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Volume 11 Issue 6 - March 2006

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"Moving! Magic!

"Moving! Magic! Exceptional!" - Washington Post NI/ff) t-:Au~· Productions Inc. Proudly presents: W'. ] :i i JD ~ _ I 1 International Charitv Foundation Program features works by: Tchaikovsky, Chopin,Shostakovich, Mozart, Liszt, Schubert and others Thanks to Alex and Simona Shnaider for their generous contribution to this project. Proceeds will go to the Hospital for SickKids. ~[]]~ ~ ij ThillffiOOJIT Toronto Centre tor lhe Aris SECOND ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL GALA George Weston Recital Hall, 5040 Yonge Street Tickets:, 416-870-8000 Info:, 416-737-6 785 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE,COM M ARCH 1 - APRIL 7 2006

-----~ ----- wholenoteM The Toronto Concert-Goer's Guide Volume 11 #6, March 1-April 7, 2006 Copyright© 2006 WholeNote Media, Inc. 720 Bathurst Street, Suite 503, Toronto ON M5S 2R4 General Inquiries: 416-323-2232 Publisher: Allan Pulker Editor-in-Chief: David Perlman Editorial Office: 416-603-3786; Fax: 416-603-4791 Discoveries Editor: David Olds, discoveries@thewholenote com Beat by Beat: Quodlibet (Allan Pulker); Early {Frank Nakashima); Choral (Larry Beckwith); World (Karen Ages); New Music (Keith Denning, Jason van Eyk); Jazz (Jim Galloway, Sophia Perlman); Band (Merlin Williams); Opera {Phil Ehrensaft, Christopher Haile); TMA (Brian Blain); Musical Life (mJ Buell); Books (Pamela Margles) Features (this issue): Pamela Margles, Bruce Surtees, Allan Pulker CD Reviewers (this issue): Karen Ages, Alex Baran, Larry Beckwith, Don Brown, Seth Estrin, Daniel Foley, Janos Gardonyi, John S. Gray, Tiina Kiik, Pamela Margles, Heidi McKenzie, Ted O'Reilly, Cathy Riches, Annette Sanger, Tom Sekowski, Bruce Surtees, Merlin Williams Proofreaders: Simone Desilets, Karen Ages, Vanessa Wells, Sheila McCoy Advertising, Memberships and Listings: 416-323-2232; Fax: 416-603-4791 National & retail advertising: Allan Pu Iker, publisher@thewholenote com Event advertising/membership: Karen Ages, Production liaison/education advertising: mJ Buell, (Un)Classified Advertising; Announcements, Etc: Simone Desilets, Listings co-ordinator: Vanessa Wells, Jazz Listings: Sophia Perlman, Circulation, Display Stands & Subscriptions: 416-406-5055; Fax: 416-406-5955 Circulation Manager: Sheila McCoy, Paid Subscriptions (/year + GST) Production: 416-351-7171; Fax: 416-351 -7272 Production Manager: Peter Hobbs, Layout & Design: Verity Hobbs, Rocket Design (Cover Art) Web/ Systems/Special Projects 416-603-3786; Fax: 416-603-4791 Systems Manager: Paul Farrelly, Systems Development: Jim Rootham, James Lawson Webmaster: Colin Puffer, DATES AND DEADLINES Next issue is Volume 11 #7 covering April 1 - May 7, 2006 Free Event Listings Deadline: 6pm Wednesday, March 15 (covering period April 1 · May 7) Display Ad Reservations Deadline: 6pm Wednesday, March 15 WholeNote Media Inc. accepts no responsibility or liability for claims made for any product or service reported on or advertised in this issue. l33rr!] $.PA w CCAB Qualified Circulation, March 2005 : 33,402 Additional Copies Printed and distributed this month: 4,098 Total copies printed and distributed this month: 37,500 Colour Ads Deadline: Thursday, March 16 Black and White Ads Deadline: Friday, March 17 Publication Date: Thursday, March 30 Printed in Canada by Couto Printing and Publishing Services Canadian Publication Product Sales Agreement 1263846 ISSN 14888-8785 WHOLE NOTE Publications Mail Agreement #40026682 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: WholeNote Media Inc. 503-720 Bathurst Street Toronto ON M5S 2R4 GREAT CHAMBER MUSIC DOWNTOWN ~~~- An embarrassment of riches - Cellist Antonio Lysy, narrator Colin Fox,and a new quartet of Jeffrey Ryan Thursday March 2 at 8 pm GRYPHON TRIO Between Haydn and Schubert, Harry Freedman's last completed work on a theme of Bach Tuesday March 7 at 8 pm TOKYO STRING QUARTET CYPRIEN KATSARIS, STEVEN DANN I Mozart Chamber Music Get a ticket if you can! Thursday March 16 at8pm CYPRIEN KATSARIS A special "Mozart Family" programme from one of the keyboard world's great original interpreters. Tuesday March 21 at 8 pm MTO CHAMBER SOCIETY After 4 seasons, the final performance of this ensemble of friends. Don't miss it! Tuesday March 28 at 8 pm torontdartsbouncil BfB CanadaCouncil ConselldesArts M .. m·, 1,agohbodiol ta,c,1, 0,To..oa,o ~ for th& Arts du Canada ~· IDlIDN~at Jane Mallett Theatre St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts 416-366-7723 • 1-800-708-6754 order online at M ARCH 1 - A PR IL 7 2006 WWW. TH EWHOLEN OTE .COM 9

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