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Volume 13 - Issue 10 - July/August 2008


WHOLENOTE LISTINGSSECTIONS 1-6: INTRODUCTIONWholeNote listings are arranged in SIX DISTINCT SECTIONS:I) Toronto & GTA (Greater Toronto Area); 2) Beyond the GTA;3) Opera and Music Theatre; 4) Jazz in Clubs; 5) SummerMusic Festivals; 6) Music-related events that are not concerts,a.k.a. "The Etcetera file".This issue contains listings from July I to September 7 in allsections.SECTION I: Toronto & GTA (page 24-31) covers all of the Cityof Toronto plus the adjoining "905" area - more or less correspondingto the areas accessible from Toronto by phone withoutlong distance charges. Section I includes communities as far westas Oakville, as far north as Aurora and as far east as Ajax.In this issue Section 1 includes:Markham, Mississauga, Pickering, Thornhill, Toronto >A.SECTION 2: Beyond the GTA (page 32-33) covers all areas ofOntario outside Toronto and GTA. The towns and cities varyfrom month to month.In this issue Section 2 includes:Ancaster, Barrie, Burlington, Cambridge, Cobourg,Goderich, Guelph, Hamilton, Jackson's Point, Kingston,Kitchener, London, Newmarket, Orillia, Picton, Port Elgin,Sharon, Stratford, Waterloo, WindermereSECTION 3: Opera and Music Theatre (page 33) summarizesrun details for opera and music theatre productions (including dance).It offers a quick overview of what is happening in these genres.SECTION 4: Jazz in Clubs (page 34-35) is organized alphabeticallyby club, and provides as much detail on what the clubs areoffering as we had at the time of publication, which varies greatlyfrom club to club. Phone numbers and website addresses are providedto facilitate access to more up-to-date information.SECTION 5: Summer Music Festivals (page 35-45) is organizedalphabetically and offers a short description of each festival, aswell as listings of festival concerts or else a reference to where to findconcert listings in our other listings sections.SECTION 6: Announcements, Lectures/Symposia, MasterClasses ... Etcetera (pages 45-46) is for music-related events andactivities, other than performances, which in our judgment will beof interest to our readers.A word of caution: a phone number is provided with every listing;in fact, we won't publish a listing without one. Concerts are sometimescancelled or postponed; artists or even venues change afterthe listings are published; or occasionally corrected information isnot sent to us in time. So please check before you go out to aconcert.HOW TO LISTListings in WholeNote Magazine in these five sections are a freeservice available, in our discretion, to eligible presenters. If youhave an event, send us your information NO LATER than the 15'"of the month prior to the issue or issues in which your listing iseligible to appear. Please note, the next issue covers the periodfrom September I to October 7.Listings can be sent by e-mail to orby fax to 416-603-4791 or by regular mail to the address on page6. We can also answer questions about I istings at 416-323-2232extension 21.LISTINGS: SECTION 1CONCERTS: Toronto and GTATuesday July 01- 12:00 noon to 10:00: 93.5 FM. CountryCanada Jam. Artists include The Higgins,Crystal Shawanda, Deric Ruttan. WoodbinePark, corner of Coxwell Ave. & LakeshoreBlvd. E. 905-521 ·9900. Free.- 1 :00: Harbourfront Centre. Canada Day:The Fort York Drums. Toronto Star Stage,235 Queens Quay W. 416·973-4000. Free.- 2:00: Harbourfront Centre. Canada Day:Manitoba Chamber Orchestra. Sirius SatelliteRadio Stage, 235 Queens Quay W. 416·973·4000. Free.- 3:30: Harbourfront Centre. Canada Day:Jackie Richardson and the Cougars. Blues,gospel, funk and reggae. Sirius Satellite RadioStage, 235 Queens Quay W. 416·973-4000.Free.- 4:30: Harbourfront Centre. Canada Day:Journey of the Canadian Fiddle. Performancesby Alyssa Delbaere·Sawchuck, Sherry & Mat·thew Johnson, Pierre Charland, Richard Forest& others. Toronto Star Stage. 235 QueensQuay W. 416-973-4000. Free.- 6:00: Harbourfront Centre. Canada Day:Plants and Animals. Folk and country. Brigan·tine Room, 235 Queens Quay W. 416·973·4000. Free.- 6:30: Harbourfront Centre. Canada Day:Cana-drum, Journey of the Drum. Brenda Mac·lntyre & the Red Spirit Singers and Dancers;Mara cut Nunca Antes; Sonay Garbo PunjabDe; Amara Kante & others. Toronto StarStage, 235 Queens Quay W. 416·973-4000.Free.- 8:00: Harbourfront Centre. Canada Day:Singer-songwriter Basia Bulat. Sirius SatelliteRadio Stage, 235 Queens Quay W. 416·973·4000. Free.- 9:45: Harbourfront Centre. Canada Day:Singer-songwriter Martha Wainwright. SiriusSatellite Radio Stage, 235 Queens Quay W.416-973-4000. Free.Wednesday July 02- 7:00: Toronto Fringe Festival. Notesfrom the Pit. Helen Kopec, playwright & eel·list. The Rivali, 334 Queen St. W. 416·966·1062. $10.00.- 7:30: Artists' Garden Cooperative.Plein Air Concert Series. '08. Choirgirlz, folk!jazz ensemble. 345 Balliol St. 416-487·0705.$10.- 8:00: Harbourfront Centre. WorldRoutes: Seckou Keita SKO. Afro-jazz fusion.Sirius Satellite Radio Stage, 235 Queens QuayW. 416·973-4000. Free.- 8:00: TD Canada Trust Toronto JazzNEW - WholeNote'sDistribution PointLocatorGo,enter your address andpostal code, andfind your nearestdistributors.Festival. Dave Brubeck Ouartet & the Toran·to Jazz Festival Orchestra. Four Seasons Cen·tre for the Performing Arts, 145 Queen St. W.416,928,2033. ,$130.- 9:00: Harbourfront Centre. WorldRoutes: Seun Kuti and Egypt 80. Afrobeat.Sirius Satellite Radio Stage, 235 Queens QuayW. 416·973-4000. Free.Thursday July 03- 7:00: Harbourfront Centre/SummerMusic in the Garden. Fanfares by the lake.Music of Renaissance England and Venice, tothe present. Norman Engel, Andras Molnar,John Thiessen, trumpets; Edward Reifel, tim·pani. Toronto Music Garden, 475 QueensQuay W. 416·973-4000. Free.- 8:00 & 9:00: Somewhere There. lmpro·vised Music. Dutch Cake Trio (at 8:00);Michael Keith, guitar; Marcus Quinn, clarinet;Allison Cameron, amplified objects (at 9:00).340 Dufferin St. 416·530·5881. .- 8:15: Classical Music Consort/TorontoFringe Festival. Handel.· Acis and Gala tea.Tom Macleay, tenor; Rosie Coad, soprano;John Bacon, tenor; David Roth, baritone; AshiqAziz, artistic director. Factory Theatre, 125Bathurst Street. 416·966· 1062. $10.- 9:30: Harbourfront Centre. WorldRoutes: Orchestra Baobab. Senagalese A fro·soul and jazz. Sirius Satellite Radio Stage, 235Queens Quay W. 416·973-4000. Free.Friday July 04- 1 :00 to 6:00: Sound Travels Festival/lnterAccess Electronic Media Arts Cen·tre. Resonating Bodies: Bumble Domicile.Installation of bee and wasp nesting. NewGallery, 906 Queen St. W. 416-516·7413.Free. To July 27.- 1: 15: Blue Fire Productions. Death toDating. Written by R.J. Downes & KathrynMalek. Music & lyrics by David Hein. BradHampton, Julia deSotto, Kesta Graham, KevinMorris & others; Victor Correia, director. Fae·tory Theatre, 125 Bathurst St. 416·504·9971. $10. For run details, see music theatrelistings.- 2:00: Harbourfront Centre . Smirnoff IceBeats, Breaks & Culture: Woodhands. Toronto·Electro·psych pop duo. Sirius Satellite RadioStage, 235 Queens Quay W. 416·973-4000.Free.- 5:00: Acky·Made/Toronto Fringe Fes·tival: Old Growth: a play with music. By AlexEddington. Alex Eddington & Aura Giles. GlenMorris Theatre, 4 Glen Morris St. 416-966·1062. $10. For run details see music theatrelistings.OfflRA BY MQUESTGluck's Orfeo ed Eurydice(Viennese version, with piano)Anna Belikova, mezzo-sopranoLindsay Michael andLisa Zhang, sopranos.William Shookhoff,pianist and music director.Saturday, July 5, 8:00 pmHeliconian Hall, 35 Hazelton AvenueTickets / S/SPhone 416 455-2365 for reservations4 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM ) U LY 1 - SEPT 7 2008

- 7:30: Opera by Request. Mozart: Cosifan tutte. Nadine Guertin & Sarah lies, so·prano; France Caya, mezzo; Henry Irwin &Terence Shawn, baritones; William Shookhoff,music director & pianist. Stonegate Room, 34Stonegate Rd. 416-455·2365. .- 8:00 Citytv/OMNI Television. MondoMuziko A-Go-Go: Nomadic Massive. Hip-hopacross borders. Yonge·Dundas Square, 1 Dun·das St. E. 416·979·9960. Free.- 8:00: Harbourfront Centre. Smirnoff IceBeats, Breaks & Culture: Poni Hoax. Newwave emotronic music. Sirius Satellite RadioStage, 235 Queens Quay W. 416·973-4000.Free.- 9:30: Harbourfront Centre. Smirnoff IceBeats, Breaks & Culture: Ladytron. Electronew-wave quartet. Sirius Satellite RadioStage, 235 Queens Quay W. 416-973-4000.Free.- 11 :OOpm: Harbourfront Centre.Smirnoff Ice Beats, Breaks & Culture: LadytronDJs featuring Mira. Brigantine Room,235 Queens Quay W. 416-973-4000. Free.- 11 :OOpm: Harbourfront Centre.Smirnoff Ice Beats, Breaks & Culture: PTRTOth Anniversary. Bands and DJs from PublicTransit Recordings. Lakeside Terrace, 235Queens Quay W. 416-973-4000. Free.Saturday July 05- 12:00 noon to 10:30: Afrofest. 2008 Festival.Two days of African dance, music andtheatre. Featured artists include DobetG'nahore; Femi Abosede & Culture Force;Donne Roberts; Konyokonyo, Shego Band &Shangaza Performers. Queens Park; also LulaLounge, 1585 Dundas St. W. 416-469-5336.- 12:30: Toronto Fringe Festival: DidGrowth: a play with music. See July 4.- 1 :00 to 11 :00: Corso Italia BIA. CorsoItalia Toronto Fiesta. Performances by JosephineBiundo, Lou Martin, Marco D' Amico,Cale Cubano & others. Corso Italia BIA Stage,1241 St. Clair Ave. W. & St. Clair Stage,1295 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-240-9338. Free.- 3:30: Harbourfront Centre. Smirnoff IceBeats, Breaks & Culture: Tortured Soul. SoulfulR&B-inspired house music. Sirius SatelliteRadio Stage, 235 Queens Quay W. 416-973-4000. Free.- 7:30: Blue Fire Productions. Death toDating. See July 4.- 8:00: Harbourfront Centre. Smirnoff IceBeats, Breaks & Culture: Thunderheist. Electrocrunkbooty-bass music. Sirius SatelliteRadio Stage, 235 Queens Quay W. 416-973-4000. Free.- 8:00: Opera by Request. Gluck: Orfeo edEurydice. Anna Belikova, mezzo; LindsayMichael & Lisa Zhang, sopranos. WilliamShookhoff, pianist & music director. HeliconianHall, 35 Hazelton Ave. 416-455-2365. ;(sr/st).- 9:30: Harbourfront Centre. Smirnoff IceBeats, Breaks & Culture: Crystal Castles.Synth-punk music. Sirius Satellite Radio Stage,235 Queens Quay W. 416-973-4000. Free.Sunda Jui 06- 12:00 noon to 10:30: Afrofest. 2008 Festival.See July 5 (Queens Park only.)- 1 :00 to 9:00: Corso Italia BIA. CorsoItalia Toronto Fiesta. Performances by LouMartin, Carlo Coppola, Marco D' Amico, lmbayakunas& others. Corso Italia BIA Stage, 1241St. Clair Ave. W. & St. Clair Stage, 1295 St.Clair Ave. W. 416-240-9338. Free.- 2:00: Sunday Serenade Concert Series.Rene Barda. Scarborough Civic CentreRotunda, 150 Borough Dr. 416-338-3295.Free.- 3:00: Harbourfront Centre. Smirnoff IceBeats, Breaks & Culture: Shad. MC/musicians.Sirius Satellite Radio Stage, 235 Queens QuayW. 416-973-4000. Free.- 4:00 Harbourfront Centre/SummerMusic in the Garden. Samu/Nori: DancingDrums of Korea SamulNori Canada KoreanDrum Ensemble; Korean drums; guests: Han­Soo Jung, piri (bamboo double reed flute); So­Sun Suh, Hae-Geum (Korean fiddle). TorontoMusic Garden, 475 Queens Quay West. 416-SUMMER CONCERTSAT ST. JAMES CATHEDRALOrgan recital everyTuesday in July1:00 pmfree admissionTwilight Series everySunday year-round,4:00 pm(free admission),followed byChoral Evensong.65 Church St.(King at Church)416 364 7865973-4000. Free.- 4:00: St. James' Cathedral. SundayTwilight Recital Series. Peter Nikiforuk, organ.65 Church St. 416-364-7865. Free; of·fering.- 4:30: Toronto Fringe Festival: OldGrowth: a play with music. Run continues.See music theatre listings for details.- 4:45: Classical Music Consort/TorontoFringe Festival. Handel: Acis and Gala tea.See July 3.- 7:30: Music for a Summer's Evening:A Concert Benefiting the Erindale PresbyterianChurch's Family Sponsorship Fund. DanielleLeroux, flute; Aury Murray, collaborative pianist;other solo voice and instrumental performers.Erindale Presbyterian Church. 1560 DundasStreet West. Mississauga. 416-232-0927. $10 (at door)Monday July 07- 12:15: Church of the Holy Trinity. MusicMondays Series. Music by Faure, Chopin& Albeniz. Koichi Inoue, piano. 1 O TrinitySquare. 416-598-4521 x304. $ 5 suggesteddonation.- 5:00: Blue Fire Productions. Death toDating. Run continues. For details, see musictheatre listings.Tuesda Jui 08- 1 :00: St. James' Cathedral. Music atMidday. Works by Cimarosa & Bach. AllanPulker, flute; Karen Ages, oboe; Andrew Ager,organ. 65 Church St. 416-364-7865. Free;offering.- 9:00: Small World Music. Summerworld.·Rachid Taha. Algerian punk-rock. ThePhoenix Concert Theatre, 410 Sherbourne St.416-536-5439. .- 10:30pm: Classical Music Consort/Toronto Fringe Festival. Handel: Acis andGala tea. Run continues. See music theatrelistings.Wednesday July 09- 7:00: Applewood Homestead. TwilightConcerts in the Park. Etobicoke CommunityConcert Band. 450 The West Mall, Etobicoke.416-622-4124. Free.- 7:30: Artists' Garden Cooperative.Plein Air Concert Series '08. Julia Kolar, ambientpop vocalist. 345 Balliol St. 416-487-0705. $10.Thursda Jui 10- 6:30: Aradia Ensemble. A Taste ofFrance. Works by Lully, Leclair & Couperin.Heliconian Hall, 35 Hazelton Ave., 416-924-4670. .- 7:00: Harbourfront Centre/SummerMusic in the Garden. The Secret of theGood Life: The Chaconne's dance to fame.Evolution of the chaconne: from sixteenthcenturyMexico to the High Baroque. GenevieveGilardeau, violin; Lucas Harris, lute, theorbo,baroque guitar; Kate Bennett Haynes, cello.Toronto Music Garden, 475 Queens Quay W.416-973-4000. Free.- 7:30: The Lansdowne Sax Quartet. InConcert. Guest: Allison Bent, percussion.Works by Schudel, D'Rivera & Teehan. VictoriaCollege Chapel, 91 Charles St. W. 647-881-1499. $10; (advance; $10)- 8:00 & 9:00: Somewhere There. ImprovisedMusic. Michelangelo laffaldano, SandorAyzenstat & Allison Cameron, found objects~-·l - :if, All concerts begin at 12:15 p.m. and takeat the Church of the Holy Trinity,10 Trinity Square. suggested donationFor information call (416) 598-4521 x222i\ j Music Mondays~ ·~l placeKoichi Inoue PianoBill McBirnie Jazz Flute, Robi Botos PianoSarlena Ohmtola Vocals, Ashtar Ron Allen ViolinRick Hyslop Violin, Gurpreet Chana PercussionLinda Melsted Baroque Violin, Kiri Tollakssen CornettaDominic Teresi Dulcian, Borys Medicky HarpsichordLaurel Swinden Flute, Kevin Ramessar GuitarJordan Klapman Swing Band, Jordan Klapman PianoAdi Braun Vocals, Tony Quarrington GuitarDrew Birston BassEmma Elkinson Flute, Fiona Jane Wood PianoChristina Petrowska Quilico PianoThe Cate Ole, Celia Pall VocalsScott Metcalfe Piano, Paul Metcalfe SaxophoneBenjamin Barrile Flamenco, Dustin Shaskin Basstaro ntda rtsbo u nc i IAn a rm·s l engt h b o d y o f t he Cit y o f l o ro nloJULY 1 - S EPT 7 2008 WWW, TH EWHOLENOTE . COM 25

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