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Volume 12 - Issue 8 - May 2007

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~~~~~~~~ENJOY THREE DAYS OF WONDERFUL BAROQUEMUSIC, JUST ONE HOUR WEST OF TORONTOGRAND RIVERBAROQ_UEF EST I VALKEVINMALLON ,JUNE 15, 16 & 17BUEHLOW BARN, AYRWESLEY UNITED CHURCH, CAMBRIDGEARTISTIC DIRECTORTICKETS 519-578-1570 OR l-800-265-8977The Centre in the Square Box OfficeIOI Queen Street Nor th Kitchenerwww. centre - square.comwholenoteMThe Toronto Concert-Goer's GuideVolume 12 #8, May 1 - June 7, 2007Copyright© 2007 WholeNote Media, Inc.720 Bathurst Street, Suite 503, Toronto ON M5S 2R4General Inquiries: 416-323-2232Publisher: Allan Pulkerpublisher@thewholenote.cominfo@thewholenote.comEditor-in-Chief: David Perlmaneditorial@thewholenote.comEditorial Office: 416-603-3786; Fax: 416-603-4791Assistant to the Editor: Donald Pulker, wmieditor@thewholenote.comDiscoveries Editor: David Olds, discoveries@thewholenote.comBeat by Beat: T.O. Musical Diary (Colin Eatock); Quodlibet (Allan Pulker); Early (FrankNakashima); Choral (Larry Beckwith); World (Karen Ages); New Music (Jason vanEyk); Jazz (Jim Galloway); Band (Jack MacQuarrie); Opera (Christopher Hoile, PhilEhrensaft); TMA (Brian Blain); Musical Life (mJ buell); Books (Pamela Margles)Feature (this issue): Sophia PerlmanCD Reviewers (this issue): Karen Ages, Don Brown, Seth Estrin, Daniel Foley, JimGalloway, Janos Gardonyi, John S. Gray, Richard Haskell, Tiina Kiik, HeidiMcKenzie, Gabrielle Mclaughlin, Alison Melville, Frank Nakashima, Ted O'Reilly,Jamie Parker, Allan Pulker, Terry Robbins, Colin Savage, Tom Sekowski, BruceSurtees, Andrew Timar, Robert Tomas, Ken Waxman, Dianne Wells.Proofreaders: Simone Desilets, Karen Ages, Sheila McCoyAdvertising, Memberships and Listings:Phone: 416-323-2232; Fax: 416-603-4791Coordinator, Sales and Marketing:Carolyn McGee, carolyn@thewholenote.comNational & retail advertising: Allan Pulker, publisher@thewholenote.comEvent advertising/membership: Karen Ages, members@thewholenote.comProduction liaison/education advertising:Jack Buell, adart@thewholenote.comClassified Advertising; Announcements, Etc:Simone Desilets, classad@thewholenote.comListings co-ordinator: Les Redman, listings@thewholenote.comJazz Listings: Sophia Perlman, La-Nai Gabriel jazz@thewholenote.comCirculation, Display Stands & Subscriptions:416-406-5055; Fax: 416-406-5955Circulation Manager: Sheila McCoy, circulation@thewholenote.comPaid Subscriptions (/year + GST)Production: 416-351-7171; Fax: 416-351-7272Production Manager: Peter Hobbs, production@thewholenote.comLayout & Design: Verity Hobbs, Rocket Design (Cover Art)Web/ Systems/Special Projects 416-603-3786; Fax: 416-603-4791Systems Manager: Paul Farrelly, systems@thewholenote.comSystems Development: James LawsonWebmaster: Colin Puffer, webmaster@thewholenote.comDATES AND DEADLINESNext issue is Volume 12 #9 covering June 1 - July 7, 2007Free Event Listings Deadline: 6pm Tuesday, May 15, 2007Display Ad Reservations Deadline: 6pm Tuesday, May 15, 2007Advertising Materials Due: 6pm Thursday, May 17, 2007Summer Mus.ic Festival Profiles Deadline: 6 pm Tuesday, May 15Publication Date: Tuesday, May 29, 2007WholeNote Media Inc. accepts noresponsibility or liability for claims made forany product or service reported on oradvertised in this!I CCAB Qualified Circulation,pPA March 2005: 33,402W Printed in Canada by Couto-·- - Printing and Publishing ServicesCanadian Publication Product SalesAgreement 1263846ISSN 14888-8785 WHOLENOTEPublications Mail Agreement #40026682Return undeliverable Canadianaddresses to:WholeNote Media Inc.503-720 Bathurst StreetToronto ON M5S 2R4www. thewholenote.oomWWW. THEWHO LENOTE.COM MAY 1 - ) UNE 7 2007

Scope and scaleIn this issue's cover story, percussionist Aiyun Huang muses that one ofthe advantages of organizing a festival, as compared to a concert seriesspread out over time, is the savings that can be achieved. One 'campaignfo advertise eight concerts bunched together has to be more economicalthat eight campaigns promoting one concert each time out. You can seewhy concert presenters themselves would fmd the idea appealing.But you can also see, alas, why the beancounters holding the whiphand over the programme officers who disburse taxpayer money atthe arts councils would like the· idea too. "Economies of scale" youhear the beancounters boom. "'Sexy economies of scale! Bigger isbetter." Which as we kriow, it sometimes is. But sometimes it isn't.Remember Lord of the Rings.This year sees the arrival of a new King Kong on the local festivalscene - Luminato, bestriding the first ten days of June like a colossus.Welcome aboard, guys. As you'll see from reading our magazine,you're in pretty festive company. More than any year I can remember,the early part of this summer in the city is going to be a nonstop"festival of festivals'', large and small.There's a tricky balance for the folks at Luminato to fmd, methinks.Put the message·out that the first ten days of June are totally unprecedented,and you run the risk of people getting the opposite message -namely that if they can't make it to Toronto during those ten days,there's no point in coming at all. "See, you can come back to our city forculture any time" seems to me to be just as important a part of themessage to get across.Speaking of big and littleWholeNote's Canary Pages - safely tucked away at the centre of thisissue-is one of several, carefully colour-coordinated directories that weput out during the course of the year: Canary in May (Choirs); Green inJune (Summer Music festivals of every shape ~nd size across Ontario andbeyond); Blue in October ... . The list goes on.Of all of them, I find the Canary Pages the most inspiring; the one thatleaves me most hopeful about the future of the music. Once a year wetake a snapshot of the choral community, framed in such a way thatpeople interested in being part of a choir (singing or otherwise) can findone that will suit their current circumstances and desires. Sometimesit's a chorister out there wanting to take the leap from non-auditionedchoral participation to something more challenging. Sometimes it's the. reverse-someone wanting to scale back intensive choral involvementwithout losing it altogether. Maybe this year's Canary Pages willactually help me take the plunge, get back into the choral swim. Iwon't be the first one helped.David Perlf!lanBACK BEAT: READERS RESPONDTinkering' with our cd reviews in last months magazine (there were onlyabbreviated feviews in the magazine, full-length versions on the website)drew the most ire from readers. We've had to do the same thing again thismonth, and for the same reason - namely insufficient CD-relatedadvertising revenue to cover the costs of the space required · (If y ou canthink of a better solution to the problem, let us know.)Here s a sample of what we've heard from readers so far:Dear Sir,I object strenuously to the truncated jazz reviews in the April/Mayissue of the magazine. As a jazz reviewer for an American publication fornearly thirty years, I expected to have my deathless prose edited oramended to some degree but never was it abbreviated or "chopped" withthe reader told to read the balance "on line". You should be aware thatthere are many old fogies like myself who are not on the internet andnever will be.In the circumstances I would request that you send COMPLETEtranscripts of the jazz reviews in question. I also request your assurancethat future jazz reviews will appear intact in later issues of themagazine.Yours in frustration, John NelsonBACK BEAT CONTINUES ON PAGE 70GREAT CHAMBER MUSIC DOWNTOWNDAVID JALBERTOne of The Star's 10 best of 2006plays a solo piano recitalfrom Corigliano to MozartTickets ju,st !. Thursday May 3 at 7 pmTOKYO STRING QUARTETplays SCHUMANNwith pianist JAMIE PARKERFeast your ears on Schumann.Get a ticket - if you can.Thursday May 10 at 8 pmtorontdartsbouncil BfB CanadaCouncll COnselldesArts ...... Canadian Patrlmolne .. 11>,~ ....,... Heritage canadlan ~;~o..,.... ~,o···- ~o--~~t ;~c1 ~~~;;:_·IDlIDNi 1for the • 1-800-708-67 54'order online at www.stlc.comM AY 1 - ]UNE 7 2007 WWW.THEWHOLENOTE.COM 9

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