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Volume 17 Issue 9 - June 2012

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FOR OPENERS | DAVID PERLMANPassing theTorchOne or two of you will remember that in last month’s ForOpeners I raked the Glenn Gould Foundation over thecoals for cutting the Award’s classical balls off. So you maybe surprised (and maybe disappointed) to hear that, onlya couple of weeks later, I attended the May 14 Massey Hall gala concertat which LeonardCohen received the ninthGlenn Gould FoundationAward, stood for everystanding ovation, andwiped away more than acouple of tears.You might be lesssurprised, if no less disappointed,if you hadknown that in my onlyThreeorchestramembers,SistemaToronto,winner of theGlenn GouldFoundation’sCity ofTorontoProtégéPrize.slightly more demented university days,I was the individual who could, on agiven day, rise up from the audience ata mass meeting in the Great Hall, blastthe organizers for irrelevance, and leada walkout, headed for the cafeteria. And,only a couple of weeks later, storm into the cafeteria, bellow at thechip-and-gravy-eating masses to get up off their apathetic arses, andlead a sheepish throng back to the Great Hall for a meeting.You might be even more forgiving if I explain that I bought my firstguitar in 1968 specifically to learn Suzanne, in the hopes of persuadingMoira LePage to let me touch her perfect body with anything. Andthis was half way round the world, long before I even knew, let alonecared, that Leonard Cohen was a Canadian.It was a wonderful evening, full ofnuance and grace, a funny funny storyfrom Cohen himself about the first ofhis two meetings with Gould himself(as a reporter), and another fine account,from Adrienne Clarkson, herself, abouthow she tried unsuccessfully to get aliterary travel grant from the CanadaCouncil, back in its infancy, for thishot young Montreal poet she “held atorch for” to come do a reading for theyoung ladies of St. Hilda’s (Universityof Toronto). Cohen himself did get aCanada Council Grant in those earlyyears, it was explained – a princely ,the first money anyone ever gave himjust to “be a writer.” (In return, he donatedhis ,000 prize back to the Canada Council.)Suzanne remained, blessedly, unsung, and the only snippet ofHallelujah came in a little video clip sung and played by the childrenSN BiancaThe WholeNote The Toronto Concert-Goer’s GuideVolume 17 No 9 | JUN 1 – jul 7, 2012720 Bathurst St., Suite 503,Toronto ON M5S 2R4Main TelePHOne 416-323-2232Fax 416-603-4791SwiTCHBOard & General Inquiries Ext 21Chairman of the Board | Allan Pulkerdirectors@thewholenote.comPublisher/Editor In Chief | David Perlmanpublisher@thewholenote.comCD Editor | David Oldsdiscoveries@thewholenote.comEvent Advertising/MembershipKaren Ages | members@thewholenote.comAdvertising/Production Support/OperationsJack Buell | adart@thewholenote.comDirector of MarketingGarry Page | marketing@thewholenote.comListings DepartmentSharna Searle | Listings Editorlistings@thewholenote.comOri Dagan | Associate Editor: Jazz, The, etc@thewholenote.comWebsiteBryson Winchester | systems@thewholenote.comCirculation, Display Stands & SubscriptionsChris Malcolm | circulation@thewholenote.comPatrick Slimmon | patrick@thewholenote.comOmdC and The Ontario ArTS Councilare agencies of the Government of OntarioThanks to this month’s contributorsBeat ColumnistsART OF SONG | Hans de GrootBandstand | Jack MacQuarriebook shelf | Pamela MarglesclaSSical & beyond | Sharna SearleCHOral scene | Benjamin SteindiSCOveries | David OldsEarly Music | Simone Desiletsin the cluBS | Ori Daganin wiTH the new | David PerlmanJazz nOTes | Jim GallowayMusical life | mJ buellmusic theatre | Robert WallaceOpera | Christopher HoileWorld Music | Andrew TimarFeaturesPamela MarglesCD ReviewersKaren Ages, Alex Baran, Stuart Broomer,Duncan Chisholm, Max Christie, Daniel Foley,Janos Gardonyi, Wallace Halladay,Richard Haskell, Tiina Kiik, Roger Knox,Allan Pulker, Cathy Riches, Terry Robbins,Michael Schwartz, Bruce Surtees, Ken Waxman,Dianne WellsProofreadingSharna Searle, Karen Ages, Ori DaganListingsOri Dagan, Richard Haskell,Sharna Searle, Adam WeinmannLayout & DesignUno RamatCover PhotographiPandastudio / iStockphotoSuBSCriPTions per year + HST (10 issues)Upcoming Dates & DeadlinesFree Event Listings Deadline6pm Friday June 15Display Ad Reservations Deadline6pm Friday June 15Advertising Materials Due6pm Monday June 18Publication DateFriday June 29Next issue, Volume 17 No 10 is ourSummer Double Issue and coversJuly 1 to September 7, 2012WholeNote Media Inc. accepts no responsibility orliability for claims made for any product or servicereported on or advertised in this issue.Printed in CanadaCouto Printing & Publishing ServicesCirculation StatementMay 2012: 30,000 printed & distributed.Canadian Publication Product Sales Agreement1263846ISSN 14888-8785 WHOlenOTEPublications Mail Agreement #40026682Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to:WholeNote Media Inc.503–720 Bathurst StreetToronto ON M5S 2R4COPyriGHT © 2012 WHOlenOTe Media Incthewholenote.com6 June 1 – July 7, 2012

THE ALDEBURGH CONNECTIONpresents the sixth annualBayfield Festival of SongTown Hall, Bayfield, Ontario June 2 – 10, 2012of Sistema Toronto, the organization Cohen chose to receive the City ofToronto Glenn Gould Protégé Prize that goes with the Award. (OscarPeterson chose Benny Green for his protégé when Peterson won thethird GGF award in 1993, and Benny Green has a concert during thisyear’s Toronto Jazz Festival, June 28 at the Church of the Holy Trinity.But that’s another story.)Sistema Toronto is an offshoot of El Sistema. Founded in 1975 byVenezuelan economist and musician José Antonio Abreu, El Sistemais a publically financed, voluntary sector music education program inthat country, responsible for bringing music lessons to almost half amillion children, many of them otherwise at risk. It has also spawnedscores of community orchestras, and produced astonishing musicaltalents, such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s current conductorGustavo Dudamel. Abreu, you may remember, was the previous GGFAward winner, two years ago.That was one of the teary moments in the evening for me, when twoof the children from Parkdale Junior School, where Sistema Torontois now quietly, and astoundingly, taking root, stepped onto the stageto accept the prize. I’m not sure what was more moving: watchingan old man, still full of fire and grace bend to pass the torch, the giftof making music, across one generation to the next; or watching amovement that offers so much musical hope successfully transplantedfrom statist roots to a tiny patch of individual Toronto soil.Either way, the torch was passed. Long may it burn.—David Perlman, publisher@thewholenote.comCorrectionThe ChoirsOntario Leslie BellPrize for ChoralConducting,announced onpage 55 of lastmonth’s magazine,incorrectly statedthe eligibilityrequirements forcandidates andtheir nominees.a correctednotice can befound underCOMPETITIONSon page 44 of thecurrent issue.Join us!Artistic Directors: STEPHEN RALLS & BRUCE UBUKATASeven Concerts of Classical Song, withAdrianne Pieczonka, Virginia Hatfield,Laura Tucker, Megan Latham, AlexanderDobson, Geoffrey Sirett and many othersTickets to Call 416.735.7982 or 519.565.5600 or visitthe Village Bookshop, 20A Catherine St., Bayfieldwww.bayfieldfestival.orgJune 1 – July 7, 7

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