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Volume 18 Issue 9 - June/July/August 2013

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Glick: The Hour Has

Glick: The Hour Has Come; Halley: Song forCanada; Sea to Sea: Folk Songs of Canada.Elmer Iseler Singers, Lydia Adams, conductor.CWSC. -; 10:00: President’sGala. James Campbell, clarinet. CWSC. .ElmerIselerSingersLydia Adams, ConductorCome to Parry Soundto attend the GALAOPENING CONCERTof theFestival of the Soundfeaturing theElmer Iseler Singers onThursday, July 18, 7:30 pm.Tickets and information:1-866-364-0061●●July 19, 7:30: Ontario Reflections. Lau:Great North Overture; Impressions for BrassBand; Teehan: Wildfire; Ridout: Fall Fair;Coakley: Celebration; Cable: Ontario Pictures.Hannaford Street Silver Band. CWSC.-.●●July 20, 12:00: Family Concert. Aboriginalfiddle music. Strings Across the Sky,Andrea Hansen, conductor. CWSC. Free; 7:30:Opera Gala. Arias, duets and ensembles fromoperas and operettas by Strauss, Gershwin,Gilbert and Sullivan, and Verdi. Virginia Hatfield,soprano; Gabrielle Prata, mezzo; MarkDuBois, tenor; David Pomeroy, tenor; PeterMcGillivray, baritone; Anagnoson & Kinton,piano duo. CWSC. -.●●July 21, 6:00: A Viennese Gala Dinner: AMasked “Ball.” Works by Strauss, Kreislerand Brahms. Leslie Fagan, soprano; GabriellePrata, mezzo; Mark DuBois, tenor; PeterMcGillivray, baritone; Moshe Hammer, violin;Glen Montgomery, piano, Anagnoson &Kinton, piano duo. CWSC. 0.●●July 22, 7:00: Klezmer Cruise. Works andperformers TBA. PSTD. .●●July 23, 2:30: Voices Lost. Glick: I NeverSaw Another Butterfly; Klein: Variations on aMoravian Theme; Ullmann: Theme and Variationson a Hebrew Theme; Morawetz: Fromthe Diary of Anne Frank. Marion Newman,mezzo; Moshe Hammer, violin; Ron Ephrat,viola; Yegor Dyachkov, cello; Magdalena vonEccher, piano; Alan Stein, painter; Jim Pletzer,visual artist. CWSC. -; 6:45: Lecture.Jeffrey Stokes, lecturer. See listings sectionD, “The ETCeteras,” under Lectures & Symposia;7:30: Voices Eternal. Shostakovich: StringQuartet No.8; Messiaen: Quartet for the Endof Time. James Campbell, clarinet; MosheHammer and Gil Sharon, violin; Ron Ephrat,viola; Yegor Dyachkov, cello; Gryphon Trio.CWSC. -.●●July 24, 10:30am: Bach Around Town.Bach: Partita No.2 in d BWV1004. MosheHammer, violin. FSG. Free; 12:00: Pianoand Strings. Brahms: Fantasy Op.116; Schumann:Piano Quintet in E-flat Op.44. TiberiusSummer FestivalsString Quartet; Jamie Parker, piano. CWSC.-. 2:30: Beethoven and Brahms.Beethoven: Cello Sonata in A Op.69; Brahms:String Quartet in c Op.51 No.1. New ZealandString Quartet; Yegor Dyachkov, cello; MartinRoscoe, piano. CWSC. -; 6:45: Conversationswith Keith. Keith Horner, host. Seelistings section D, “The ETCeteras,” underLectures & Symposia. 7:30: Piano Masterworks.Schubert: Sonata No.19 in c D958;Elgar: Piano Quintet in a Op.84. MartinRoscoe, piano; New Zealand String Quartet.CWSC. -.●●July 25, 11:00am: Strings in the Morning.Dvořák: Sonatina in G Op.100; Brahms: StringQuartet in a Op.51 No.2. Moshe Hammer,violin; Glen Montgomery, piano; New ZealandString Quartet. CWSC. -; 4:15: MusicApres Cruise. Dohnányi: Three Pieces forPiano; Dvořák: String Quartet in E-flat Op.97.Martin Roscoe, piano; Moshe Hammer and GilSharon, violin; Ron Ephrat and Jozsef Molnar,viola; Yegor Dyachkov, cello. CWSC. -.7:30: Dvořák in America. Martinů: ThreeCzech Dances; Smetana: String QuartetNo.1 in e “From My Life”; Burleigh: Spirituals;Dvořák: String Quartet in F Op.96 “American.”Peter McGillivray, baritone; Glen Montgomery,piano; Martin Roscoe, piano; TiberiusString Quartet. CWSC. -.●●July 26, 10:30am: Bach Around Town.Bach: Suite No.3 in C BWV1009; Sonata No.1in g BWV1001. Douglas Beilman, violin; RolfGjelsten, cello; New Zealand String Quartet.MTH. Pwyc; 12:00: Very Young Artists Perform.Brahms: Clarinet Sonata in f Op.120No.1; Mendelssohn: Piano Trio No.1 in d Op.49.James Campbell, clarinet; Eva Aronian, violin;Tate Zawadiuk, cello; Stephen Nguyen andMartin Roscoe, piano. CWSC. -; 1:45:Lecture. Jeffrey Stokes, lecturer. See listingssection D, “The ETCeteras,” under Lectures& Symposia. 2:30: The Spirit of the Land.Enescu: Romanian Rhapsody; Bartók: Contrasts;Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No.15;Brahms: Hungarian Dances; Theodore: Uponthe Arles. James Campbell, clarinet; MosheHammer and Gil Sharon, violin; Ron Ephrat,viola; Yegor Dyachov, cello; Glen Montgomery,piano; Tiberius String Quartet; JeffreyStokes, lecturer. CWSC. -; 6:45: Conversationswith Keith. Keith Horner, host. Seelistings section D, “The ETCeteras,” underLectures & Symposia; 7:30: Folk Influencesfrom Central Europe. Haydn: String QuartetOp.64 No.5 “The Lark”; Bartók: Rhapsody onRomanian Folk Songs; Brahms: Piano Quartetin g Op.25. Moshe Hammer and Gil Sharon,violins; Ron Ephrat, viola; Yegor Dyachov,cello; Martin Roscoe, piano; Tiberius StringQuartet; Jeffrey Stokes, lecturer.●●July 27, 7:30: Classic Reinventions. TheSwingle Singers’ 50th Anniversary Concert.Works by Bach, Chopin and others. CWSC.-.●●July 28, 7:00: The Star of Robbie Burns.Selections from Brigadoon. Charlotte Corwin,soprano; Benjamin Covey, baritone; MelodyMcShane, piano; R.H. Thompson, narrator.CWSC. .●●July 29, 7:00: Viva Mexico Mariachi Cruise.Viva Mexico, mariachi band. PSTD. .●●July 30, 10:30am: Bach for Keyboard.Glen Montgomery, piano; Magdalena vonEccher, piano. CWSC. Pwyc; 12:00: TheWell Tempered Klavier. Glen Montgomery,piano; Magdalena von Eccher, piano.TheStar ofRobbieBurnswithR.H. Thomson | ActorCharlotte Corwin | SopranoBenjamin Covey | BaritoneMelody McShane | PianistFESTIVAL OFTHE SOUNDSUNDAYJULY 28 | 7:00pmCWSC. -; 2:30: Bach Around Town.Bach: Flute Sonatas No.2 in E-flat BWV1031and No.4 in C BWV1033; Telemann: Sonatain F; Couperin: Le Rossignol en amour;Handel: Harmonious Blacksmith Variations.Suzanne Shulman, flute; Erica Goodman,harp. SAPC. Pwyc;. 6:45: Lecture. Larry Beckwith,conductor. See listings section D, “TheETCeteras,” under Lectures & Symposia;7:30: Handel’s Acis and Galatea. JacquelineWoodley, soprano; Lawrence Wiliford, tenor;Peter McGillivray, baritone; Toronto MasqueTheatre, Larry Beckwith, conductor. CWSC.-.●●July 31, 12:00: Complete Beethoven for 2Pianos 4 Hands. Beethoven: Sonata in D Op.6;Eight Variations on a Theme by Count Waldsteinin C WoO67; Three Marches Op.45; SixVariations on “Ich denke dein” in D WoO74;Grosse Fuge in B-flat Op.134. Anagnoson &Kinton, piano duo. CWSC. -; 2:30:Romantic Piano. Chopin: Ballade No.4 in fOp.52; Franck: Piano Quintet in f. AlexanderTselyakov, piano; Cecilia String Quartet; 6:45:Lecture. Anagnoson & Kinton, piano duo;Beverley Johnston, percussion. See listingssection D, “The ETCeteras,” under Lectures& Symposia; 7:30: A Piano Celebration. Mussorgsky:Pictures at an Exhibition; Britten:Gemini Variations Op.73; Bartók: Sonata fortwo Pianos and Percussion BB115. AlexanderTselyakov, piano; Suzanne Shulman, flute;Atis Bankas, violin; Beverley Johnston andEd Reifel, percussion; Anagnoson & Kinton,piano duo.●●August 1, 10:30am: Haydn in the Morning.Haydn: Quartets Op.20 No.4 and Op.77 No.2.Cecilia String Quartet. CWSC. Pwyc; 12:00:Beethoven at Noon. Beethoven: QuartetsOp.18 No.5 and Op.131. Afiara String Quartet.CWSC. -; 2:30: Modern Music inthe Afternoon. Shostakovich: Quartet No.9;Ravel: Quartet. Cecilia String Quartet. CWSC.-. 7:30: Masterworks for Strings inthe Evening. Mozart: Quartet No.19 in C K465“Dissonance”; Janáček: Kreutzer Sonata;Mendelssohn: Octet in E-flat Op.20. Afiaraand Cecilia String Quartets. CWSC. -.●●August 2, 10:30: Discussion. Glen Montgomery,piano; Maia Vimboule, teacher. Seelistings section D, “The ETCeteras,” underLectures & Symposia. 1:00: The Edge.Curcin: Walking Away From; Abigaña: QuartetNo.2; Murphy: String Octet. Afiara andCecilia String Quartets. CWSC. . 4:00:An English Garden Tea. Vaughan Williams:Fantasia on Greensleeves; Handel: HarmoniousBlacksmith; Doppler: Andante andRondo; Beethoven: Variations on “Last Roseof Summer”; Grainger: Country Gardens; andother works. Suzanne Shulman, flute; JamesCampbell, clarinet; Glen Montgomery, piano;Erica Goodman, harp. CWSC. -. 7:30:Three Faces of Ebony. Schubert/Newbould:Sonatina in a; Gilliland: Three Faces of Ebony;Rheinhardt: Nuages and Tears; G. Campbell:Mid-February, As You Near Me. James Campbell,clarinet; Graham Campbell, guitar; AfiaraString Quartet. CWSC. -.●●August 3, 3:45: Lecture. Allan Gilliland,composer. See listings section D,“The ETCeteras,” under Lectures & Symposia.4:30: Time Out. Celebration of themusic of Dave Brubeck. Phil Dwyer, saxophone;Dave Restivo, piano; Dave Young,bass; Terry Clarke, drums. CWSC. -.7:30: Giants of the Saxophone. A tribute toStan Getz, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane andother master saxophonists. Pat LaBarbera,Phil Dwyer and Perry White, saxophones;Dave Restivo, piano; Dave Young, bass; TerryClarke, drums. CWSC. -.●●August 4, 2:30: Gene DiNovi’s AmericanSongbook. Patricia O’Callaghan, soprano;Sienna Dahlen, vocals; Gene DiNovi, piano.CWSC. -. 7:30: Toronto All-Star BigBand. Favourites from the Swing Era. CWSC.-.●●August 5, 7:00: Jazz Cruise on the Bay.Denzal Sinclaire, jazz vocals; Drew Jurecka,violin; Phil Dwyer, saxophone; Dave Young,bass; Terry Clarke, drums. PSTD. .●●August 6, 2:30: Bach Around Town. Bach:Cantata “Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen”BWV51; Vivaldi: Cantata; Handel: Organ Concerto;Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No.2BWV1047. Leslie Fagan, soprano; Guy Few,trumpet; Cynthia Hiebert, harpsichord; WilliamMcArton, organ. SJUC. . 7:30: HotClub of France. Swinging gypsy jazz of prewarParis. Mark Fewer and Drew Jurecka,violin; Hot Club of Parry Sound. CWSC.-.●●August 7, 12:00: Exiles in America, Exiles inParis. Korngold: Selections from Much AdoAbout Nothing Op.11; Marietta’s Lied; Martinů:Jazz Sonata; and works by Weill, S. Brechtand Stuff Smith. Mark Fewer and DrewJurecka, violin; Graham Campbell, guitar; JoelQuarrington, double bass; Andrew Burashko,piano; Craig Harley, piano. CWSC. -.2:30: Before the Storm. Hindemith: TrumpetSonata; Bartók: String Quartet No.6.Guy Few, trumpet; Angela Park, piano; PendereckiString Quartet; Alan Stein, painter.CWSC. -. 6:45: Conversations withKeith. Keith Horner, host. See listings sectionD, “The ETCeteras,” under Lectures & Symposia.7:30: Masters in the Evening. Schumann:Piano Quartet in E-flat Op.47; Dvořák: StringQuartet No.13 in G Op.106; Glinka: Sextet forPiano and Strings. Ensemble Made in Canada(piano quartet); Penderecki String Quartet;Yehonatan Berick, violin; Joel Quarrington,double bass; Andrew Burashko, piano. CWSC.-.●●August 8, 12:00: Haydn and Schubert. RepertoireTBA. Yehonaton Berick and ElissaLee, violins; Rachel Mercer, cello; Joel Quarrington,double bass; Andrew Burashko,piano. CWSC. -. 2:30: Two Times Five.Reicha: Wind Quintet Op.88; Mozart: StringQuintet in g K516. Members of the Festival70 | June 7 – September 7, 2013

Winds; Mark Fewer, Yehonatan Berick andElissa Lee, violin; Sharon Wei, viola; KatieSchlaikjer, cello. CWSC. -. 6:45: Conversationswith Keith. Keith Horner, host.See listings section D, “The ETCeteras,”under Lectures & Symposia. 7:30: Mastersof the Classics. Mozart: Oboe Quartet K370;Hummel: Septet in d Op.74; Beethoven: Septetin E-flat Op.20. James Mason, oboe; JamesCampbell, clarinet; James McKay, bassoon;Ken MacDonald, horn; Penderecki StringQuartet; and others. CWSC. -.●●August 9, 12:00: Music for Fun. Turina:Piano Quartet Op.67; Casella: SerenadeOp.46; Mendelssohn: Concert Piece Op.113;Chopin: Concert Etude in A-flat. James Campbelland David Bourque, clarinet; JamesMcKay, bassoon; Guy Few, trumpet; MarkFewer, violin; Rachel Mercer, cello; andothers. CWSC. -. 2:30: Bach AroundTown. Pachelbel: Canon in D; Bach: Suite inb; Purcell: Trumpet tune; Handel: Arrival ofthe Queen of Sheba: Gluck: Orfeo; and otherworks. Julie Baumgartel, violin; Festival Baroque.CWSC. -. 6:45: Conversationswith Keith. Keith Horner, host. See listingssection D, “The ETCeteras,” under Lectures &Symposia. 7:30: Carnival Night. Saint-Saëns:Carnival of the Animals; Gilliland: Fantasia onThemes from Bernstein’s West Side Story;Bellini: Ah, non credea mirati, from La Sonnambula;Bottesini: Grand Duo Concertante;Plog: Animal Ditties. Leslie Fagan, soprano;James Campbell, clarinet; Guy Few, trumpet;Joel Quarrington, double bass; FestivalOrchestra; and others. CWSC. -.●●August 10, 7:30: The Orford Six Pianos.Verdi/Patenaude: La forza del destino; Ravel/Patenaude: Pavane pour une infant défunte;Ravel/Perron: Mother Goose; Mussorgsky/Roy: Night on the Bald Mountain; Wagner/Patenaude:Overture to “Tannhäuser”; Gershwin/Godin: Rhapsody in Blue. Orford Six Pianos.CWSC. -.●●August 11, 2:30: Carmina Burana. LeslieFagan, soprano; Peter McGillivray, baritone;James Bourne, piano; Beverley Johnston,percussion;Toronto Mendelssohn Choir,Noel Edison, conductor; and others. CWSC.-.Guelph Jazz FestivalSeptember 4 to September 8Guelph, ON519-763-4952guelphjazzfestival.comGuelph Jazz Festival listings will appear inour September issue’s daily listings SectionB, Concerts Beyond the GTA. Listings wereunavailable at press time. See GJF websitefor details.Highlands Opera StudioAugust 6 to August 29Haliburton, ON1-855-457-9933highlandsoperastudio.comNL – Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion,5358 County Road 21SG – St. George’s Anglican Church, 122 HighlandStreet●●August 6, 8:00: Operatic Highlights Concert1. SG. .●●August 8, 8:00: Operatic Highlights Concert2. SG. .●●August 11, 2:00: Richard Margison &Friends: Fund-Raising Concert. NL. .●●August 13, 8:00: Brittenania: A Celebrationof Benjamin Britten. NL. .●●August 16, 8:00: Operatic Highlights AlumniConcert. NL. .●●August 23, 8:00: La Traviata. Verdi. AmburBraid, soprano (Violetta Aug 23, 25, 29); LuizaZhuleva, soprano (Violetta Aug 27); AdamLuther, tenor (Alfredo). NL. . Also Aug25(mat), 27, 29.●●August 25, 2:00: La Traviata. See Aug 23.●●August 27, 8:00: La Traviata. See Aug 23.●●August 29, 8:00: La Traviata. See Aug 23.Highlands Summer FestivalJuly 1 to August 9Haliburton, ON1-855-457-9933highlandssummerfestival.on.caAll events at Northern Lights Performing ArtsPavilion, 5358 County Road 21, Haliburton.●●July 1-5, 8:00: Nunsense. A comedy musicalreview. .50. Also July 10-12.●●July 7-9, 8:00: Wingfield’s Inferno. Dan Needles.Featuring Rod Beattie. .50.●●July 10-12, 8:00: Nunsense. See July 1.●●July 15-19, 8:00: Our Town. ThorntonWilder. .50. Also July 24-26.●●July 21-23, 8:00: Bohemians In Brooklyn. Acabaret by Tom Allen. .50.●●July 24-26, 8:00: Our Town. See July 15.●●July 29-August 2, 8:00: The Sunshine Boys.Neil Simon. .50. Also Aug 6-9.●●August 6-9, 8:00: The Sunshine Boys. SeeJuly 29.Huntsville Festival of the ArtsJuly 4 to August 28Huntsville, ON705-789-4975huntsvillefestival.on.caAll concerts 8pm, at Algonquin Theatre, 37Main Street East, Huntsville, except Valdy,July 17, 8pm, at Trinity United Church, 33 MainStreet East, Huntsville.July 4: Soweto Gospel Choir. ; (sr);(youth).July 6: Amy Sky. ; (sr); (youth).July 9: Deric Ruttan. ; (sr);(youth).July 11: Madison Violet. ; (sr);(youth)July 12: Michael Kim – The evolution of thePiano. ; (sr); (youth).July 17: Valdy. ; (youth).July 18: Downchild Blues Band. ; (sr);(youth).July 20: Wingfield (Lost & Found). ;(youth).July 24: Whitehorse. ; (sr);(youth).July 25: Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy –Fiddles and Keys. ; (sr); (youth).July 27: Toronto Mass Choir. ; (sr);(youth).August 2: Toronto All-Star Big Band. ;(sr); (youth).August 3: Peter Appleyard & The SophisticatedLadies. ; (sr); (youth).August 9: All That Jazz. ; (youth).August 10: Hawksley Workman. ; (sr);(youth).August 16: Classic Albums Live – AC/DC Backin Black. ; (sr); (youth).August 23: Victoria Duffield. ; (youth).August 27: Bruce Cockburn. ; (sr);(youth).August 28: Bruce Cockburn. ; (sr);(youth).Indian River FestivalJune 16 to September 19Indian River, PEI1-866-856-3733indianriverfestival.comAll concerts at St. Mary’s Church, 1374 HamiltonRoad, Indian River, Prince Edward Island.●●June 16, 3:00: Youth Legacy Concert. Featuringwinners of the Indian River FestivalPerformance Award. Jocelyn Yang, DebutAtlantic’s Young Artist Award winner. .●●June 22, 7:30: Ben Heppner, tenor. WithJohn Hess, piano. .●●July 6, 7:30: Anúna. Featuring Ireland’sNational Choir. ; (sr).●●July 7, 7:30: Falling in Love Again. Featuringcabaret, opera and theatre favourites. JeanStilwell, mezzo; Robert Kortgaard, piano. ;(sr).●●July 12, 7:30: Isabel Bayrakdarian, soprano,and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra. Worksby Ravel, Sayat-Nova, Glass, Kradjian andearly female troubadours. Anne Manson, conductor.; (sr).●●July 14, 7:30: Vincent Lauzer, recorder, andMark Edwards, harpsichord. In Recital. ;(sr).●●July 18, 7:30: Jimmy Rankin, vocals. Songsof everyday turmoil of living and loving. ;(sr).●●July 19, 7:30: Rose Cousins,singer-songwriter. Folk/pop music. Guest:Tom Terrell. ; (sr).●●July 21, 7:30: Denzal Sinclaire, jazz vocals.Jazz music. ; (sr).●●July 26, 7:30: Jenn Grant and MeaghanBlanchard. Singer-songwriters. ; (sr).●●July 28, 7:30: JP Cormier, singer-songwriter.Bluegrass, folk and country music.; (sr).●●August 2, 7:30: Midsummer Magic. Anevening of old-fashioned elegance. Works byNovello, Coward and others. Krisztina Szabó,mezzo; Alexander Dobson, baritone; SuzanneLemieux, oboe; Peter Tiefenbach and RobertKortgaard, piano. ; (sr).●●August 3, 7:30: Saturday Night at theOpera. Krisztina Szabo, mezzo; Pascale Beaudin,soprano; Alexander Dobson, baritone;Peter Tiefenbach and Robert Kortgaard,piano. ; (sr).●●August 4, 7:30: Requiem. Rutter. IndianRiver Festival Singers; Midsummer MagicEnsemble. Tim Cooper, conductor. ;(sr).●●August 8, 7:30: The McDades. Celtic music.; (sr).●●August 9, 7:30: Old Man Luedecke. Folk,bluegrass and pop music. ; (sr).●●August 11, 7:30: Chris Norman and DavidGreenberg. Celtic, baroque and originalmusic, incorporating flutes, violins, vielles,pipes, keyboards and voice. ; (sr).●●August 12, 7:30: The Good Lovelies. Allfemalefolk music trio. ; (sr).●●August 15, 7:30: Célébrez la fête nationaledes Acadiens. A celebration of the richcultural heritage of the Acadians. Hélène Bergeron,Louise Arsenault and JJ Chaisson, June 7 – September 7, 2013 | 71

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