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Volume 13 - Issue 10 - July/August 2008

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16-year-old Ryan Knowles with Dr. Cichocki,in St. Michael :S Cathedral.School is going to Prague to takepart in an international choralfestival. Here we will have thechance to sing with other professionalchoirs from around theworld. I can't wait!What concerts to you like to attend?I attend some concerts by the TorontoChildren's Chorus: this ismostly because my sister is inchoir, but also because I enjoysome of the non-religious piecesthat we do not get to perform. Ialso attend concerts of the VictoriaScholars, a tenor and bass choirdirected by a most brilliant andinsane man, Dr. Jerzy Cichocki.He makes any choir sound professional,and I especially enjoy thecomplex program.What qualities make you admire achoral conductor?When I look at the very successfuland admirable conductor of theChoir School' s senior choir, JerzyCichocki, I see four things: control, a passion for good music,for perfection, and only theslightest hint of insanity- I mean,musical genius! Doc doesn't letanything slide; a flat note, awrong rhythm, a weak entry, andhe stops everything to fix it. Hewill rehearse one phrase seven oreight times, and then ... if it'sperfect, he will ask us to do itthree more times!An anecdote?We were singing Christmas repertoirein Pickering. The audiencewas silent. Doc raised hishands ... and someone's cellphone rang behind him. Doc'shands drop to his sides, and heturns around slowly to face theperson with the phone. All wasquiet. The person averted hereyes from Doc, and turned offher cell phone with embarrassment.Doc turned around, flasheda smile, and the concert began!The school's newest recording,ITheFrom Courts on High, is a recordingseventy years in the making,with all twenty-five selectionscomposed by one of the school'smusic directors or close associates.All boys and men's voicesare featured, from the sweetestand youngest to a full 250-voicefinale(the title track). Ryan, ingrade 11 this fall, says:I am in all of the songs performedby the senior choir. Wewere recording right around thetime my voice was starting tobreak, so it was interesting hearingmy voice on the CD! Myfavourite is the De Profundis,composed by Tomas Dusatko, ateacher at the Choir School. Thispiece is dark and sinister, andvery emotive.O!~:~~r~s;,hMi~!r 0~~~:r ChoirJanet Stachow, Associate Music DirectorD~~ Providing world class vocal, musical and performance trainingChildren•, Choirto young people.AUDITIONS FOR 2008/2009Don't miss this opportunity for your child to sing withThe Oakville Children's Choiras we celebrate15 years of musical excellence!For more information, or to book an audition for this world-class choir,call 905.337.7104 or visit www.oakvillechildrenschoir.orgMUSIC DIRECTORNorth minster United Church is seeking a skilled musician who isenergetic, creative, flexible and willing to work in a cooperativemanner with our Minister and Worship Team to plan and provide avariety of music that enhances our worship services.The successful candidate will be competent in playing piano, a 2-manual Casavant organ, and in directing SATB and youth choirsandwill be comfortable with a range of music from traditional tocontemporary and global, in a variety of instrumentations.Please send applications to Paul Studt, Northminster UnitedChurch, 255 Finch Ave. West, North York, ON. M2R1 M8. E-mail:nucmusic@gmail.comHOLD YOUR NEXT RECITALJIIIIIIbcliconian ballA beautiful restored Carpenter's Gothic board and batten churchbuilding in the heart of Yorkville can be rented at reasonablerates for musical events. Steinway Grand piano included.A high, vaulted ceiling provides excellent concert-hall acoustics.Capacity up to 120. Tel: 416-922-3618 Fax: 416-922-2431www.heliconianclub.orgrentals@heliconianclub.orgWWW. TH EWHOLENOTE.COM 51

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