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Volume 12 - Issue 7 - April 2007

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Absolute LoungeHilton

Absolute LoungeHilton Suites Toronto/Markham ConferenceCentre & Spa8500 Warden Avenue, Markham,Tel: + 1-905-4 70-8500Alleycatz2409 Yonge St. 416-481-6865Every Mon Salsa Night. Every Tue. WhitneySmith and C Berardinucci DuintetEvery WedJasmin Bailey and Co. Every Thu Sump'nDifferent w/ New Vocalists weekly.Apr 6, 7 Soular. Apr 13, 14 Lady Kane. Apr 20,21 ladyKane. Apr 27, 28 GraffittiPark. May4,5Soular.Arbor RoomHart House@the University of Toronto, 7 HartHouse Circle. 416-978-2452Ben Wicks424 Parliament 416-961-9425www.benwickspub.comBlack Swan154 Danforth Avenue 416-469-0537Boiler House55 Mill St. 416-203-2121Thu-Sat Trio. Every Sun Jazz Brunch.Cameron House408 Queen St. West 416· 703-0811The Central603 Markham St. 416-919-4586www.thecentral.caC'estWhat67 Front St. EEvery Wed Hot Fo' GhandiEvery Sat (matinee) The Hot Five JazzmakersCervejaria Downtown842 College St.Every Wed The Jay Danley Duintet.Chick N'Deli744 Mount Pleasant Rd. 416-489-3363www.chickndeli.comEvery Tue Jam Night.Every 1st Mon Advocats Big Band Every 3rdMon George lake Big BandThe Concord Cate937 Bloor St. W.Gate403403 Roncesvalles 416-588-2930www.gate403.comApr 1 3J Jazz Trio, Dylan Wickens Blues Duo.Apr 2 Patrick Tevlins New Orleans Duo. Apr 3Kevin Laliberte Flamenco, James Thomson,Do nee Roberts and Julian Fauth Blues Trio. Apr4 Adlai Waxman Solo Jazz, James Carroll. Apr5 Terry Logan, The Peddlers. Apr 6 Ray Edge andFriends, David Rotundo and Jimmy HelversonBlues Duo. Apr 7 Bill Heffernan and his Friends,Elizabeth Shepherd Jazz Duarte!. Apr 8 3J JazzTrio, Cocktail Jazz Band Apr 9 Kevin Hildith:Five Spot Jazz Band Apr 10 Kevin Laliberte,James Thomson, Donee Roberts and JulianFauth. Apr 11 Cam McCarro!Jazz Duo, Daveand Levi Jazz Duo. Apr 12 Rebecca Enkin withMarc and the Roncesgals, John Russon JazzBand Apr 13 Roman Tome, Mr. Rick and theBiscuits. Apr 14 Bill Heffernan and friends. Apr15 3J Jazz Trio, Peter Hill Jazz Duo. Apr 16Ori Dagan. Apr 17 Kevin Laliberte, JamesThomson, Donee Roberts and Julian Fauth. Apr18 Amy Medvick Bossa Nova Band Apr 19Adrian Shaw Jazz Duo, Scott Kemp JazzCollective. Apr 20 Jennifer Petrilli Jazz Duo,Melissa Boyce and Kevin Laliberte. Apr 21 BillHeffernan and friends, Herb and Ray Trio. Apr 22583J Jazz Trio, Sultans of String. Apr 23Steve Bijakowski: Jazz Ninjas. Apr 24 KevinLaliberte, James Thomson, Donee Robertsand Julian Fauth Blues Trio. Apr 25 Eric St.Laurent Jazz Duo, Blues Canoe. Apr 26 DiaTurkiewicz Jazz Duo, Suzana De CamaraJazz Band Apr 27 Harley Card Jazz Duo,Jen Sagar Jazz Trio. Apr 28 Biii Heffernanand his friend, laura Hubert Jazz Trio. Apr29 3J Jazz Trio, Smokey Witt Swing BandApr 30 Asheley St. Pierre Jazz Duo.Graffitti's Bar and Grill170 Baldwin St. 416-506-6699Grasshopper Jazz and Blues Bar460 Parliament St. 416-323-1210Grossman's Tavern379 Spadina Ave. 416-977-7000www.grossmanstavern.comApr 1 Nicola Vaughan Acoustic Jam TheNationals with Bnan Cober. Apr 2 laura HubertBand Apr 5 The Damn Neighbours, Sandi Marieand Company, Coldsweat. Apr 7 The Happy Pals,Cottonmouth.Apr 8 Nicola Vaughan AcousticJam, The Nationals. Apr 9 laura Hubert BandApr 11 Backassword Comedy. Apr 12 DickEllis Revival. Apr 13 The Swinging Blackjacks.Apr 14 The Happy Pals, Cindy Booth Blues BandApr 15 Nicola Vaughan Acoustic Jam, TheNationals. Apr 16 laura Hubert Band Apr 19Patrick Tevlin New Orleans Duarte!. Apr 20HooDoos with Dan EngellandApr 21 The HappyPals, The Tone Dogs. Apr 2 2 Nicola VaughanAcoustic Jam, The Nationals. Apr 23 lauraHubert Band Apr 27 Frankie Foo. Apr 28 TheHappy Pals, Box Full of Cash. Apr 29 NicolaVaughan Acoustic Jam, The Nationals. Apr 30laura Hubert BandHome Smith BarThe Old Mill, 21 Old Mill Road,416-236-2641www.oldmilltoronto.comApr 13 Suzanna Da Camara Trio. Apr 20Heather Bambrick Trio. Apr 27 Gary BensonDuo. May 4 Peter Smith Trio.Hot House CafeMarket Square, 416-366-7800Jazz brunchEvery Sunday, with the Ken Churchill Duarte!.Kristoria French Fine Dining104 Surrey Street E. Guelph519-829-3265Le Commensal655 Bay St. 416-596-9364www.commensal.caMusic Fridays & Saturdays6:30 pm -9:30 pmNo Cover ChargeApr 13 Kira Callahan Duo.Le Saint Tropez315 King St. W. 416-591 -3600Live music 7 days a week.Lula Lounge1585 Dundas W. 416-588-0307www.lula.caLiberty Bistro and Bar25 Liberty St.@ Atlantic 416-533-8828Manhattan's Music Club951 Gordon St.Guelph ON519-767-2440www.manhattans.caApr 1 Uof G Jazz Choir. Apr 2 SongwritersCafe w. Keith Thompson. Apr 3 Kent Macmillan.Apr 5 Six String Nation Presentation. Apr 6LISTINGS: Jazz in ClubsWWW.THEWHOLENOTE .COMRobert Hannam and Brent Rowan. Apr 7Rob Mitchell and Jeff Wilson. Apr 9Songwriters Cafe w/ Keith Thompson. Apr10 Kent Macmillan. Apr 12 Mo Kauffey.Apr 13 Mike Murley Trio. Apr 14 MikeDunn Trio. Apr 15 Lah Lah Lounge. Apr 16Songwriters Cafe. Apr 17 Kent Macmillan.Apr 19 John Kossup. Apr 21 Sultans ofString. Apr 23 Songwriters Cafe. Apr 24Kent Macmillan. Apr 26 Josh Gabriel andJory Nash. Apr 27 Max Bent Band Apr 28Ambre Mclean/Keith Thompson/Sean Bray. Apr29 Brent Rowan Student Ensemble.Mezzetta681 St. Clair Ave. W.416-658-5687"Wednesday Concerts in a Cafe" Sets at 9 and10: 15. Reservations recommended for first set.Every Thu Kevin Laliberte.April Feature: Latin JazzApr 4 Eliana Cuevas, Luis Mano Ochoa. Apr 11The Cafe Die Flamenco/Jazz Duarte! featuringCelia Pa/Ii. Apr 18 David Virelles. Apr 25 Larrylewis/Pedro Joel and Friends.Mezzrows1546 Queen St. W. 416-658-5687Parkdale neighborhood pub featuring jazz andblues on Saturday afternoons, Sunday evenings,and a live jamEvery other Wednesday.Mod Club Theatre722 College St.www.themodclub.comN' Awlins Jazz Bar and Dining299 King St. W. 416-595-1958www.nawfins.caEvery Tues. Stacie McGregor. Every WedJim Heinenan Trio. Every Thu Blues Night withSpecial Guest Vocalists. Every Fri/Sat All StarBourbon Street Band Every Sun RobiBotos.Odd Socks at Dovercourt House805 Dovercourt Rd. 416-537-3337Swing Dances, Lessons and Concerts.Apr 7 Mike Daley Swing Band Apr 14 GTASwing Band Apr 28 Downtown Swing BandThe Old Mill21 Old Mill Road, 416-236-2641www.oldmilltoronto.comApr 2 Jay Boehmer Band Apr 3 Appleby CollegeConcert. Apr4, 5, 7, 9-1 1 Jay Boehmer BandApr 12, 13 The Cavemers · Tribute to theBeatles. Apr 16· 19 liveJive. Apr 23-26 CraigRuhnke Band Apr 20 Cache. Apr 27 BobDeAngelis Big Band Apr 28 Smooth JazzConcert Featuring Alexander lonjic. Apr 30·May5 CraigRuhnkeBandOpal Jazz Lounge472 Queen St. West. 416-646-6725www.opaljaulounge.comApr5-7 San Murata Trio.Apr 12-14 HugoPinksterboer/Harvey Cowan Duintet. Apr 19-21David Braid/Hideaki Tokunaga Duo Apr 26-28Benny Green.Orbit Room508A College St. 416-535 0613Pantages Martini Bar and Lounge200 Victoria St.www.pantageshotel.comEvery Fri Aaron Peixoto and John Simoes Duo.Pilot Tavern22 Cumberland 416-923-5716www.thepilot.caJazz every Sunday afternoon - Laila Biali Trio(twice a month) and others.Apr 7 Bernie Senensky Duarte!. Apr 14 PatlaBarbera Duarte!. Apr 7 Jake WilkinsonDuarte!. Apr 28 Barry Elmes Duarte!.Ouotes220 King St. W.Apr 13 Dave McMurdo. Apr 20th SteveCrowe. Apr 27 Fred Duligal/Neville Bames.The Reservoir Lounge52 Wellington 416-955-0887www.reservoirlounge.comEvery Mon Sophia Perlman and the Vipers.Every Tues Tyler Yarema and his Rhythm.Every Wed Bradley and the Bouncers.Every Thu Janice Hagen.Every Fri Chet Vakant Combo.Every Sat Tory Cassis.The Renaissance Cafe1938 Danforth AvenueThe Rex Jazz and Blues Bar194 Queen St. W. 416-598-2475www.therex.caSafari Bar and Grill1749 Avenue Rd. 416-787-6584Every Tues Encore JazzSopra265 Davenport Rd.www.sopra.caSpezzo Ristorante140 York Blvd. Richmond Hill,905-886-9703Live jazz every Thursday.Ten Feet Tall1381 Danforth Avenue.416 778 7333www.tenfeettall.caApr 1 Sophia Perlman Trio. Apr 8 RichardWhiteman Tao. Apr 15 Beverley Taft Tno. Apr22 Steve Koven Trio. Apr 29 Blue Martini Jazz.May 6 Chris Hercules w. Steve Koven.The Trane Studio964 Bathurst St. 416-913-8 197Apr 1 /.S./.S Circle Presents: love and HarmonyIll. Apr 2 NDJD. Apr 3 Dustin Shaskin and theCafe Die. Apr 4 Tasa. Apr 5 Riff Raft andCamarillo. Apr 6 Ka/abash. Apr 7 George KollerDuintet w. Special Guest: Hajile aka lotus. Apr8 Rebirth of the Warrior Poet by R. OsaxeDolabaille. Apr 9 NOJO Apr 10 Acoustic SoulApr 11 The Sundar Duarte!. Apr 12 RubenEsguerra & CH/VA featuring Brownman. Apr 13Michael Pickett. Apr 14 Sultans of String andShakshuka. Apr 15 Joni NehRita Rodney andRufus. Apr 16 NOJO. Apr 17 Jeff KearnsCulmination. Apr 18 Norman Allan''lncarnations "Book launch. Apr 19 Small WorldJazz Series Presents: Mel M'Rabet. Apr 20Elizabeth Shepherd Trio and iNSiDeaMiND Apr21 Hilario Duran Duarte!. Apr 22 June MorrowFundraiser. Apr 23 NOJO. Apr 24 AcousticSoul w. DJ Black Lotus. Apr 25 KOBO Town.Apr 26 Telmary w/ Rich Brown andRinsethealgorithm. Apr 27 The Alchemystas.Apr 29 Up from the roots Poetry lounge. Apr30 Proactive Words.Victory Cafe581 Markham St.516-516-5787Every Wed. The Hot Jazz String Duarte!.Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe6300 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls1-905-354-5000Zazou315 King St. W.Live jazz every Fri and Sat.APRIL 1 - M AY 7 2007

Opera ... and au that JazContinued from page 14Funnily enough (and unbeknownst to some), the closest venue to theopera house for jazz will be its own lobby at the Four Seasons Centre,which includes jazz in their free afternoon concert series. As with theother concerts in this series, these presentations are a wonderful wayto hear rising talent of a very high level. This month, two ensemblesfrom Humber College are featured - on April 5th, the HumberCollege Vocal Jazz Ensemble, directed by Trish Coulter, and on April12th, the Humber College Trombone Ensemble, directed by AlastairKay - no stranger to many of you. For ease of navigation away fromthe Four Seasons, once you've made up your mind to stray, refer toour map to get your bearings, and then to the club listings on theadjacent page for club details.FOURSEASONSCENTRE1 The Rex Jazz and BluesBarJust on the other side of University,The Rex makes it easy. Withshows at 6:30 and 9:30, Mondaythrough Thursday, often as earlyas 4 on Fridays and noon onweekends, The Rex has an abundanceof music to fit every possibletaste and scheduling need.What will I hear? Just abouteverything Toronto jazz has tooffer - on any given week, theschedule will offer a mix fromthe very traditional through to thevery contemporary, and fromseasoned, well-known professionals,to the rising and virtuallyunknown. There's also a jamsession on Tuesdays, which bringsan eclectic crowd of people.Cover: Usually Pay-What-You­Can for Monday-Thursday, andfor the earlier shows. It's wise tocheck the website, or to phoneahead and ask if you're not sure.Menu: Fairly standard, but wellprepared and reasonably pricedbar food, with some goodvegetarian options.Atmosphere: The room is dividedinto two sections. If you're sittingin the back half (which still allowsgood sound, and a view of thestage from most tables), you can(usually) talk without shouting.Very casual, it's not unusual to seekids - especially during matinees.2 Le CommensalJust up Bay Street, Le Commensaloffers live jazz on Fridays andSaturdays, beginning at 6:30 pm,in a warm, family friendly environment.What will I hear? There are twomain seating areas, on either sideof the buffet, one of which has anupright piano. The venue programsmostly duos, sometimes solo musicians,and occasionally a trio. Thatbeing said, the performers aremuch more than background, asLe Commensal consistently bookswell-known Toronto musicianswho are well worth hearing.Cover: None - although there isa tip jar next to the piano.Menu: It's easy to run up a surprisingtab at the vegetarian buffet,which is priced by weight.The food is fresh, and well worthevery penny.Atmosphere: Very relaxed,friendly and casual, this venueattracts a wide range of people,from families with small childrento Bay-street types on businessmeetings.3 N'AwlinsLocated at King and John,N' Awl ins offers a fixed rosterof musicians, Tuesday throughSunday, with special guest vocalistson Thursday nights.What will I hear? The room isnot wide, so you don't often see aband much larger than four people.The music ranges from traditionaljazz to more contemporarysoul-inspired fusion, dependingon who is performing.Cover: None.Menu: The Cajun-inspired menuis a bit pricey, but not any moreso than the other restaurants onthe same strip.Atmosphere: Casual but upscale.4 Opal Jazz LoungeThe newest addition to thedowntown jazz scene, Opal is a 5minute streetcar ride west of theopera house - on Queen nearDenison (between Spadina andBathurst), and usually featuressets at 8, 9:45 and 11 pm. (Callor check website for specificdetails.)What will I hear? With abeautiful grand piano, this roomis attracting some wonderfultalent, and seems to be striking astrong balance betweenestablished Canadian musiciansand lesser- known internationaltalent - April will featureperformances by jazz violinistSan Murata and Benny Green, aswell as a 3-night pairing of pianistDavid Braid with Japanese born,L.A. based guitarist HideakiTokunaga, and an appearance byOPAL: Violinist Harvey Cowan,who had a large hand in designingOpal's interior (above), plays theclub as well, with textbook drummerHugo Pinksterboer's Quintet.drummer Hugo Pinksterboer andviolinist Harvey Cowan.Cover: Yes, varying by performance.Check website or call fordetails.Menu: Featuring innovations onFrench cuisine with the talents ofchef Fawzi Kotb, entrees runfrom around - .Atmosphere: Quiet, intimate andclassy. Quiet talking may or maynot be frowned upon, dependingon who's playing and who's listening.5 Several other venues in theneighborhood offer occasionaljazz. We would be remiss if wedidn't mention the Jazz WizardsMatinee which has brought it'sdedicated following from the oldHealey's to the new Jeff Healey'sRoadhouse (56 Blue JaysWay , This lively band of seasonedmusicians is well worthseeing if you haven't already.Next month, we 're shifting ourfocus east of Yonge Street, to thearea surrounding a venue with adistinguished jazz pedigree of itsown - Massey Hall. Despite thedemise of the much-loved Top0 'The Senator a couple of yearsback, there is still a wealth of jazzin that pan of town.A~r- < d Congratulations~I~ ~/ 1·1;;.._ co all of rhet ~/J National Jazz\:- J · J~ Aw_ards~ Nominees/ (...._.,_,'rml Long & McQuade~MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS•w w w. Ion g - m c quad e. comAPRIL 1 - M AY 7 2007 WWW.THEWHOLENOTE.COM 59

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