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Volume 16 Issue 8 - May 2011

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larlyintense is Wierbos

larlyintense is Wierbos using elephantinebrays, capillary burbles and rubato snorts toeventually shift the tempo so the two end upswinging with identical microtones.Lori Freedman, Mats Gustaffson and Also on thethe independent release Out in Front by theLarry Bond Quartet; along with a reviewby Geoff Chapman of 100 Best of Blue NoteOld Wine, New Bottles | Fine Old Recordings Re-ReleasedIof a series of new performances ofmemorable music written for motionpictures up to that time. Charles Gerhardtwas the conductor and the producer for theThe Sea Hawk:Classic Film Scoresof Erich WolfgangKorngold. Here wasmusic played withall the attentionusually given onlythe “classics” – afull symphonyorchestra, state ofthe art engineeringprocessing.Gerhardt was anideal choice as hehad worked forresponsible for titles that t sold in the millions!He had already created his recordingLondon’s best recording venues were usedfor the sessions. Twelve more of The ClassicFilm Scores were issued from 1972 untiland some were re-issued with additionalAll these still compelling performances havebeen caringly transferred from the originalanalogue tapes to digital masters for release appropriately, The Sea Hawk (RCA88697–77932) which sounds glorious. Itis an impressive tribute to the orchestra,conductor, the original recording engineerand the people responsible for the splendidremastered sound, but mainly to thecomposer, the acknowledged wunderkindwho came to Hollywood from Vienna. TheRobin Hood, Captain Blood, AnthonyAdverse, and Kings Row. Korngold hasBRUCE SURTEESincluding Prince and the Pauper, The SeaWolf, and Of Human Bondage (88697–, with music by Korngold,Franz Waxman, Hugo Friedhofer and MaxSteiner.Steiner’smasterpiece, theunforgettableGone with theWind is heardalmost complete,from the openingfanfare to theTo my mind, thismusic of the genre(88697–77935).Also by Steiner,once a pupilof Brahms andVoyager” whichalso includes KingKong, The Big Sleep, The Fountainhead,The Informer“Casablanca” has scores for Bogart movieshas eight of Waxman’s scores includingBride of Frankensteinof my favourites, Captain from Castile(88697–77936), also contains AlfredThe Robe,Wuthering Heights, Anastasia, and sixothers. The last to be recorded was “LostSpellbound(88967–81269) is devoted to nine scoresThe Red Houseand Double Indemnity. “Citizen Kane” hasincluding Hangover Square: the ConcertoMacabre (88697–81264). “has 12 scores written for her by Steiner,Finally, the odd man out … not the movieconducts the Philharmonia Orchestra inhis own music for Laura, The Bad and theBeautiful and Forever AmberThese composers did not write every noteAlways find more reviews online at thewholenote.comunder their name. The studios all employedorchestrators on whom the composer reliedorchestrator for his movies. Accoladesfor the people at Sony who revived thisexceptional series from the golden age ofclassical recording.Alfred Brendelhas retired fromthe concert stage,although we veryrecently heard himin Toronto’s KoernerHall expoundingon Beethoven’shumour in music, a of Beethoven, recorded and re-recorded,continue to attract music lovers everywhere.Decca has re-packaged his Philipsrecordings made between 1970 and 1977of the complete piano sonatas and thepiano concertos (4782607). Many regardhis interpretations of Beethoven duringthis period as the most interesting, hisrecordings garnering favourable reviews in awith Bernard Haitink and the LondonPhilharmonic Orchestra recorded when hewas their principal conductor. The new setA second ultrabudgetBrendelset from Decca isan all Schubertcollection of the latepiano sonatas, theImpromptus, theWanderer Fantasy,the 16 German in 1987 and 1988 (4782622, 7 CDs). As inthe Beethoven performances above, Brendelis also competing with his own earliercomparing performances while others simplywant one good recording of a work. TheseBrendel’s mature thoughts on this repertoire,excellently recorded.68 thewholenote.comMay 1 – June 7, 2011

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