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Volume 12 - Issue 5 - February 2007

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ducationPIANO LESSONSConservatory!JTadLs'Voice Lessons Competitions'Beginner instruments:o/iofin, (juitar, ;f{ute, CfarinetSong 'Birtf Stwfios 416-767-8779:Jiaf£ie 'fi.!zsnyaX:,, !M !Mus 'EtfJiffiCiate of tfie :l(oyaf Conservatory('Dwufas ad 'l(eefe)NORTH TORONTO INSTITUTE OF MUSICPrivate instruction and exam ~preparation by qualified teachersin the heart of Toronto.+ Piano • Voice • Guitar + Strings+ Woodwinds + Percussion + Theory+ Music Theatre + Pre-school550 Eglinton Avenue East416-488-2588 www.ntimusic.comEducationMARJORIE SPARKS VOICE STUDIOMarjorie Sparks B. Mus .. B. Ed.Private voice lessons. instructionsfor university auditions, RCM exams, •competitions, and professional performances.Frequent Studio Recitals.STIJDJO IDCATIONS19 Ravine Park Cr., Scarborough550 Eglinton Ave. E., Toronto416-282-7460 E-niail: mheitshu€j?\.--... -,. S-:k_,,....., .. 4' 1Jt!f}13 G' :in~ e Roa

Book Shelfby Pamela Marg/esMoriz Rosenthal 'in Words and Music:A Legacy of the Nineteenth Ceiituryed. Mark Mitchell and Allan EvansIndiana .University Press,205 pages + CD, .95 US'He was for me the last representativeof a mighty pianoera,' Moriz Rosenthal wroteabout his beloved teacher,Karol Mikuli, who had studiedwith Chopin. The samecould be said about 'Rosenthal himself.When that era ended forgood after Hitler took overAustria in 1938, the seventysixyear-old Rosenthal left Vienna for New York.He shared a dentist with the family of the elevenyear-oldCharles Rosen, and became Rosen'steacher for the last eleven years of his life.Rosen's memoirofhis much-loved teacher prefacesthis extraordinary coltection of writings by andabout Rosenthal. Rosen describes how Rosenthalencouraged fidelity to the score, eschewed heavypedaling, and emphasized phrasing, but never discussedtecpnique. Rosenthal would talk oftenabout his friendship with Brahms and, just occasionally,about his lessons·with Liszt.Rosenthal tells how he once traveled from Vi~. enna with his friend Ludwig van BOsendorfer andAnton Rubinstein to hear Rubinstein give a concertin Pressburg. At the station he met up withFranz Liszt, who had come from Budapest for theconcert. Theodor Leschetizky joined Rubensteinfor a duet during the concert, but Rubinsteinso overpowered him that Leschetizky afterwardscomplained to Bosendorfer that the pianowas faulty . . BOOK SHELF CONTINUES NEXT PAGECD DVDServicesrofessional & HealtfPerJormance :JE:nxiety ?This may be linked with trauma symptomsassociated with negative teachers or pastperformances. Healing releases nervousenergy trapped in the body and frees you tomaximise your potential. I can facilitate youin releasing these symptoms. ·Paul Jessen, D.Mus. Literature (Paris)MA Vocal Pcrfonnance (Toronto)PsychotherapistPerformance Anxiety,a gentle approach416-769-8511

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