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Volume 15 Issue 7 - April 2010

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Spring into Festival

Spring into Festival ModeWe tend to think of jazz festivals and the summer season going handin hand, but on the international front April brings a shower ofevents for those of you with itchy feet, money and an urge to travel.The biggest and best known is, of course, the New Orleans Jazzand Heritage Festival, which takes place from April 23-25 and April29 - May 2. Confirmed artists include Dr. John, Jon Cleary, Joe Lovano,Leroy Jones, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Average White Band, ArethaFranklin, Marcus Miller, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, TheNeville Brothers, Van Morrison, B.B. King – and that's only a few!Further afield, there’s the National Jazz Festival – April 1 to 5 inTauranga, New Zealand – while in South Africa on the 3rd and 4ththere's the Cape Town International Jazz Festival. In addition, thereis the Cully Jazz Festival in Switzerland, the Tallinn InternationalFestial in Estonia, Jazzfest Gronau in Germany, the Cheltenham JazzFestival in England, the City of Derry Jazz and Big Band Festival inNorthern Ireland, April Jazz Espoo in Finland, and Bray Jazz Festivalin North Wicklow, Ireland. Still in the U.K., the Norwich JazzParty – certainly one of the best jazz parties on the planet – takesplace on the first weekend in May. (You can find out more at You could make quite the grand tour out ofthat lot!By the way, also this month in Portland, Oregon, there is thefirst year of an event which wins a gold star in my pun-laden life.It’s called The Soul’d Out Music Festival. Just don’t take the way itsounds literally! And with the month of April comes the 9th annualJazz Appreciation Month (JAM) festivities courtesy of the SmithsonianInstitution, and you can find out more about it by listening – and please support your local musicians.Jim Galloway is a saxophonist, band leader and the former artisticdirector of Toronto Downtown Jazz. He can be contacted, April 30that 7:30pmGRACE CHURCH ON-THE-HILL300 LONSDALE ROAD(At Russell Hill Road via St. Clair West Subway Stop)FeaturingTHE YORKJAZZ ENSEMBLEA SWINGING NINE PIECE JAZZ ORCHESTRAVOCALISTS:Ailsa McCrearyBev Jahnke Francesca GrovesTICKETS:Adults - $15Seniors/Students - 416-488-7884 www.yje.caFeaturing some of Toronto’s best jazz musicianswith a brief reflection by Jazz Vespers ClergySunday April 11th at 4:30 pmTRIBUTE TO LOUIS ARMSTRONGCHASE SANBORN (TRUMPET), MARK EISENMAN (PIANO),STEVE WALLACE (BASS), BRIAN BARLOW (DRUMS)Sunday April 25th at 4:30 pmMARK EISENMAN TRIOSunday May 9th at 4:30 pmNANCY WALKER TRIOChrist Church Deer Park,1570 Yonge Street, (north of St. Clair at Heath St.)416-920-5211 www.thereslifehere.orgAdmission is free; donations are welcome.24 www.thewholenote.comApril 1 - May 7, 2010

publisher’s perchWeb SpinningD A viD PerlMAnWebspinning is something we are all doing moreof these days – in more ways than one – as ourlives and livelihoods get swallowed up by thatmother of all webs, the internet.Of course the best way to spin a web, as any spider cantell you, is to begin from a solid platform of one kindor another, and spin out single threads one at a time.At first these threads are almost invisible, but eventuallythey become something tangible and strong.The “solid platform” idea is not one that is universallyappreciated these days, in the lemming-like rush ofmany magazines to abandon print. Not so here at TheWholeNote. More than ever it is important to offerpeoplethe incentive to get out and about, whether it beto pick up a copy of a favourite magazine, or to sit in aroom, small or large, with real people, listening to livemusic.That being said, we too are diligently spinning away!Here are just some of the threads we’ve spun off fromour print magazine to the internet this month. (Thiscontent is all available online, at have two more “beat” columns on our website. Thefirst is a discussion by our regular music-theatre writer,Terry Robbins, about the advance of “canned” or electronicallygenerated music in Broadway musicals, andits implications for singers, instrumental musicians andshow producers. The second is a timely commentaryby Jack MacQuarrie, who usually writes about communitybands, on national anthems – in particular, onthe complex history of O Canada.counterpoint choraleOne thread at a time, a constant quiet shuttle, connectionsbetween our print magazine and our website continueto grow. For example, this month, in our bookreviewcolumn, “Book Shelf,” you’ll find two reviews,and a third that begins in the magazine but is continuedonline. Similarly, you’ll find more CD reviewsin our online version of “DISCoveries” than you’ll findin print.We hope our own web spinning will encourage curiousreaders to visit our website, where you’ll find more anddifferent content, and better tools with which to searchand enjoy that content.AcAdemy concert SerieS 32Aldeburgh conection 40AlexAnder KAtS 49AlexAnder SingerS AndPlAyerS 41AmAdeuS choir 30, 43AmAdeuS Voice Studio 48Amici 40AmoroSo 50Annex SingerS 32ArAdiA enSemble 15ArrAymuSic 34, 50ASSociAteS of the tSo 34AtmA 5bAch children’S choruS 42bAch elgAr choir 44bloor cinemA 55bremner duthie 48brySon WincheSter 50cAledon chAmber concertS36cAnAdiAn fluteASSociAtion 35cAnAdiAn oPerA comPAny 62cAnAdiAn SinfoniettA 33cAnclone SerViceS 53cAntemuS 32cAthedrAl bluffS SymPhonyorcheStrA 33chAmber muSic Society ofmiSSiSSAugA 33chriSt church deer PArKJAzz VeSPerS 24church of St. mArymAgdAlene 19clASSicAl 96.3fm 63advertisers indexheliconiAn hAll 52humbercreSt united church26internAtionAl touringProductionS 9iSlington united church 33JAzz PerformAnce AndeducAtion centre 36JeuneSSeS muSicAleSontArio 10John lAing SingerS 45Kindred SPiritS orcheStrA21, 28King edWArd choir 43lAKefield muSic cAmP 49le commenSAl 50liz PArKer 50lizPr 53locKWood ArS 50long & mcQuAde 24lucAS mArchAnd 49metroPolitAn unitedchurch 36miSSiSSAuguA SymPhony 41muSic At glenVieW 37muSic gAllery 21muSic toronto 9, 28muSiciAnS in ordinAry 37neW muSic concertS 20, 29nine SPArroWS ArtSfoundAtion 27norm PulKer 50north yorK concertorcheStrA 29northdAle concert bAnd 30Choral SceneroyAl conSerVAtory glenngould School 17, 23SAmAnthA chAng 29Sine nomine 35SinfoniA toronto 16, 28Sing for life 12Sound PoSt (the) 22SoundStreAmS 13Southern ontArio chAPterof the hymn Society 18St clementS AnglicAnchurch 34St thomAS A becKet church37St. PhiliP’S AnglicAnchurch 31StePhen SAtory 38SteVe’S muSic Store 22Studio 92 50Sue croWe connolly 48Syrinx concertS 27, 39tAfelmuSiK 2, 3tAlliS choir 39timothy eAton memoriAlchurch 31toronto beAch chorAle 40toronto chAmber choir 42toronto children’S choruS39toronto clASSicAl SingerS40toronto JAzz feStiVAl 24toronto mendelSSohnchoir 38toronto oPerettA theAtrenotA bene 4437cleArVieW community oAKhAm houSe choir 39 toronto School for StringScoAlition 34 Savouring the First off centre 3048 FruitscoSmo muSic 7oPerA Atelier 14 by mJ Buelltoronto Summer muSic 11deniSe WilliAmS 48 oPerA forte 41toronto SymPhonyPeople of all ages with “choir in theelorA feStiVAl SingerS 7 orcheStrA toronto 31 orcheStrA 4blood” feel September coming with a kindemile belcourt 48 orgAnix 7toronto WelSh mAle Voiceof giddy feeling, much like “back to [PageenSemble tryPtych 31 oriAnA SingerS 42choir 19school”—making sure you have youreSPrit orcheStrA 11 orPheuS choir 42uniVox 33binder, your pencils, and those all-importantright shoes. Those certain clothes ...24_Choral_exultAte 43PASQuAle broS. 52ViA SAlzburg 35fridAyS @ eight 41 PAttie Kelly 48ViVA! youth SingerS 49Are they all ready to go?george heinl 25PAx chriSti 36Wned buffAlo 62There’s delight and desperation in anticipatingwhat’s going to be in those foldersgeorgetoWn bAch chorAle Peter mAhon 19Women’S muSicAl club of29PhilhArmonic muSic ltd 49Conductortoronto 15waiting to be handed out. You set outglionnA mAnSellPort hoPe united church yAmAhA muSic School 48resolved to do a better job this year managingschedule and homework.corPorAtion 6148yorK JAzz _Elin enSemble 24grAnd PhilhArmonic choir roger bergS 49Fortunately the choral concert season64royAl cAnAdiAn college Osk.jpg]takes off gradually. But there are always ahArKnett muSicAl SerViceS of orgAniStS 32Elin Osk Oskarsdottirfew shiny early September apples.25Collaborations involving choral music in the early autumn usuallymean that some folks worked very hard in the late spring, and probablyalso gave up some of the late summer to HARKNETTrehearse - you don’t learn Mahler’sSymphony No. 3 in D minor overnight! The Toronto Children’sMusical Services Ltd.Chorus, the women of the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir, and mezzosopranoSusan Platts join forces with the Toronto MUSIC Symphony BOOKS OrchestraSeptember Instruments 17, 18 and & 20 Accessories in this magnificent major BEST work SELECTION that celebratesnature Sales and - all Rentals creation. - Lease to Own OF POPULAR &Canadian Brass choirs - Woodwind travel all - over the world. EDUCATIONAL In turn we enjoy MUSIC the privilegeof hosting String Instruments visiting choirs. - Guitar Choir administrators, Piano - Guitar and - Instrumental the families whovolunteer Buy for direct billeting from the when Distributor these exchanges happen, will tell you that it’sa bit like AUTHORIZED playing the lottery DEALER – FOR: they’re coming 905-477-1141when?!!! Sometimes everyonegets Conn, lucky, Getzen, audiences Holton, Jupiter, included. What 2650 better John time Street, to visit Unit Toronto 15Armstrong, Artley, Besson, Buffet,than September, Keilworth, when King, we Noblet, are not yet drowning (Just in North a wealth of Steeles) of choralconcert offerings, Selmer, Vito, and Yanagisawa we often have some www.harknettmusic.comof our most beautiful weather!The Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir’s “An Evening of Song – NosonO Gân” features the Llanelli Male Choir on tour from Bynea, WalesApril 1 - May 7, 2010 25(September 20). The 65-voice Hafnarfjordur Opera Choir from Icelandwill breathe new life into the newly refurbished Mazzoleni Concert

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