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Volume 15 Issue 10 - July/August 2010

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modern community bands

modern community bands of my acquaintance, to see how each hasevolved with the changing times.The oldest of these bands is the Newmarket Citizens Band. Havingoperated continuously for over 100 years, it’s not surprising thatthis band’s activities most closely resemble those of the town bandwhen they were first formed. They play regular outdoor concerts in avariety of venues and play for many parades for which they frequentlyreceive honoraria. The proceeds of these have been sufficient forthe band to purchase, at no expense to the members, a complete set ofnew blazers with embroidered crests. In appearance, this band mostclosely adheres to its traditional roots.The Concert Band of Cobourg is an excellent anomaly amongcommunity bands, both in appearance and activities. A good manyyears ago the town band in Cobourg was struggling. Then a new residentwith a solid band background moved to town. Roland White(“Roly,” as he is known), had for many years served in bands of theRoyal Marines, and studied conducting under Sir John Barbirolli.Having brought many of the traditions of the Royal Marines withhim, the band was adopted as the official band of Her Majesty’s RoyalMarines Association, Ontario, and subsequently obtained Royal permissionto wear a uniform closely resembling that of the Royal Marines.Some years ago, ill health forced White to retire and hand thereins over to Paul Storms, who carries on the tradition admirably.Every year the band travels to Plattsburgh NY in September forthe Battle of Plattsburgh Commemorative Weekend. As part of thatcelebration, they will be performing September 11 in a parade, beatretreat ceremony and evening concert. Once again this summer, fromJuly 6 through to August 31, they will perform their summer-eveningconcert-series in the Victoria Park Bandshell in Cobourg. As withthe Newmarket Band, this group participates regularly in parades andother ceremonial events.The Markham Concert Band was organized 32 years ago by agroup of local residents who had a common desire to make music. Afew charter members are still active in the band. Unlike traditionaltown bands, this group has never participated in parades. They do,however, take part in a wide range of community activities. As of thiswriting, they already have commitments for 12 events this summer,ranging from a Main Street Festival to a concert at the Orillia Aquatheatre.As for uniforms, they are much less formal. In winter it’s adark green sweater with an embroidered logo, and in summer it is agolf shirt with the same logo.The Uxbridge Community Concert Band had its origins 19 yearsago and bears little resemblance to the town bands of yesteryear. It isa summer-only band, operating only during the months of June, Julyand August. Founded initially to provide an opportunity for highschool students to continue playing during the summer, it has evolvedover the years to include a core group of adult players who returneach summer. In addition, many of the original students return eachyear when they are home on vacation from university. As for uniform,each member receives a T shirt with a new musical motif each yearon payment of their dues. They do not parade, but do play for oneDecoration Day ceremony for the local branch of the Royal CanadianLegion. To encourage the development of the talents of the youngermembers, there is within the band a smaller wind ensemble which rehearsesone special challenging selection each summer. This band is awelcome addition to the summer life of the community – but it’s quiteunlike the town band of old.Enjoy your summer of music, whatever your taste in bands!Definition DepartmentThis month’s lesser known musical term is: DILL PICCOLINI, “anexceedingly small wind instrument that plays only sour notes.” Weinvite submissions from readers.Coming Events• July 18-August 21: National Band of the Naval Reserve will be performing a series of concerts in various locations throughout Southern Ontario as part of the celebrations commemorating the 100thanniversary of the establishment of the Royal Canadian Navy.• August 8 7:00: Northdale Concert Band with conductor GrazianoBrescacin presents a concert at the Upper Queen’s Park Bandshell,Stratford, Ontario. Free admission.• August 15 12:30pm: Northdale Concert Band with conductor GrazianoBrescacins present a matinee concert at the Events Pavilion,Black Creek Pioneer Village, 1000 Murray Ross Parkway, Toronto.Concert is free with park admission.• August 15 6:30: Markham Concert Band with conductor Doug Manningperforms at the Aquatheatre, Couchiching Beach Park, Orillia• August 22 6:30: Newmarket Citizens Band with conductor LesSaville perform at the Aquatheatre, Couchiching Beach Park, Orillia• August 29 12:30: Newmarket Citizens Band with conductor LesSaville presents a matinee concert at the Events Pavilion, BlackCreek Pioneer Village, 1000 Murray Ross Parkway, Toronto.Concert is free with park admission.• September 5: Northdale Concert Band with conductor Graziano Brescacinperforms at the Aquatheatre, Couchiching Beach Park, Orillia.Jack MacQuarrie plays several brass instruments, and has performedin many community ensembles. He can be contacted at: THEWHOLENOTE.COMJuly 1 - September 7, 2010

Four Seasons, After All … continued from page 15are going to try tobridge the divide betweenlovers of operaand lovers of musicals,where better than at theCOC’s Queen/Universitycathedral of vocalhigh art? And it is acanny choice of repertoiretoo.Miss Saigon, July’soffering, is after allMadama Butterfly, isn’tit, with some high techhelicoptered in? Andthey are following it inAugust with the LincolnCenter’s seven-out-ofeleven-Tony-winningrevival of South Pacific.FSCPA July Miss Saigon.The latter is indeed a coup (or two). One, it brings NYC to TOin the month when it really stinks to be in New York; two, it offersanother look at the work of Bartlett Sher who directed last season'smemorably moody Tales from Hoffman “Live from the Met.”The Met’s hiring of Sher brought a Broadway veteran to opera(with a Broadway take on things, and maybe even trailing a Broadwayaudience in his wake). It’s win-win. The musical’s “cred” as a genregoes up with the opera highbrows, whenever it yields a Bartlett Sher.And for the Broadway brows, knowing that an opera is in the handsof a seasoned entertainer definitely promises fewer snoozy bits.I’d say there’s a similarly interesting bit of cross-pollination happeninghere.Go Dancap. FSCPA could use a bit of summer buzz.ABA Music and Arts Centre 48Alexander Kats 48All the Kings Voices 20Allan Pulker 49Amadeus Voice Studio 49Amoroso 45ARRAY new music centre 51Art of Time Ensemble 18ATMA 5Bloor Cinema 54Brott Music Festival 3Bryson Winchester 51Canadian Opera Company 9CanClone Services 53Christ Church Deer ParkJazz Vespers 24Civic Light Opera 21Classical 96.3fm 61Cosmo Music 16Dancap Productions 7Denise Williams 49Elora Festival 10Emile Belcourt 49Ensemble TryptychChamber Choir 47Etobicoke Centennial Choir 47Festival of the Sound 25George Heinl 21Glionna Mansell Corporation 12Guelph Jazz Festival 62Harbourfront Centre 2Harknett Musical Services 25Heliconian Hall 51High Park Choirs 47HighlandsSummer Music Festival 10Home County Folk Festival 26Jubilate Singers 47Kincardine 27Kindred Spirits Orchestra 23Le Commensal 51Liz Parker 48LIZPR 53Lockwood ARS 51Long & McQuade 26Melinda Kinney 48a d v e r t i S e r S ’ i n d e xMusic at Port Milford 23Music Gallery 19Music Mondays 23Music Toronto 9National Youth Orchestra 17No Strings Theatre 22Norm Pulker 51Northdale Concert Band 47Oakham House Choir 48Opera In Concert 27Organ - Music and HistoricalFestival 12Orpheus Choir 20Pasquale Bros. 51Pattie Kelly 49Penthelia Singers 48Peter Mahon 21Philharmonic Music LTD. 48Prince Edward CountyJazz Festival 7Prince Edward CountyMusic Festival 22Roger Bergs 48Schola Magdalena 9Soulpepper Theatre Company 15Sound Post (The) 19Soundstreams 13St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church 47Steve’s Music Store 19Stratford Summer Music 4Studio 92 51Sue Crowe Connolly 49Summer Opera Lyric Theatre 11Sunfest ‘10 62Sweetwater Music Festival 11Symphony in the Barn 17Tafelmusik 63Toronto Chamber Choir 20Toronto Classical Singers 21Toronto Opera Repertoire 47Toronto Operetta Theatre 22Toronto Summer MusicAcademy and Festival 52,64Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra 46Yamaha Music School 49YC Chau and Sons Piano 14Guillermo Silva-Marin, General Director2010-11SEASONDaring Vision and Rising Stars:Unplugged!Straight-up!Powerful!www.operainconcert.comRuslan and LyudmilaРуслан и Людмилаby Mikhail GLINKA October 24, 2010La Dame BlancheThe White Ladyby François-Adrien BOÏELDIEU November 28, 2010La Fedelta ` PremiataLoyalty Rewardedby Joseph HAYDN January 30, 2011The Devil and KateČert a Káčaby Anton DVOřÁK March 27, 2011July 1 - September 7, 2010 THEWHOLENOTE.COM 27

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