W1/hamson. Nov 15 The Chorrg1rlz. Nov 16 Sundar Vtswanathan& Davrd Brard. Nov 17. 18 Nick Ali Ttio. Nov 19 Danen Srgesmund Durntet. Nov 20 Hrla110 Duran. Nov 21 Grand Festival of Autumml Happmess. Rob Clutton and Tim Posgate and Guests. Nov 22 Matt Brubeck and David Mott Nov 24,25 Ma11/yn Lemer's Mad Satre Trro. Nov 26 Scott Marshall Trro. Nov 27 David Braid Nov 29 Pirate Jenny Nov 30 Gary Benson & Duncan Hopkms Reservoir Lounge 52 Wellington 416-955-0887 Every Mon Sop/11a Perlman and the Vrpers Every Tues Tyler Yarema and hrs Rhythm Every Wed Bradley and the Bouncers. Every Thu Janice Hagen. Every Fri Chet Va!,ant Combo. Every Sat Tory CaSSts. Rex Jazz and Blues Bar 194 Queen St. W. 416-598-2475 Nov 1 Richard Whrteman Trro, Classic Rex Jazz Jam Nov 2 Ross Woolridge Trro, Steve Mirault Trio. Nov 3 /(evin Duarn, Mandy Lagan Duarte/. Nov 4 Julie Mahend1an Trro, Rob Campbell. Nov 5 Ed Vokurka Sw111g Ensemble, Brian Delima Duarte/, Emrlie Clarie Barlow Nov 6 Uof T Jazz Workshop, Beverly Taft Duarte/, Chrrstrne Bougre Trio, Moma Tamie. Nov 7 Peter Hr!! Trio, UofT Student Jazz Ensembles. Nov 8 Richard Whiteman Tno, Rex Jazz Jam Nov 9 Ross Woolridge Trro, Buddy Aquelrna. Nov 10 Kevrr1 Dua111, Davrd Buchb111der CO Release. Nov 11 Julie Mahendran Trio, Davrd Buchb111der CD Release. Nov 12 Ed Vokurka Swrng Ensemble, Lauta Hubert Band, Boan Delima Duarte/, Jazz Navigators Nov 13 UofT Jam, Club D;ango, Christine Bougie Trro, Bob Brough Duarte/. Nov 14 Peter Hr!! Trro, UofT Student Jazz Ensembles. Nov 15 Rrchard Whiteman Trro, Rex Jazz Jam Nov 16 Ross Woolrrdge Trro, Terry Krng Duintet. Nov 17 !(evrn Duai11, Jun Hillman 's "Merlin Fae tor''. Nov 18 Ju/re Mahendran Trro, Jrm Hr/Iman 's "Merlrn Factor''. Nov 19 Ed Vokurka Swing Ensemble, Brian Delima Duarte/, Vrctor Bateman. Nov 20 UofT Jazz Jam, Matzoh Ball Gumbo, Random Access. Nov 21 Peter Hr!! Trio, UofT Student J;azz Ensembles. Nov 22 Rrchard Whrleman Tno, Classic Rex Jazz Jam Nov 23 Ross Woolridge Trio, Mrchael Herrrng's "Vertigo''. Nov 24 Kevr11 Dua111, Chet and Jr,n Doxas The Doxas Brothers. Nov 25 Ju/re Mahendran Tno, Chet and Jrm Ooxas - The Doxas Brothers Nov 26 Ed Vokurka Swing Ensemble, Brian Delima Duarte!, Josh Rage, Sextet. Nov 27 UofT Jazz Jan, The Red Peppers, Chns tine Bougie Trro, Boogie Woogre Duo. Nov 28 PeterH,11 T110, John Macleod's Rex Hotel Nov 29 Richard Whiteman Trio, Classrc Rex Jazz Jam. Nov 30 Ross Woolndge Tno, CD Release.· The Peddlers. Safari Bar & Grill 1749 Avenue Rd 416-787-6584 Every Tues: Encore Jazz 8-11 Sassafraz 100 Cumberland 416-964-2222 Thu-Sun Washrngton Savage Sat, Sun (brunch) Roy Patterson Trro Spezzo Ristorante 140 York Blvd Richmond Hill 905-886-9703 Live Jazz every Thursday. The Trane Club 964 Bathurst St. 416-913-8197 Zazou 315 King St. W. Live Jazz every Friday and Saturday Back to Ad Index WWW. TH EWHOLENOTE .COM NOVEMBER 1 - DECEMBER 7 2005

ANNOUNCEMENTS, LECTURES, MASTERCLASSES, ••• ETCETERA ANNOUNCEMENTS *November 19 & 20 11am-6pm: Toronto Music Expo. Everything Music Under One Roof Exhibition for the professional & amateur enthusiast. Workshops by professional veterans in all aspects of the music industry, such as Digital Recording, Video Editing, Pub /Ji:ity & Promotion; seminars such as Modem Singer/Songwriter, Power Guita1; Recording Studio 107. Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 255 Front St. West. , seminars separate fee. *November 19 & 20 times tba: Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association, Etobicoke-Mississauga Branch. 2005 Canada Music Week Competi!Jofls. For piano and voice at all levels. Joanne Bender, adjudicator. Christ Church United, 1700 Mazo Dr., Mississauga. 416-742-6429. Free. *December 4 2:00-5:00: Elmer lseler Singers. Sherry a11d Shortbread. Relax in the gracious surroundings, join in the silent auction & enjoy music of the holiday season. Albany Club,91 KingSt.East.416-217-0537. $ 75(donation receipt for ). *Canadian Music Centre. New Music 111 New Places: Identity Sounding. Collaborative music-making project by composer Jack Behrens. Visitors are encouraged to add layers of live music over top of two pre-recorded compositions by Behrens, and will be guided in their music-making by 3 written scores, notated for musicians and non-musicians alike. Bring your own string, wind or percussion instrument, or use your voice, body percussion or other sound device. Event continues to December 11, 2005. Mcintosh Gallery, U of Western Ontario, London ON. 416-961 -6601 x207. *Canadian Music Week. 2006 lndepend efll Musk Awards (March 7, 2006) Celebrating outstanding achievement in sound recording; limited to independent artists; covering about 15 different genres of music including lntematioflal Album of the Yearand the Sym pat1coMSN Arflst Webslfe of the Year. Deadline to apply: November 30, 2005. or 905-858-4747 or LECTURES/SYMPOSIA *November 3 12:1 D: University of Toronto Faculty of Music. Symposium on "The Merry Wives of Windsor''. Discussion by members of the creative team, chaired by lain Scott, with excerpts performed by members of the cast. Walter Hall, 80 Queen's Park. 416-978-3744. Free. *November 5 7:00: Harbourfront Centre/SDCAN/Guild of Canadian Film Composers. A Celebrat1011 of Film Mus1c· /ns1de the D1rector-Composer Relat1onsh1p. Film composer Mychael Danna & filmmaker Deepa Mehta (Fire, Ear/Ir, Water) explore the com ­ plex creative relationship between contemporary fi lmmakers and their music collaborators. Richard Crouse, moderator. Brigantine Room, 235 Queens Quay West. 416-973-4000. Free. *November 5 7:30: 25 "Annual Holocaust Education Week. Lost Compose1s of the Holocaust . Jerry Fink gives a colourful and poignant history lecture, which will take the listener on a musical odyssey through 1920- 1945 and beyond, highlighting the lives and works of known and little-known Jewish composers, when Jewish music and art flourished in Germany and Central Europe. Congregation Darchei Noam, 15 Hove St. 416-638-4783. Free. *November 13 2:00: Toronto Opera Club. The Worst Operatic Recordings a11d the Best! An audio/visual presentation. John Ru· therford, guest speaker. CDs to be won I Everyone welcome. Room 330, Edward Johnson Bldg., 80 Queen's Park. 416-924-3940. . *November 15 8:3Dam-11 :3Dam: York University Dept. of Music. Jim Gallowa y, jazz saxophonist & clarinetist, talks about his life in jazz. Vanier College, Room 135, 4 700 Keele St. 416- 736-5186. Free. *November 15 7:00: Canadian Opera Company. Wagner 701. Here is your chance to demystify the Ring Cycle, Wagner's epic saga of gods and mortals. Lecture by a member of the CDC Volunteer Speakers Bureau. Metro Hall Council Chambers, 55 John St. 416-847 -0090, . Admission is free, but registration is required. *November 19 8:00: McMaster University Institute for Music and the Mind. Does Music Make You Smarter? Evening of lecture, performance and demonstration on how the mind develops through music. Participants include scientist Glenn Schellenberg, soprano Mary Lou Fallis, flautists Suzanne Schulman and David Gerry, John Laing Singers. First Unitarian Church of Hamilton, 170 Dundurn St. South. 905-525-9140 x24246. Free. *November 21 7:00: Canadian Opera Company. Wag11er 301. Gdtterdammenmg Lecture by a member of the CDC Volunteer Speakers Bureau, with audio and video excerpts. Metro Hall Council Chambers, 55 John St. 416-84 7 -0090, Admission is free, but registration is required. *November 22 7:00: Canadian Opera Company. Wagner 301. Gotterdammemng Lecture by a member of the CDC Volunteer Speakers Bureau, with audio and video excerpts. Assembly Hall, 1 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Dr. 416-84 7 -0090, Admission is free, but registration is required. *November 23 7:00: Canadian Opera Company. Wagner 307. Gdtte1dammeru11g. Lecture by a member of the CDC Volunteer Speakers Bureau, with audio and video excerpts. North York Civic Centre Council Chambers, 5100 Yonge St. 416-847 -0090, Admission is free, but registra ­ tion is required . *November 24 7:00: Canadian Opera Company. Wagner 301 Gotterdamme1vng CONTINUES NEXT PAGE • Academic Excellence ~·~ ·~~ IJNDEN ~~HOOl • Girl-Centred Education • Small Class Size • Integrated Math, Science & Technology • 100% University Acceptance !!), • Diversity, Equity & Community Action • Art, Drama, Dance & Music (including our famous all-girls steel pan band) • Scholarships Available , ,,.:,f ..' ,' / Where Girls Learn Best Open House ( ' November 11, 2005 I February 3, 2006 I April 7, 2006 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Co-Principals' Presentation: 9:30 AM) Info Eve & Science Fair: February 16, 2006, 7:00 PM Accepting Applications for Grades 1-12 416-966-4406 I I 10 Rosehill Avenue NATIONAL AUDITIONS NATIONAL AUDITION ~ Canada Trust Aifu,;, Et TOUR SPONSOR m.:, f"/fl. "For ;,nyone w th :rn eyt to tilt' fllturt' th 1s !J,1~ got to bl C:rnad;1\ 1nn

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