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Volume 12 - Issue 7 - April 2007

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whole note-The Toronto

whole note-The Toronto Concert-Goer's GuideVolume 12 #7 , April 1 - May 7, 2007Copyright© 2007 WholeNote Media, Inc.720 Bathurst Street, Suite 503, Toronto ON M5S 2R4General Inquiries: 416-323-2232Publisher: Allan Pulkerpublisher@thewholenote .cominfo@thewholenote.comEditor-in-Chief: David Perlmaneditorial@thewholenote.comEditorial Office: 416-603-3786; Fax: 416-603-4791Assistant to the Editor: Donald Pulker, wmieditor@thewholenote.comDiscoveries Editor: David Olds, discoveries@thewholenote.comBeat by Beat: T.O. Musical Diary (Colin Eatock); Quodlibet (Allan Pulker): Early (FrankNakashima); Choral (Lanry Beckwith); WJrld (Karen Ages); New Music (Jason van Eyk);Jazz (Jim Galloway): Band (Jack MacQuarre): Opera (Christopher Hoile, Phil Ehrensaft):TMA (Brian Blain): Musical Life (mJ buell): Books (Pamela Margles)Features (this issue): Pamela Margles, Sophia Perlman, Christopher HoileCD Reviewers (this issue): Don Brown, Seth Estrin, Daniel Foley, Jim Galloway,Janos Gardonyi, John S. Gray, Richard Haskell, Tiina Kiik, Pamela Margi es, HeidiMcKenzie, Alison Melville, Frank Nakashima, Ted O'Reilly, Jamie Parker, CathyRiches, Terry Robbins, Annette Sanger, Tom Sekowski, Bruce Surtees, AndrewTimar, Robert Tomas, Ken Waxman, Dianne WellsProofreaders: Simone Desilets, Karen Ages, Sheila McCoyAdvertising, Memberships and Listings:Phone: 416-323-2232: Fax: 416-603-4791Coordinator, Sales and Marketing:Carolyn McGee, carolyn@thewholenote.comNational & retail advertising: Allan Pulker, publisher@thewholenote.comEvent advertising/membership: Karen Ages, members@thewholenote.comProduction liaison/education advertising:Jack Buell, adart@thewholenote.comClassified Advertising: Announcements, Etc:Simone Desilets, classad@thewholenote.comListings co-ordinator: Les Redman, listings@thewholenote.comJazz Listings: Sophia Perlman, La-Nai Gabriel jazz@thewholenote.comCirculation, Display Stands & Subscriptions:416-406-5055; Fax: 416-406-5955Circulation Manager: Sheila McCoy, circulation@thewholenote.comPaid Subscriptions (/year + GST)Production: 416-351-7171; Fax: 416-351-7272Production Manager: Peter Hobbs, production@thewholenote.comLayout & Design: Verity Hobbs, Rocket Design (Cover Art)Web/ Systems/Special Projects 416-603-3786; Fax: 416-603-4791Systems Manager: Paul Farrelly, systems@thewholenote.comSystems Development: James LawsonWebmaster: Colin Puffer, webmaster@thewholenote.comDATESAND DEADLINESNext issue is Volume 12 #8 covering May 1-June7, 2007Free Event Listings Deadline:6pm Sunday, April 15, 2007Display Ad Reservations Deadline: 6pm Monday, April 16, 2007Advertising Materials Due: 6pm Wednesday, April 18, 2007Publication Date: Monday, April 30, 20078WholeNote Media Inc. accepts noresponsibility or liability for claims made forany product or service reported on oradvertised in this issue.CCAB Qualified Circulation,March 2005: 33,402Printed in Canada by CoutoPrinting and Publishing ServiceCanadian Publication Product SalesAgreement 1263846ISSN 14888-8785 WHOLENOTEPublications Mail Agreement #40026682Return undeliverable Canadianaddresses to:WholeNote Media Inc.503-720 Bathurst StreetToronto ON M5S 2R4www.thewholenote.comWWW.THEWHOLENOTE.COM APRIL 1 - MAY 7 2007

The canaries are coming, the canaries are coming!If you happen to drive by 720 Bathurst Street and see a flock of littleyellow birds perched on the the hydro wires two floors below ouroffice window, don't be puzzled. It's just Ontario's choirs cominghome to WholeNote to roost in our annual May Choral Canary Pages.If you're affiliated with a choir, see page 61 for details on how tojoin. And if you're a would-be chorister, or itching for somethingnew, make sure you pick up the May issue, and you'll soon be hometoo!Boo booApologies are in order to the WholeNote readers who showed up at theMusic Gallery for Continuum Contemporary Music's concert "401East" on March 4, when the event itself was at the RCM concert hallon Croatia Street. The mistake in the listings then got carried over intoJason van Eyk's "Some Thing New" column - no fault of his. Weregret the error.Speaking of Jason's column, it's the source of one of the best "opera"insights in the issue. CONT ACT ensemble is presenting a work (notan opera) called "Inner Opera" by John Burke who talks about howwe derive our sense of self from 'inner opera' - the story constantlybeing played out in our own minds - "a story, with its fixation on pastand future, as arbitrary as the illusory story that plays itself out on theoperatic stage."And still on the subject of new music, back last June (talking aboutthe SoundaXis festival) I mentioned an interesting cultural exchangein the offing, between the Zagreb Music biennale and Toronto's ownfledgling new music festival. Canada will be featured in Zagreb 2009- the 25th biennale. Well this year Michael Pepa's Les Amisensemble heads off to Zagreb 2007, as part of a Balkan tour, andthey are having a fundraiser/concert 3pm Sunday April 15, to launchthe initiative. What goes around comes around."Ghetto" blastersGhetto isn't the commonest word in WholeNote, February's "OratorioTerezin" and this month's "Songs of the Lodz ghetto" (see WorldView" page 19) being the exception rather than the rule. But there aretwo other "ghetto" allusions this month, actually - Eatock on page 16,and Gidon Kremer in Pam Margles' rare conversation with thevirtuoso (page 12). And in both cases it's contemporary composersbeing gently bashed. "I'm a bit scared," Kremer says "of musicwritten by composers for composers."Not the last word on the subject, I expect.David Perlman, editorBACK BEAT: READERS RESPONDOur recent summer music education feature drew a flurry ofreminiscences. If you missed it, it's parked on our website . An excellent opportunity for children to be introduced to opera,especially if they enjoy being creative, artistic and enjoy both musicand drama. The camp has great resources (human and material), andhas a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Children are able todiscover their interest and, because it has so many areas, that theyare bound to find a part of opera that they really like. The music iswonderful. ..Parent, COC opera camp... An outstanding camp which I have attended since it first started in2001 when I was 7 years old. Now I am 12 and I still enjoy going, Iwould never miss going. This camp truly embraces the Irish culture.I look forward to being a volunteer when I am older.Tara Molloy, Irish Summer SchoolBACK B EAT CONTINUES ON PAGE 76GREAT CHAMBER MUSIC DOWNTOWNThe inimitableDAVID OWEN NORRISorganist, pianist, scholar,broadcaster will give alecture/demonstrationThe Morality of Ancient PianosJane Mallett TheatreWednesday April 11 at 7 pm FREE2 of England's greatest artistsDAVID OWEN NORRIS andMONICA HUGGETTjoin forces for a special project -The World's First Piano ConcertosandHaydn and the GypsiesNorris, Huggett and SONNERIEThursday April 12 at 8 pmCOMING IN MAY -May 3, pianist DAVID JALBERTMay 10, TOKYO STRING QUARTETtorontdartsbouncil ~ CanadaCouncll ConseUdesArts~ . ..,.,.....,.,1to1>odretu-ec;i.,~rr...,,.,10 ©for the Arts du Canada~­ anc Millett TheatreSt. Lawrence Centrefor the Arts416-366-7723•1-800-708-6754order online at www.stlc.comAPRIL 1 - M AY 7 2007 WWW.THEWHOLENOTE.COM 9

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