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Volume 13 - Issue 10 - July/August 2008


08CHAMBERFESTOTTAWA INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVALThe Toronto Concert-Goer's GuideVolume 13 #10, July 1 - Sept 7, 2008Copyright© 2008 Whole Note Media, Inc.720 Bathurst Street, Suite 503, Toronto ON M5S 2R4416-323-2232 fax 416-603-4 791General Inquiries: Extension 21Publisher: Allan Pulker, extension 27; publisher@thewholenote.comEditor: David Perlman, extension 28; editorial@thewholenote.comAssociate Editor: Catherine Muir, extension 21National & retail advertising:Allan Pulker, extension 27; publisher@thewholenote.comEvent advertising/membership:Karen Ages, extension 26; members@thewholenote.comProduction liaison/education advertising:Jack Buell, extension 25; adart@thewholenote.comClassified Advertising; Announcements, Etc:Simone Desilets, extension 29; classad@thewholenote.comListings department: extension 21 ; listings@thewholenote.comColin Eatock, Richard Haskell, David PerlmanJazz Listings: Sophia Perlman, extension 28; jazz@thewholenote.comCirculation, Display Stands & Subscriptions:Chris Malcolm, extension 33; circulation@thewholenote.comProduction: 416-351-7171; Fax: 416-351-7272Production Manager: Peter Hobbs, production@thewholenote.comLayout & Design: Verity Hobbs, Rocket Design (Cover Art)Webmaster: Colin Puffer, webmaster@thewholenote.comEditorial Assistant: Nick TortiJU LY 25 I AU GUST 91 5TH ANNIVER SARYOVER 130 CONCERTS AND EVENTS,INCLUDING 9 PREM IUM CON CERTSCHAMBERFEST. COM613-234-8008Contributors:Discoveries Editor: David Olds, discoveries@thewholenote.comBeat by Beat: Quodlibet (Allan Pulker); Early (Frank Nakashima); Choral(Allan Pu Iker); World (Karen Ages); New Music (Richard Marsella); Jazz (JimGalloway); Band (Jack MacQuarrie); Opera (Christopher Haile); Musical Life(mJ Buell); Books (Pamela Margles)Features (this issue): David Perlman, Catherine Muir, Allan PulkerCD Reviewers (this issue): Don Brown, Seth Estrin, Janos Gardonyi, RichardHaskell, John S. Gray, Tiina Kiik, Pamela Margles, Lesley Mitchell Clarke, CathyRiches, Terry Robbins, Bruce Surtees, Robert Tomas, Andrew Timar, Ken Waxman,Dianne WellsProofreaders: Karen Ages, Catherine Muir, Simone DesiletsDATES AND DEADLINESNext issue is Volume 14 #1 covering September 1 • October 7, 2008Display Ad Reservations Deadline: 6pm Friday August 15, 2008Free Event Listings Deadline: 6pm Friday August 15, 2008Advertising Materials Due: 6pm Wednesday August 20, 2008Publication Date: Friday August 29, 20086WTH THE SUPPORT CJ'OttawaPA ONTARIOA~TS ( OUNCILM CONSi:IL DES ARTSOtl'.ONTARIOBlre, Canada Co uncil Con~eil des ArtsC:::, for the Arts du CanadaPatrimcmocanad10nWholeNote Media Inc. accepts noresponsibility or liability for claims madefor any product or service reported onor advertised in this issue.Circulation Statement,July 2008:28,000 printed and distributedPrinted in Canada by Couto Printing andPublishing ServicesCanadian Publication Product SalesAgreement 1263846ISSN 14888-8785 WHOLENOTEPublications Mail Agreement #40026682Return undeliverable Canadianaddresses to:WholeNote Media Inc.503-720 Bathurst StreetToronto ON M5S 2R4www.thewholenote.comWWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM JULY 1 - S EPT 7 2008

foR OPENERS •••GREAT CHAMBER MUSIC DOWNTOWNBe thankful for small mercies, dear readers. Such as, forexample , the fact that the music we cover mostly measures itsseasons from September to June. So you get spared the lists of "bestof, worst of, most surprising, least heralded" that swamp papers andperiodicals at the end of the calendar year. After all, who needsreflection in July when the sun on the water can do it for you?Not to disillusion you if you love that kind of thing, but you do realize,don't you, that they're just a sneaky way for writers to file twostories at once, two weeks before Christmas, so they can get the hellout of town to avoid having to read all the "best, worst, most" stuffthat swamps papers and periodicals at the end of the calendar year.And even if we wanted to, it's hard to know when we could, thesedays, because even the good old September-to-June classical scenebarely stops to catch breath before galloping off into the summeronset.That being said, this year we've succumbed and decided to have a bitof a go at the "best of' seasonal cusp comment thing. Thank you toour seven beat columnists for getting into the spirit of things -allowing the editorial staff to turn the tables and have the writersanswer the questions instead of asking them . Same five questions toeach, mostly but not entirely looking back. Fun for us (and them, itseems.) We hope for you as well.Come to think of it, no one asked me for my responses. So here goes,anyway.In answer to the first question? - a tie: Yannick Nezet-Seguin, agood four inches off the podium, sailing into the final movement ofthe Brahms Fourth (energico e passionato as it says in the score -except there wasn't one in sight) and the TSO hanging on for dearlife, revelling in the ride; and Anton Kuerti on the stage at WalterHall (again with nary a note in sight) walking back and forth betweenkeyboard and front of stage, walking the audience back and forththrough the Diabelli Variations (and then, seated at the keys takingthe piece all the way to heights that before I'd only half heard in it).Second question? - probably the boatload of cash siphoned off bygovt. to the new festival on the block; the grand design being, itseems, to convince the world that the only time Toronto is worthvisiting culturally is during the first couple of weeks in June. Um,am I missing something?Third - I'd have spent more space than this remembering the kick inthe stomach hearing that the COC 2007-2008 season would startwithout Richard Bradshaw at the helm - just when it seemed that"music director" and "conductor" were set to become the biggerpart of his COC legacy. (And perhaps reflecting a bit on the fact thattoday's announcement by the COC of a successor, fills only one ofthe three pairs of shoes that Bradshaw wore.) Could have beenworse, though. They might have appointed a stage director to the job.Question four? Soweto String Quartet will get me almost all the wayto Elora's Gambrel Barn for a late July jaunt to listen to a jazz singerI like.And as for question five - can't possibly top the columnists' flights offancy on that one. (Although doubtless a few readers will want totry.) If you think you can, send your suggestions to and I'll pass them on to the artists in question,pretending they were my own ideas, of course.A final note: this is WholeNote number 140. Countdown tosesquicentennial gravitas just one hell-raising summer away. FreeCDs to the first five readers to tell me who was on cover number100.David Perlman, editor2008-09 SEASONSUBSCRIPTION SERIESQUARTETS 9,3Th. Oct. 16Th. Oct. 30Th. Nov. 6Th. Dec. 4Th. Jan. 22Th. Mar. 5Th. Apr. 2Th. Apr. 30Brentano QuartetKeller QuartetGryphon TrioMiami QuartetTokyo QuartetPrazak Quartetwith Roger Tapping, violaSt. Lawrence Quartetwith Barry Shiffman, violaand Marina Hoover, celloTokyo QuartetPIANO 0,5Tu. Oct. 21Tu. Nov. 11Tu. Dec. 9Tu. Jan. 27Tu. Apr. 7Alexandre TharaudMarc-Andre HamelinEve EgoyanBarry DouglasMarkus GrohDISCOVERYyoung artists Th. Jan. 15Th. Feb. 5Th. Mar. 12Darrett Zusko, pianistCecilia QuartetDavid Pomeroy, tenorCONTEMPORARY CLASSICS ,Th. Oct. 30Tu. Dec. 9Th. Jan. 15Keller QuartetEve Egoyan, pianistDarrett Zusko, pianistBUY THE SEASON -16 CONCERTS 7, 6QUARTETS+ PIAN0-12 CONCERTS 8, 7QUARTETS+ DISCOVERY-11 CONCERTS 8, 2PIANO + DISCOVERY - 8 CONCERTS 5, 0The lower price is the last 4 rows of the theatre.torontdartsb oun c il~""'"' sleng1n~odyot 1neC,1yolTo,on10~­ call 416-366-7723~ Canada Council Conseil des Arts~ lorthe Arts du Canada~ ONTARIO ARTS COUNCIL)'-\, CONSEILDESARTS ~L'ONTARIOatJane Mallett TheatreSt. LAWREI\JCE CENTRE rn~ ARTS416-366-7723 • 1-800-708-6754order online at www .stlc.comJ ULY 1 - SEPT 7 2008 WWW. TH EWHOLENOTE.COM 7

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