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Volume 16 Issue 3 - November 2010

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Beat by Beat / In the

Beat by Beat / In the ClubsThere’s No PlaceLike HomeORI DAGANThere’s no place like the Tranzac. Home to countless artists andaudiences for nearly 40 years, it’s far more than a building richwith history. Initially intended to promote and foster Aussieand Kiwi cultures, with the passing decades the Toronto AustraliaNew Zealand Club has become less focused on “Down Under” andmore inclusive of “all over.” In other words, it has become a trulyCanadian institution which values diversity, freedom and respect.A springboard for the arts,the Tranzac has launched successeslike Rock Plaza Centraland The Evil Dead: TheMusical; it has also housed theBlocks Blocks Blocks recordingclub, which has releasedover 50 albums, including releasesfrom two Polaris Prizewinninggroups. Closely associatedwith the Tranzac are theFlying Cloud Folk Club, a presenterof folk and roots musicin its 28th year; and the NomadActing Group, a dramacollective kicked off by rugbyplayers some 35 years ago.Just about every night in theedge, non-commercial music,Toronto’s Tranzac Club.including folk, jazz, fusion, experimental and avant-garde. Venuesthat welcome creativity over commercialism – not to mention whereaudiences are encouraged to closely listen rather than talk over themusic – are rarities on Toronto’s live music scene. The Tranzac is asales, donations, rental of facilities and grant funding.Following a loss of ,000 last year (the result of ongoing mortgagedebt, drop in revenue, unexpected building maintenance, risein property taxes, security fees and being dumped by the FringeFestival) the Tranzac recently announced a desperate need to raise,000 by the end of 2010 in order to keep the doors to the MainHall, Tiki Room and Southern Cross Lounge open.For many Torontonians the Tranzac is invaluable. “My colleaguesand I have relied on the Tranzac as a home to a vibrant anddiverse arts community, and a platform to develop our musicianshipand grow artistically,” says guitarist Harley Card. “There is no othervenue in Toronto where we feel as encouraged to do this.”Artistic director of Toronto Downtown Jazz, Josh Grossman isalso a fervent supporter. “The club’s willingness to program and invitechallenging forms of art should be applauded. Without boundary-pushingartists, art cannot advance – and without venues suchas the Tranzac, boundary-pushing artists will have nowhere to plytheir trade. It is my hope that the Tranzac will come through its cur-to’scultural scene.”The Tranzac’s manager, Michael Owen-Liston, is optimisticabout the fundraising campaign. “The energy and momentum thatwe are mobilizing now will be a great asset to more than just shorttermfundraising. We know that the people who are stepping forwardwith their support right now feel a unique connection to thiscommunity, a relationship that they don’t have anywhere else, andwe have an opportunity here to capitalize on that investment.continued on page 5212 thewholenote.comNovember 1 - December 7, 2010PHOTO SN BIANCA

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