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Volume 13 - Issue 10 - July/August 2008


... LISTINGS: SECTION 5SUMMER FESTIVALS AND SERIEShams, tenor; Craig Winters, piano; Jon Osbaldeston,narrator. SMAC. .Aug 04 11 :OOam: Young Violin Virtuosos.Daniel Milkis, violin; Pavel Nersessian, piano.MRCH. S 15.Aug 04 7:30: Niagara Express. Ouartetto Gelato.SMAC. .Aug 06 7:30: Reel Music 2. Julian Milkis, clarinet;Sima Kustanovich, piano; Roman Mekinulov,cello. AHSM. .Aug 07 7:30: Sondheim: Marry Me a Little.Stephen Simms, tenor; Cheryl Mullings, soprano;Roger Perkins, piano. PVAC. .Aug 08 7:30: In and Out of Russia. St. PetersburgString Quartet. SMAC. .Aug 08 10:15:JazzAfterPlay. Mike Field Trio.ERB. .Aug 09 11 :OOam: Mozart & Wine. Gould StringQuartet. PEW. .Aug 09 11 :OOam: The Wizard and his Parrot.Christopher Newton, actor; Barbara Worthy,actress; Paul Pacanowsky, clarinet; AnnaDynarowska, piano. MRCH. .Aug 09 4:30: Vivaldi Underground. FestivalStrings. lW. .Aug 09 7:30:KuertiinRecital. Anton Kuerti,piano. SMAC. .Aug 09 10:15: JazzAfterPlay. John Sherwood,piano; Peter Appleyard, vibes. ERB. .Aug 10 11 :OOam: Mozart & Wine. Gould StringQuartet. PEW. .Aug 10 2: 00: Argentinean Ball Sebnem Mekinulov,soprano; Roman Mekinulov, cello; AvsegulKush, piano; Atis Bankas, violin. PVAC. .Aug 10 7:30: Celebrating Japan. Ryusuke Numajiri,piano; Gould String Quartet. SMAC. .Aug 11 2:00: Showcase of Young Virtuosos.Bacos Quartet. MRCH. .Aug 117:30:ShawonMozart&Bax.GouldString Quartet; Christopher Newton, narrator..Aug 13 2:00: Music of Azerbaijan. Silk RoadChamber Orchestra. PVAC. Free.Aug 13 7:30: Reel Music 3 -Charging the Rhino.David Wall, piano; Festival Strings. PVAC. .Aug 14 2:00: Music by Canadian & AmericanComposers. Atis Bankas, Antoine Lefebvre, violins;Natasha Sharko, viola; Roman Mekinulov,cello; Juroslav Pubach, piano; CanAmerata Quartet.PVAC. Aug 14 7:30: A Stop on the Silk Road: The Musicof Turkey & Azerbaijan. Avsegul Kush, piano;Atis Bankas, violin; Roman Mekinulov, cello; SebnemMekinulov, soprano; Silk Road ChamberEnsemble. SMAC. .Aug 15 7:30:Sondheim:MarryMealittle.Stephen Simms, tenor; Cheryl Mullings, soprano;Roger Perkins, piano. PVAC. .Aug 15 10:15: JazzAfterPlay. Brandi DesterheftTrio; Rain Sultanov, saxophone. ERB. .Aug 16 7:00: Final Gala Concert. Brent Carver;Laura Burton, vocals; Gould String Quartet.IW. 0.Orford FestivalGilles Lefebvre Concert Hall (Orford, OC)June 20-August 16819-843-3981, 800-567 -6155www .arts -orford.orgThe Orford Festival presents a summer seasonof classical music and jazz, spread overtwo months. Artists include Anton Kuerti, LesViolons du Roy and the New Zealand StringQuartet.Jui 04 8:00: The Goldberg Variations. Les Violonsdu Roy; Bernard Labadie, conductor. .Jui 05 8:00: Kuerti's Choice. Anton Kuerti, piano..Jui 11 8:00: Brahms and Mendelssohn. NewZealand String Quartet; Wonny Song, piano. .Jui 12 8:00: Homage to Perlemuter. JacquesRouvier & Anny Hwang, piano. .Jui 18 8:00: The Chronicles of Anna MagdelenaBach. Kimy Mclaren, soprano; Martin Robidoux,harpsichord; Elin Siiderstriim, gamba. .Jui 19 8:00: Big 0, little o. A celebration of OscarPeterson. Oliver Jones Trio. .Jui 25 8:00: Ouartets in Concert. Peter Stumpf,cello; string students of Andre Roy. .Jui 26 8:00: Debussy, Tchaikovsky and Madamevon Meck.Trio Hochelaga; Albert Millaire, narrator..Jui 31 8:00:From Europe to America. Worksarranged for six pianos. Olivier Godin, Claire Ouellet,Marianne Patenaude, Lorraine Prieur, SandraMurray & Francis Perron, pianos. .Aug 01 8: 00:From Europe to America. See July 31.Aug 02 8:00: Visions of Prague. Performersinclude Louis Lortie, piano, Augustin Dumay &Elissa Lee, violin; Sebastian Krunnies, viola. .Aug 08 8:00: Death in Venice. Louis Lortie, piano;Mathieu Roy, cinematographer. .Aug 09 8:00: The Brahms Double Concerto. JeunessesMusicales World Orchestra; Franz-PaulDecker, conductor; Guests: Masuko Ushioda,violin; Laurence Lesser, cello. .Aug 10 2:30: Magnificent Vienna!. Louis Lortie,piano, & other artists. .Aug 15 8:00: Ravel's Concerto in G. JeunessesMusicales World Orchestra; Josep Vicent, conductor;Guest: Ivan Martin, piano. .Aug 16 8:00: Viva Espaiia! Jeunesses MusicalesWorld Orchestra; Josep Vicent, conductor; Guest:Marianne Fiset, soprano. .Organ Festival on the GrandGuelph, Kitchener & Waterloo (ON)July 13-16416-743-4362www.festivalotg.caThis festival features four days of organ musicand events in historic churches in the GrandRiver Valley. Performances take place inKitchener, Waterloo and Guelph.1 stUC - First United Church, 16 William St.,WaterlooKCHR - Kitchener City Hall Rotunda, 200King St. W.SSUC - Dublin St. United Church, 68 SuffolkSt. West, GuelphStAPC - St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church,54 Queen St. N., KitchenerStGAC - St George's Anglican Church, 99Woolwich St., GuelphStMLC - St. Matthew's Lutheran Church,Benton & Charles, 54 Benton St., KitchenerStMRCC - St. Mary's Roman CatholicChurch, 56 Duke St. W., KitchenerTUC - Trinity United Church, 74 FrederickSt., KitchenerJui 13 8:00:Jazz Vespers. Brad Moggach, leader.StAPC. Free.Jui 13 10:00pm: Berlin: Symphony of a GreatCity(/928). Silent moviewith Kirkland Adsett,organ. StMLC. .Jui 14 9:00am: Ellen Waterman, Flute and Voice.Harley: Soundscape Composition. KCHR. Free.Jui 14 5:00: Jonathan Oldengarm, Organ. Musicby Lauren, Kloppers, & improvisation. StAPC..Jui 14 8:00: Bach Concerti for Four Organs. Not aBene Period Orchestra. StMRCC. .42 WWW. TH EWHO LENOTE. COMJui 15 12:00 noon: Ryan Enright, Organ. TUC..Jui 15 4:30: Oa Capo Chamber Choir. Worksby Cabena, Nystedt, Todd, Kalinnikov,Wadsworth & Enns. Daniel Cabena, countertenor;Tim Pyper, organ; Leonard Enns, conductor.DSUC. .Jui 15 7:00: The Carillon in Concert. Richard M.Watson, carillonneur. StGAC. Free.Jui 15 8:00: David Briggs, Organ. StGAC. .Jui 16 9:00am: International Improvisation CompetitionFinals. StAPC. Free.Jui 16 5:30: Jan Overduin, Organ. Guest: WillemMoolenbeek, saxophone. Music by Cabena, Enns& Bedard. 1 stUC. .Ottawa International Chamber MusicFestivalOttawa (ON)July 25-August 91-613-234-8008www.chamberfest.comSince its inception in 1994, the Ottawa InternationalChamber Music Festival has grown tobecome one of the world's leading presentersof chamber music. This summer, featuredartists include soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian,pianist Louis Lortie, the Leipzig Quartet andthe Shanghai Quartet.CBC - CBCOttawa, 181 Queen St.CCC-Christ Church Cathedral, 420 SparksSt.CJE - Church of St. John the Evangelist, 154Somerset St. WCMCT - Canadian Museum of CivilizationTheatre, 100 Laurier St., Gatineau, Oue.DCUC - Dominion -Chalmers United Church,355 Cooper St.FBC-First Baptist Church, 140 Laurier Ave.GRH - Grounds of Rideau Hall, 1 Sussex Dr.KPC-Knox Presbyterian Church, 120 Lisgar St.MSUC -Mcleod-Stewarton United Church,507 Bank St.PB - Plaza Bridge, Wellington St.RCL- Royal Canadian Legion, MontgomeryBranch, 330 Kent St.SAPC- St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, 82Kent St.SGC- St. Giles Church, 174 First Ave.UDP- University of Ottawa, Perez Building,50 University Dr.Jui 25 8:00: Gala Opening Concert. IsabelBayrakdarian, soprano; Serouj Kradjian, piano;Tango Notturno. DCUC. $10-.Jui 2510:30: Late Night at the Legion - TheTango Continues. Fabian Carbone, bandoneon;surprise performers. RCL. $10-.Jui 26 12: 00 noon: Anagnos on & Kinton. JamesAnagnoson & Leslie Kinton, piano duo. DCUC.$10-.Jui 26 2:00:Junior Stars. Performances byyoung artists. SAPC. $10-.Jui 26 7:30: Mayumi Seiler & Tuende Kurucz.Mayumi Seiler, violin; T uende Kurucz,piano. SAP. $10-.Jui 26 8:00: Andre Laplante, piano & the ShanghaiOuartet. DCUC. $10-.Jui 26 8:00: Brass Bounty. Ottawa FestivalBrass. MSUC. $10-.Jui 26 10:30: Late Night at the Legion.Creaking Tree String Quartet. RCL. $10-.Jui 27 11 :OOam: Meet the Artist. Mayumi Seiler,violin. UDP. $10-.Jui 27 1 :00: Meet the Artist. Shauna Rolston,cello. UDP. $10-.Jui 27 3:00: Meet the Artist. Andre Laplante,piano. UDP. $10-.Jui 27 4:00: Grounds of Rideau Hall- Free Concert.Creaking Tree String Quartet. GRH. Free.Jui 27 7:30: Trio Hochelaga. Douglas McNabney,viola; Trio Hochelaga. CJE. $10-.Jui 27 8:00: ShanghaiOuartet. DCUC. $10-.Jui 27 8:00: Alexander Tselyakov & Friends.Alexander Tselyakov, piano; Shauna Rolston, cello& others. SAPC. $10-.Jui 27 10:30: Late Night at the Legion. CreationJazz Ensemble. RCL. $10-.Jui 28 12:00 noon: CBC Radio - Studio Sparks.Performers from the festival. CBC. Free.Jui 28 12:00 noon: Dedicated Works by TwoComposers. Alexander Tselyakov, piano.CDUC. $10-.Jui 28 12:00 noon: La cornemuse. LawrenceVine, horn; Sarah Jeffrey, oboe; Lisa Moody, viola;Dina Michelson Namer, piano. SAPC. $10-.Jui 28 2:00: New Zealand String Quartet. FBC.$10-.Jui 28 2:00: Young People's Concert - ComeDance with Us. Kenneth Simpson, percussion; BelCanto Wind Quintet. UDP. $10-.Jui 28 7:30: Steven Dann & Friends 1. ErnstKovacic, violin; Steven Dann, viola; Anssi Karttunen,cello; Andrew Burashko, piano. CJE. $10-.Jui 28 8:00: Messiaen@IOO 1- Thomas Annand& Friends. Thomas Annand organ; MarkFewer, violin; Andrew Tunis, piano. DCUC. $10-.CHAMBERFEST '08Keller QuartetMonday, July 28, 8 pmJui 28 8:00: Premium Ticket Concert -KellerQuartet. SAP. $10-Jui 28 10:30: Late Night at the Legion-SicilianMusic Project. Michael Occhipinti, guitar; KevinTurcotte, trumpet Barry Romberg, drums; RobertoOcchpnti, bass; Hugh Marsh, violin. RCL. $10-.Jui 29 1 O:OOam: Musical Musings with HarryHalbreich. Harry Halbreich, musicologist &speaker. DCUC. Free.Jui 29 12:00 noon: CBC Radio 2- Studio Sparks.Performers from the festival. CBC. Free.Jui 29 12:00 noon: Virtuosic Piano Transcriptions.Rian de Waal, piano. DCUC. $10-.Jui 29 12:00 noon: The Hungarian inBrahms. James Campbell, clarinet; JamieParker, piano; New Zealand String Quartet.SAP. $10-.Jui 2912:00noon:NoonUndertheBridge. Toronto-CairoCollective. PB. Free.Jui 29 2:00: Steven Dann & Friends 2. ErnstKovacic, violin; Steven Dann, viola; Anssi Karttunen,cello. FBC. $10-.Jui 29 7:30:ArtoftheArabic Violin. MaryemTollar, vocalist/ ganun; Alfred Gamil, oud/ violin;Mohammed Aly, vocalist/violin/oud; Ernie Tollar,j UL Y 1 - 5 EPT 7 2 008

saxophone/flute; Levon lchkhanian, guitar; DebashisSinha, percussion. CJE. $10-.Jui 29 8:00: Keller Ouartet & Friends. DouglasMcNabney, viola; Denise Djokic, cello;Keller Quartet. DCUC. $10-.Jui 29 8:00: Shauna Rolston & Heather Schmidt.Shauna Rolston, cello; Heather Schmidt, piano.SAPC. $10-.Jui 2910:30: Late Night at the Legion- TheUltimate lmprov Session. Toronto-CairoCollective. RCL. $10-.Jui 30 1 O:OOam: Musical Musings with HarryHalbreich. Harry Halbreich, musicologist &speaker. DCUC. Free.Jui 30 12:00 noon: CBC Radio Two- StudioSparks. Performers from the festival. CBC. Free.Jui 30 12:00 noon: Stephane Lemelin & theNAC Orchestra Winds. Kimball Sykes, clarinet;Charles Hamman, oboe; Vincent Parizeau,bassoon; Lawrence Vine, horn;Stephane Lemelin, piano; Gryphon Trio. DCUC.$10-.Jui 30 12:00 noon: Takai String Ouartet. SAPC.$10-.Jui 30 2:00: Open Rehearsal & Demonstration.Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan. RCL.$10-.Jui 30 2:00: Hinrich Alpers,piano. CJE. $10-.CHAMBERFEST '08Louis LortiepianoWednesday, July 30, 8 pmSunday, August 3, 8 pmJui 30 8:00: Augustin Dumay & Louis Lortie.Augustin Dumay, violin; Louis Lortie, piano.DCUC. $10-.Jui 30 8:00: Music Moves. Erika Raum, StephenSitarski, violins; Gryphon Trio. CMCT. $10-.Jui 30 8:00: Les Voix Baroques 1. Suzie Leblanc,soprano; Matthew White, countertenor;Lawrence Wiliford, tenor; Tyler Duncan,bass-baritone. CCC. $10-.Jui 30 10:30: Late Night at the Legion- Evergreen& Friends. Mark Fewer, violin; Denise Djok -ic, cell o, Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan.RCL. $10-.Jui 31 1 O:OOam: Musical Musings with HarryHalbreich. Harry Halbreich, musicologist& speaker. DCUC. Free.Jui 3112:00 noon: CBC Radio 2- Studio Sparks.Performers from the festiva l. CBC. Free.Jui 3112:00 noon: Schubert: Die Winterreise.Daniel Lichti, bass-baritone; Leslie De' ath, piano.DCUC. $10-.Jui 3112:00 noon: Beethoven: Violin & CelloSonatas. Mark Fewer, violin; Denise Djokic, cello;Jamie Parker, Kyoko Hashimoto, pianos. SAPC.$10-.Jui 31 2:00: Japan & Canada Commemorating] ULY 1 - SEPT 7 2008WWW.THEWHOLENOTE.COMBO Years of Diplomatic Relations. Marc Djokic,violin; Kyoko Hashimoto, piano. SAPC. $10-.Jui 318:00: Celebrating Poland. PendereckiString Quartet. SAPC. $10-.Jui 31 8:00: Evergreen Club ContemporaryGame/an & Friends. Mark Fewer, violin; DouglasMcNabney, viola; Denise Djokic, cello; HeatherSwartz, harp; Evergreen Club ContemporaryGamelan. DCUC. $10-.Jui 31 8:00: Les Voix Baroques 2. Suzie Leblanc,soprano; Matthew White, counter-tenor; LawrenceWiliford, tenor; Tyler Duncan, bass-baritone.CCC. $10-.Jui 3110:30: Late Night at the Legion-JosephPetric & Friends. Joseph Petric, accordion. RCL.$10-.Aug 011 O:OOam: Musical Musings with HarryHalbreich. Harry Halbreich, musicologist &speaker. DCUC. Free.Aug 0112:00 noon: CBC Radio2-StudioSparks. Performers from the festival. CBC. Free.Aug 0112:00 noon: Celebrating Ukraine. MonicaWhicher, soprano; Joan Watson, horn; HinrichAlpers, piano; Gryphon Trio. DCUC. $10-.Aug 0112:00 noon: Platero y Yo. Simon Wynberg,guitar; Colin Fox, narrator. FBC. $10-.Aug 01 2:00: Did Friends Reunited. StephenSitarski, violin; Barry Shiffmann, viola; DesmondHoebig, cello; Andrew Tunis, piano. SAPC. $10-.Aug 018:00: GillesApap. Gilles Apap, violin;Myriam Lafargue, accordion. DCUC. $10-.Aug 01 8:00: Penderecki String Ouartet &Friends. Robert Cram, flute; Penderecki StringQuartet. SAPC. $10-.Aug 01 8:00: Two Tales. James Sommerville,horn; Tom Allen, trombone; Santee Smith, dancer;Gryphon Trio; Hamilton Philharmonic Members.CMCT. $10-.Aug O 1 10:30: Late Night at the Legion - MarkFewer, Monica Whicher & Friends. Mark Fewer,violin; Monica Whicher, soprano; John Geggie,bass. RCL. $10-.Aug 02 10:00: Musical Musings with HarryHalbreich. Harry Halbreich, musicologist &speaker. DCUC. Free.Aug 02 12:00 noon: Gwen Hoebig & David Moroz.Gwen Hoebig, violin; David Moroz, piano.CJE. $10 .Aug 02 12:00 noon: Ann Monoyios & LucasHarris. Ann Monoyious, soprano; Lucas Harris,lute/theorbo. KPC. $10-.Aug 02 2:00: Vivaldi & the Gypsies. EnsembleCaprice. CCC. $10-.Aug 02 5:00: Hinrich Alpers & Stephen Sitarski.Stephen Sitarski, violin; Hinrich Alpers, piano.CJE. $10-.Aug 02 8:00: True North Brass & Eric Robertson.Eric Robertson, organ; True NorthBrass. DCUC. $10-.Aug 02 8:00: Premium Ticket Concert· St. LawrenceString Ouartet & Friends Celebrate the JghAniversary of the Ban ff Centre. James Sommerville,horn; Barry Shiffman, viola; Desmond Hoebig,cello; St. Lawrence String Duartet. SAPC.$10-.Aug 02 8:00: Constantinople's Ay!! Amor ...Francoise Atlan, vocalist; Constantinople. CCC.$10-.Aug 02 10:30: Late Night at the Legion- Takethis Waltz with Patricia D' Callaghan Trio. PatriciaO'Callaghan, mezzo-soprano. RC L. $10-.Aug 03 2:00: Monica Whicher & Joel Ouarrington.Monica Whicher, soprano; Joel Quarrington,double bass. SAPC. $10-.Aug 03 4:00: Grounds of Rideau Hall- Free Concert.True North Brass. GRH. Free.Aug 03 5:00: Hoebig/Moroz Trio. Gwen Hoebig,violin; Desmond Hoebig, cello; David Moroz, piano.CJE. $10-.Aug 03 8:00: Premium Ticket Concert -LouisLortie & Mathieu Roy's Death in Venice. LouisLortie, piano; Mathieu Roy, filmmaker. DCUC.$10-.Aug 03 8:00: St. Lawrence String Ouartet &Takai String Ouartet. SAPC. $10-.Aug 03 8:00: Different Trains. Ensemble Caprice;Quatuor Bozzoni. CCC. $10-.Aug 03 10:30: Late Night at the Legion- Carmen'sFantasies. Patricia O'Callaghan, soprano;Stephen Sitarski, violin; Tom Allen, trombone;Lori Gemmell, harp. RCL. $10-.Aug 04 1 O:OOam: Musical Musings with HarryHalbreich. Harry Halbreich, musicologist &speaker. DCUC. Free.Aug 04 2:00: Music of Our Time 1. Gwen Hoebig,violin; James Sommerville, horn; David Moroz,piano; St. Lawrence String Quartet. DCUC.$10-.Aug 04 2:00: Tribute to Claude Vivier. RobertCram, flute; Jaycynthe Riverin, piano; GryphonTrio; Quatuor Bozzini. SAPC. $10-Aug 04 4:00: Music of Our Time 2. LawrenceVine, horn; Made in Canada; Tokai String Quartet.CJE. $10-.Aug 04 7 :OD: Music Walk with R. MurraySchafer. DCUC. Free.Aug 04 8:00: R. Murray Schafer@75. Tom Allen,trombone; Lori Gemmell, harp; Duo Concertante;Quatuor Bozzzoni; True North Brass.DCUC. $10-.Aug 04 10:30: Late Night at the Legion-NEXUSMovie Show. NEXUS. RCL. $10-Aug 05 1 O:OOam: Musical Musings with HarryHalbreich. Harry Halbreich, musicologist &speaker. DCUC. Free.Aug 0512:00 noon: MusicafOur Time3-lnspired by Jazz. Duo Concertante; Cecilia StringQuartet. SAPC. $10-.Aug 05 2:00: Music of Our Time 4. QuatuorBozzini. DCUC. $10-.Aug 05 2:00: Young People's Concert - DuoConcertante. UDP. $10-.Aug 05 4:00: Messiaen@1002- Two Pianos.Stephane Lemelin, Andrew Tunis, pianos. DCUC.$10-.Aug 05 5:00: Music of Our Time 5. Gary Kulesha,composer/violin. DCUC. $10-.Aug 05 7:30: Vienna Piano Trio 1. CJE. $10-.Aug 05 8:00: Leipzig Stringlluartet 1. SAPC.$10-.Aug 05 8:00: Nexus. CMCT. $10-.Aug 0510:30: Late Night atthe Legion- TheSession Continues. Surprise artists. RCL $10-.Aug 06 1 O:OOam: Musical Musings with HarryHalbreich. Harry Halbreich, musicologist &speaker. DCUC. Free.Aug 06 12:00 noon: Noon Uri/er the Bridge. CeciliaString Quartet. PB. Free.Aug 0612:00 noon: Leipzig String Ouartet 2.SAPC. $10-.Aug 06 12:00 noon: Robert Pomakov & Friends.Robert Pomakov, bass. DCUC. $10-.Aug 06 2:00: Beethoven & Brahms. Duo Concertante;Made in Canada. CJE. $10-.Aug 06 2:00: Seeking Gould 1. Karishmeh Felfeli,piano. CMCT. $10-.Aug 06 7:30: Let There be Mozart! StephaneLemelin, piano; Made in Canada; NAC OrchestraWinds. CJE. $10-Aug 06 8:00: The Art of Glenn Gould. KarishmehFelfeli, piano. DCUC. $10-.Aug 06 8:00: Vienna Piano Trio. SAPC. $10-.Aug 06 10:30: Late Night at the legion- KarishmehFelfeli,piano. RCL. $10-.Aug 07 1 O:OOam: Musical Musings with HarryHalbreich. Harry Halbreich, musicologist &speaker. DCUC. Free.Aug 07 12:00 noon: Minsoo Sohn & Friends.Minsoo Sohn, piano; Rachel Mercer, cello. DCUC.$10-.Aug 07 12:00 noon: Peacocks & Cowgirls. LoriGemmell, Jennifer Swartz, harp. CJE. $10-.Aug 07 2:00: Seeking Gould 2. Karishmeh Felfeli,piano. CMCT. $10-.Aug 07 5:00: GalaxieRising Stars Gala Concert.Up and coming vocalists. SAPC. $10-.Aug 07 8:00: Premium Ticket Concert - OuartettoGelato. DCUC. $10-.Aug 07 8:00: Leipzig String Ouartet & StephaneLemelin, piano. SAPC. $10-.Aug 07 8:00: Adrian Butterfield & Friends. AdrianButterfield, violin; David Miller, Kathia Robert,violas; Myron Lutzke, cello. CCC. $10-.Aug 0710:30:LateNightattheLegion-Fusion.Jennifer Swartz, harp; Lori Gemmell, harp; QuartettoGelato. RCL. $10-.Aug 08 1 O:OOam: Musical Musings with HarryHalbreich. Harry Halbreich, musicologist &speaker. DCUC. Free.Aug 08 12:00 noon: Martha Guth, Erika Switzer& Friends. Martha Guth, soprano; Erika Switzer,piano. SAPC. $10-.Aug 0812:00noon:Messiaen@1003-AWorld Premiere. Louise Bessette, piano; EstelleLemire, ondes Martenot. CJE. $10-.Aug 08 2:00: Seeking Gould 3. Karishmeh Felfeli,piano. CMCT. $10-.Aug 08 2:00: The Voice of Bach. Adrian Butterfield,violin; David Miller, viola; Myron Lutzke,cello; Choir of the Theatre of Early Music; DanielTaylor, director. RPC. S 10-.Aug 08 5:00: Crazy! I Furiosi Baroque Ensemble.CCC. S 10-.Aug 08 8:00: Next. Paul Merkelo, Niklas Eklund,Rex Richardson, trumpets. SAPC. $10-.Aug 08 8:00: Premium Ticket Concert - Path toParadise. Choir of the Theatre of Early Music;Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie, dancers. DCUC.$10-.Aug 08 10:30: late Night at the Legion - Provinceoflmpossible. Juliet Palmer, vocalist/clarinet;Christine Duncan, Aki Takahashi, vocalists.RCL. $10-.Aug 09 1 O:OOam: Musical musings with HarryHalbreich. Harry Halbreich, musicologist &speaker. DCUC. Free.Aug 09 12:00 noon: Virtuoso Tango. Renee-PauleGauthier, violin; Andrew Mah, guitar. CJE. $10-.Aug 09 12:00 noon: Music from the Rococo.Ottawa Baroque Consort. SG. $10-.Aug 09 2:00: Minsoo Sohn's Vituosity. MinsooSohn, piano. SAPC. $10-.Aug 09 8:00: Closing Gala Concert-ChoralExtravaganza. Robert Pomakov, bass;Gryphon Trio; Amadeus Choir; Elmer lselerSingers. DCUC. $10-.Sound Travels Festival of Sound ArtTorontoJune 1-0ctober 1416-516-7413www.soundtravels.caNew Adventures in Sound Art presents the1 Oth anniversary-edition of Sound Travels. Thefestival features gallery installations and outdoorsound sculptures, as well as outdoor andindoor concerts, site-specific performances,soundwalks, artist talks and workshops. Fordaily listings see Section 1.Stratford Summer MusicStratford (ON)July 21- August 17519-271-2101www.stratfordsummermusic.caNow in its eighth season, this four-week mu-43

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