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Volume 13 - Issue 6 - March 2008

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) L C r. ~ 1-r S' r, b v LI J l.

wholenoteVolume 13 #6 March 1 -April 7, 200807 For Openers: David Perlman08 Discoveries (1): Editor's Corner David Olds10 COVER STORY (1): Sigiswald Kuijken Pamela Margles13 COVER STORY (2): Authentic Beauty ml BuellBEAT BY BEAT (The Live Music Scene)14 Quodlibet Allan Pulker16 Band Stand Jack MacQuarrie18 Choral Scene Allan Pu!ker20 Early Music Frank Nakashima21 World View Karen Ages22 Jazz Notes Jim Ga!loway24 New Music Richard Marsella26 On Opera Christopher HaileMUSICAL LIFE (1)28 W e are all Music's Children ml Buel!CALENDAR (Live Music Listings)30 Section l: Concerts: Toronto & OTA43 Section 2: Concerts: Beyond the OTA46 Section 3: Opera, Music Theatre, Dance: run details47 Section 4: Jazz in the Clubs (listings)49 Section 5: Announcements, Lectures, Workshops, .. . EtceteraMUSICAL LIFE (2)52 Choral Life Q & A - Kristina Bijelic53 Authentic Beauty 2: Quentin Playfair54 Summer Music Education Directory70 BookShelf Pamela MarglesDISCOVERIES (2): Records Reviewed62 Vocal and Opera64 Early Music and Period Performance65 Classical and Beyond66 Modern and Contemporary66 Jazz and Improvised Music67 Pot Pourri - Extended Play68 O ld Wine in New Bottles Bruce SurteesOTHER ELEMENTS06 Contact Information and Deadlines28 Index of Advertisers50 Classified Ads5 1 2008 WholeNote Editorial Calendar62, 63 WholeNote MarketPlaceIN THIS ISSUEW ORLD VIEWPage 21MARCH 1 - APRIL 7 2008SUMMER Music EDUCATION DIRECTORYPage 54CONTEST:W ho is Music's Child?Page 28WWW,THEWHOLENOTE ,COM

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