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Volume 12 - Issue 5 - February 2007

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E.·ARLY Music. by Frank

E.·ARLY Music. by Frank NakashimaAs I have mentioned before,there's lots that we can learnfrom our musical history. Thismonth, there are several opponuriitiesto · compare themusic of the past with that ofthe present, and to understandthe relevance and influence ofold music on the music of today.f;:::;::::iIn the 16th and 17th centuries,::i:people entertainedthemselves by singing madrigalsand partsongs. Theseunaccompanied choral worksoften intertwined the meanc Kathleen Kajioka is among those exploringing and expression of both · the persuasive possibilities of Baroquewords and music to great music on February 3rd. ·effect. The Exultate Chamber pounds on this fascinating musicalSingers offer a rare chance to hear journey based on an equine theme,this music (March 2) . Also, that designed by Alison Mackay (Febevening,the winning work of the ruary 14-18).third Canadian Choral Composition Tafelmusik hits the road again inCompetition will be premiered - February with their Grand Tourproperhapsan original Canadian madri- gram - a musical journey throughgal? Website: baroque Europe highlighted withMeanwhile, in the CBC OnStl!ge excerpts from contemporary lettersprogram Oi mi lasso: Old forms I and travel diaries read by actor BlairNew sounds, (March 6), you will hear Williams - February 1 in Hamilton,a melding of contemporary with early February 3 in Niagara Falls, and Febmusicin Gavin Bryars; Oi mi lasso ruary 6 in Waterloo. In addition,(Ah, poor me), also Nine Irish Mad- Tafelmusik will teach masterclassesrigals (from Petrarch), with Anna Mar- around Ontario, and perform freeia Friman (soprano), John Potter (ten- education concerts (Baroque Advenor),Max Christie bass clarinet) and ture: The Quest for Arundo Donax)Douglas Perry (viola), under the di- for students in Hamilton, Bellevellerection of Gavin Bryars. (February 8), Lindsay (February 9)Baroque Music Beside the and Toronto.Grange and Past Perfect collaborate Soloists Monica. Whicher (so­(February 3) for a creative explora- prano), Elizabeth Turnbull (alto),tion ofrhetorical techniques in the iif- John Tessier (tenor), and Russellstrumental music (Bach, Telemann, Braun (baritone), with the BachHandel, Dome! and.Mancini), music Consort (choir and orchestra) unwhichhas no actual text, from the der the direction of Yannick Nezetthreemajor centres of the "High Ba- Seguin, perform Bach's B Minorroque" - Italy, France and Germany. Mass (February 23) for a worthyJust how does one communicate mean- cause - the Pia Bouman School ofing without words? Kathleen Kajioka Ballet & Creative Movement and the(baroque violin), Alison Melville (re- Toronto Symphony's Adopt-A-Playcorderand transverse), Rebecca Mor- er education program. .ton (baroque cello), and Gabriel Shu- CBC's very own Howard Dyckford (harpsichord) will illustrate how conducts Gra.nd Philharmoniccomposers sought to create the "ulti- Choir Chamber Singers in a conmateform of persuasion" through cert that includes Bach's great motetmusical gestures.Jesu, Meine Freude; that gem byIt's interesting to note that, even in Schiltz, Musikalische Exequien; andthe earoque period, there was a great motets by Homilius, With specialinterest in "the past" - in particular, guests Christopqer Dawes (organ),the mythological Phaeton and the bib- Laura Jones (cello/viola da gamba),lical Elijah as seen in Lully's opera John Edwards (theorbo) Joe Phil­Phaeton and Bach's Cantata 19. The lips (bass) and the Tactus Vocal EnfullTafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, semble (February 24 in Kitchener)complete with trumpets and drums The Musicians in Ordinary(also imaginary horses and chariots), (soprano Hallie Fishel and lutenistis joined by the Choir and a guest John Edwards) perform Italiannarrator/actor Blair Williams who ex- love songs of the 16th century in16 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COMtheir program L 'lngraTO e CrudoAmore (Ungrateful and CruelLove). Among the composers,whose music won hearts at theheight of the Italian Renaissance,are Marco Cara, Orlando di Lasso,Orazio Vecchi, Fabrizio Denticeand French-born PhilippeVerdelot. As well, Edwards willalso play lute solos by Francescoda Milano, who worked for theMedici popes, and by the Neapoli­~ tan, Dentice (March 3). See·www. musiciansinordinary. caMore Italian music can be heard(February 11) at the Toronto EarlyMusic Centre presentation of "MusicallySpeaking" - Alexa Wing andHallie Fishel, sopranos, performingthe unique duet repertoire (music byMonteverdi, Rossi, Mazzochi andothers) of the Italian baroque accompaniedby John Edwards, theorbo.The five male voices of Alawyncelebrate Valentine's Day in the spiritof chivalry and courtly love withworks by Solage, Senleches, Jos-Join some of the world's finestmusicians in the field ofbaroque performance for this14-day training programmein instrumental and vocalperformance practice. Classesare offered in strings (violin,viola, viola d'amore, cello andbass), woodwinds (flute, oboeand bassoon), brass (trumpet),harpsichord, lute/guitar and voice.A programme for conductors/· directors is also available.Advanced students,pre-professional andprofessional musiciansare'invited to apply.Auditors are ~elcome.quin, Gesualdo & others. (February11) in their program Landscapes ofthe Heart.On February 23, the fe~ale voicesof the Toronto Consort presentmusic from Medieval Female Communities'of the 12th, 13th and 14thcenturies, music written for, and by,female monastics such as Hildegardof Bingen, Birgitta of Sweden and,of course, their "anonymous" sisters.Again, rarely heard music (unlessyou spend a lot of time at thespa or yoga class) - hymns, songs,canticles and psalmody as it might.have sounded centuries ago in theconvents and clofsters of Europe.Websit~: www.toront9consort.orgFrank T. Nakashima( is thePresident of the Toronto EarlyMusic Centre, a non-profit chari\..table organization which promotesthe appreciation of historicallyinformedperformances of - temcInstitute offers:• Masterclasses for solo instrumentand voice• Orchestra and choir rehearsalsled by Jeanne Lamon,lvars Taurins and faculty• Instrumental and vocal chamber.ensembles• Private lessons ·• Lectures/workshops on baroqueperformance practice, theatre, art• Baroque opera workshops led byMarshall Pynkoski of Opera Atelier• Baroque dance workshops led byJeannette Zingg of Opera Atelier• Participant'performances including· a Grand Finale concert with theTafelmusik Baroque Orchestraand Chamber Choirwww.tafelmusik.orgcall 416.964.9562, ext 241Email: tbsi@tafelmusik.orgFEBRUARY 1 - MARCH 7 2007

CH·ORAL Sceneby Larry Beckwith .Well, the cold has set in, finally, with the death of one of their membut,thankfully, there are many in- bers, John Morris. They have retriguingchoral progril,ms and ensem- grouped and released a new albumbles to choose from in and around recently and are currently on a smallToronto to keep us warm and in- tour, trying to find their sea legsspired this month.again after a lengthy hiatus. This tourThe Elmer Iseler Singers team brings them 'to the Centre-in-theupwith the True North Brass quin- Square jn Kitchener on February 5tet February 2 tor a celebration of and Hamilton place on Febru.ary 6.legendary Canadian arranger and The York University Chamberconductor Howard Cable, dipping Choir, under guest director Avivaliberally I suspect into the over 80 Kolet from Ottawa, gives a noonpieceshe has arranged and composed hour recital of works by Buxtehudefor the Canadian Brass. The follow- (300th anniversary in 2007), Faure,ing evening (February 3), the John Haydn and Willan February 7.Laing Singers host "Hamilton February 10, the Peel Choral So­Sings", a choral extravaganza tea- . ciety give a Valentine's concert in~ring .many special guest ensembles, Bramalea. Director Mervyn Fickmcludmg the Bach-Elgar Choir (now leads his charges through the "clasconductedby Howard Dyck), the' ·_ sic American songbook" and Broadaward-winningHamilton Children's way fayourites. The following af­Ch01r and the Mohawk College Sing- ternoon, February 11, Kevin· ers. Komisaruk's male-voice ensembleEvery couple of years, Israel Alawyn presents a recital of secularhosts what is called a "Zimriya" or works from the Renaissance. ·"World Ass~mbly ofCh~irs" in Je- The Oriana.Women's Choirperrusalem.This su~mer w,ill .be their form~ on the highly-popular noon-21 st,. but the ~mted .~J,,WIS~ Ap- hour choral series at Roy. Thomson~e~l m T~.ronto is holdmF their own Hall February 14, with guests tenorZ1mnya F~bruary 4 at the George Darryl Edwards and organist RuthWeston Hall m North York, featur- Watson Henderson. That evening,mg many school and community the Tafelmusik Chamber Choir bechoirsfrom the Toronto area. gins a run of performances entitledA. long time ago, I think it . was "Chariots of Fife", designed by thethe summer of 1990, I .trav~lled .to imaginative bassist Alison MacKay.the Mariposa Folk Festival m Onl- Actor Blair Williams takes the audilia:w.e had a ~onderful time~ mostly ence through various legendary sto­~nJoymg. the hvely "unknown" per- ries involving horses, bpth real andformers m the side tents and work- . imagined, and conductor I vars Taushop~tages .. one ~f these was T~e rins leads the choir in a wide arrayRankin Family - high-energy Celtic of baroque music by Bach Buxtetunes,cl~se harmonies and lots of hude, Telemann and Lully.'step~dancmg. As many know, they February 16, the University ofwent on to huge success through the Toronto's Women's Chorus, di­I 990s, then tragedy struck in 2000_ retted by Robert Cooper, performsSoweto ~ospe Choi; is at the Hui11111i11gbi;d Felmtary 2 an(/ the Victoria College Chapel. Their on a landmark anniversary.special guests are the Penthelia Sing- Also on February ,23,, the Nathers,conducted by Mary Legge. aniel Dett Chorale present VoicesPianists Stephen Ralls and Bruce of the Diaspora at the George Wes­Ubukata celebrate the 25th anniver- ton Hall in North York. Fresh fromsary of their elegant series, the Al- performances in New York City withdeburgh Connection, this season. · the Dance Theatre of Harlem, theFe.bruary 18, they present "The An- Dett Chorale is enjoying another sucniversaryWaltz", a concert "in cessful season as the voice of Afrothree-quartertime" by Tchaikovsky, centric choral music in Toronto.Strauss, Satie, Chabrier and others. The following evening (Feb 24)The centrepiece, the Brahms Liebes-CONTINUES NEXT PAGElieder Waltzes, features soloistsMonica Whicher, Norine Burgess,Colin Ainsworth and Russell Braun.Other special guest appearances arerumoured, and the company is releasingits new Schubert CD at theconcert, as well. Many happy returns,Bruce and Stephen!The Bach Consort is also celebratingan anniversary - their 15th.Since 1992, this enterprising groupof musicians from the TSO has beengiving performances of Bach cantatasand larger vocal/choral worksfeaturing some of Canada's tqp sing~ers', and raising money for worthy.causes in the Toronto area. February23, the Bach Consort performsBach's Mass in B Minor, conductedby the exciting young MontrealerYannick Nezet-Seguin. The beneficiariesof this event will be the PiaBouman School of Ballet and CreativeMovement and the Toronto SymphonyAdopt-a-Player programme.Congratulations to Tim Dawson,Michael Sweeney and the rest of theBach Consort movers and shakersToronto: February 17, 3 PM, Laidlaw Hall, Upper Canada College(200 Lonsdale Rd.) Players of the Toronto Wind Orchestra read chamber worksby Gab,riel Major-Marothy and Kye Marshall.Full details at www.musiccentre.caCANADIAN Ml/SIC CENTRECEN'TllEOEMIJSICOECANAD!Bf

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