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Volume 11 Issue 5 - February 2006

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Mozart Violin Concertos

Mozart Violin Concertos Andrew Manze and The English Concert Andrew Manze has been described as "the first modern super-star of the baroque violin" (BBC Magazine). He brings a rare flamboyance to the violin repertoire of the 17th and 18th Centuries, and is a performer with a highly developed spirit of adventure. Hms Jac,que.line du Pre IEl'gar ,ce,110 Col!r!>aM ,:,-dod u,.,, "~"" Bach Qi!ll•) S1,1i~ N1>$.1 & 2 BBC !i>tmphi;i. ~.,,.. ~ ,,..,~.JrJhn.B!.utitolD Great Pianists of the Century (1927 to 1993) This 5CD super budget collection from Brilliant presents a portrait of some of the world's greatest pianists. A must have and a great deal. Elgar and Bach Cello Concertos Jacqueline du Pre, cello with BBC Symphony and Barbirolli conducting Passionate performances of a Cello Legend , Vivaldi Four Seasons Alexandre Da Costa, violin Following his critically acclaimed recording of Freitas Branco's Violin Concerto (XXl21521 ), Canadian violinist Alexandre Da Costa presents his fiery version of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Chabrier Piano Music Angela Hewitt, piano A n important influence for subsequent generations of French composers, most notably Ravel, Chabrier's most important works are for piano. The ten contrasting and evocative "Pieces pittoresques" from this recording were described by Poulenc as being "as important for French music as the preludes of Debussy".

wholenote· Volume 11, #5, February 1, 2006- March 7, 2006 10 O pener, Be our guest (reader poll) DISCOVERIES 12 Editor's Corner 14 Feature: BIS's Robert von Bahr revisited by Bruce Surtees 15 Feature: Joseph Petric by Allan Pulker 16 Recently in Town: Andrew Porter by Pamela Margles 57 Opera At Home by Phil Ehrensaft 58 Book Shelf by Pamela Margles DISCS REVIEWED 60 Opera and Ballet 61 Early Music 62 C lassical and Beyond 64 Modern and Contemporary 67 Jazz 68 Pot Pourri 69 O ld Wine New Bottles by Bruce Surtees 70 Discs of the Month BEAT BY BEAT 17 Cover Story: Toca Loca by Jason van Eyk 18-29 Quodlibet 18, Early 20, Choral 22, World 24, New Works 25, Jazz 27, Band 28, Opera 29 CALENDAR 32 Concerts: Toronto & nearby 46 Concerts: Further afield 49 O pera, Music T heatre and Dance 50 In the Clubs Qazz) MUSICAL LIFE 31 Contest: Music's Children 51 Announcements, works hops, etcetera 54 Unclassified Ads 56 How I met My Teacher - James Rolfe and Juliet Kiri Palmer OTHER ELEMENTS 9 Contact Information and deadlines 31 Index of Advertisers IN THIS ISSUE Petric 's accordian to Forget's oboe 15 FEBRUAR Y 1 - M ARCH 7 2006 Toca Loca takes residence 17 Violinist Alexandre Music's Child: Da Costa 18 Who are they now? 31 WWW. TH EWHO LENOTE. COM

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