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Volume 13 - Issue 6 - March 2008

the union ofklezmer and

the union ofklezmer and Cuban music on "Odessa/Havana".Led by Torontonian David Buchbinder,the trumpet player who is the driving forcebehind The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, and expatCuban piano master Hilario Duran, who is aforce unto himself, "Odessa/Havana" is one fierymarriage. But it's not always a match made inheaven. Sometimes the kleyzmorim hog thecovers, mostly when the strong lead instrumentsof trumpet, violin, and clarinet - which carry themodal klezmer melodies - dominate the subtlerpiano and percussion parts. But there are plentyof blissful musical moments too, and there's nodenying the infectious energy and creativitybehind this project. The players' jazz leanings areshowcased well, especially with the strong soloingon Next One Rising and Colaboracion. It'sinteresting that one of the tunes is named Cadiz,which is the reported birthplace of flamenco,itself a mash-up of disparate musics and cultures,some of which share traits with klezmer (likePhrygian mode) and Afro-Caribbean music. It's asmall world.In sharp contrast to the machismo of Odessa/Havana is the distaff soulfulness of the Sisters ofSheynville, an all-woman band doing "Yiddishswing-klez". Covering songs made popular duringthe Yiddish swing era of the 30s and 40s, the twosingers Lenka Lichtenberg and Isabel Fryszbergharmonize seamlessly over the piano-based trio.When third vocal parts are added by piano playerFem Lindzon, The Andrews Sisters are called tomind, although the group is actually inspired bythe lesser-known Barry Sisters. Fryszberg'srevamped lyrics on I'm an Old Cow Hand ("yippieI oh oy vey! ") are great fun. And whilethere's no question these sisters can swing,there's a warmth and horniness to the tunes on"Sheynville Express" that may make you want toskooch your chair up close to the speakers, pouryourself some tea and pull out your knitting, perhapsgetting up now and then to cut a rug.Cathy RichesConcert notes: David Buchbinder and theJewish/Cuban/Jazz Ensemble Odessa/Havana68perform at the Lula Lounge on March 9. TheYork University Department of Music WorldMusic Festival presents Mid east & Klezmerensembles on March 12 and Cuban Ensembleson March 14.OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLESFROMMERMANN is the name of a vocal groupformed in Holland in December 2004 to re-createthe unique harmonies of The Comedian Harmonists,founded in Germany 1927 by Harry Frommermann.That group of seven men made anuntold number of 10 11 78s for Electrola whichwere distributed in English speaking countries byHMV and affiliates. Their recordings were inheavy rotation on the airwaves and copies soldlike hot cakes - it seemed that almost everyhousehold boasted at least one. The King's Singers,started in 1968, emulated them to box-officeacclaim. Asympathetic 1998 German movie toldtheir story from 1927 until after they were disbandedby the Nazis for the usual reason. Theiroriginal recordings are lip-synced by the perfectlycast actors in "The Harmonists" (on DVD fromMiramax). Listening to ''Frommermann"(Channel Classics CCSSA26807, hybridSA CD), it really doesn't matter if one under -stands German or not because these arrangements,the old originals, offamiliar and unfamiliar songs, Ltreat each voice as an instrumentand each of the 19 l'Mt'li,...~-:-.~'""-tracks is a little masterpieceof harmonizing, balance andfaultless intonation. This is avery successful, entertaining,and happy disc.From time to time Naivereissues recitals by Russianpianist, Grigory Sokolov,who, I am told, is a somethingof a cult figure and heir toRichter 's crown. The latest isa Chopin package (Naive OP30456, 2CDs)containing concert recordings of the 24 Preludes,op.48; the second sonata, op.35; and the 12Etudes, op.25. I am especially addicted to thePreludes and here, arguably, are the finest performancesever (recorded 17/06/1990 in Paris).As each unfolds, Sokolov's empathy and sense ofline and unquestioned mastery of his instrumentfinds the listener newly pondering Chopin 's muse.The familiar 24th is poetically sculpted and nuancedwith the power of the final bars unmatched.The Sonata and the Etudes, too, areplayed with great virtuosity but the Preludes arein a class of their own.Martha Argerich, supported by RicardoChailly and his Gewandhausorchester, arewell suited to Schumann's Piano Concerto inA minor as seen in performance in Leipzig inJune 2006 (EuroArts DVDm ,o•D•

When Moses commands me to'Relax, Refresh, Recharge'r---1 I Listen~Chef Didier Leroy takes a break.from the actionat his famous restaurant "Didier"THE GREATEST MUSIC OF ALL TIME.103.1 fm Eastern Ontario Bell ExpressVu Channel 963

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