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Volume 2 Issue 1 - September 1996

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September '96 / Pulse availability at libraries CITY OF TORONTO NOW ON BOARD Yes, the final piece in the library distribution puzzle is now almost in place: but the rest is up to you. In our first year we were able to arrange for Pulse to be available in the Mississauga and York Region libraries, and in all the library systems in Metropolitan Toronto except the City of Toronto's. As many ofyou who asked us already know, the City of Toronto Public Library system has a rule that a publication must have been able to survive a whole year before it is eligible to be distributed by them. (This is to protect us all from people - like us ~ who have a great idea for a publication but who - unlik~ us - see the light after six months and throw in the towel.) Well, we .have survived, are now eligible, and have been approved by their committee!. But the next step is individual branches decide whether or not they wish to make our publication available through their facility. So this is where you come in. If picking up Pulse at the local library would be convenient for you, please speak to your librarian and ask to have it distributed there. You'll be doing us a service arid helping bring Pulse to the attention of many library patrons who will, we are sure, be delighted to discover we exist. PULSE CLASSIFIEDS CELLO LESSONS from very experienced teacher with 18 years professional playing. Adults especially welcome. Phone Doyrina at (416) 530-1856. FLUTE AND RECORDER INSTRUCTION by a qualified and experienced teacher and performer. Allan Pulker, 603- 3786. HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO SING, thought you wouldn't or couldn't, or do you Just want a place to explore the possibilities of your voice. Small groups. Johanne, 461-8425. LLOYD GARBER TEACHES GUITAR. Creative approach. Absolute beginners to working professionals. Must be enthusiastic. Pop, Jazz, Blues, Original Chords, lead, reading, improvisation, fingerboard, speed theory, ear-training. Lloyd Garber, 504-0915. CD, CONCERT OR AUDITION TAPE RECORDING? For experienced, professional, classical and acoustic music recording, phone Frank Lockwood, M.Mus. (416) 769-2204. PIANO, VIOLIN AND CELLO TRIO, Sarabanda, is availaple for receptions & other private functions. Contact Anne Rankin at 601-9442. PIANO LESSONS from experienced RCM Affiliate teacher. All levels and ages welcome. Eve Egoyan, M. Mus)', ~ L.R.A.M. 504-4297. TAXATION, ACCOUNTING, BOOKKEEPING, consulting. Norm Pulker, B.Math. CMA. 905-830-2985 5' GRAND PIANO FOR SALE. 1928 Conover, rebuilt by Moffat in 1989. Mahogany cabinet. New condition. Asking 00. Steve, 416-531-5757. Pulse classi.fieds are 50c a word ( minimum). Next deadline: Sept 20. Phone 416 603-3786; fax 603-3787 e-mail: Ill llloor West Vlllng" DANCE VOCAL INS'IUUIUENI'S ·a r:ACIII!I\.. Wt!U ..:U/Uf! -1\UIJIO- \ "IUI'.O ~\-~I I'M' - r/\JtltrNU nrA~ONAnl.ll RI\ 11~" llll: (416) 7U·IJ7J k~ J

September '96 ----- -- ......... ~··· · ... .... . - --~- . ~- - PULSE A warm welcome to new Pulse members! The following eight musical organizations joined PULSE as members since we last published. While Pulse's concert listing,r are free to all presenters, members or not, Pulse members occupy a special place in our scheme of thing,r. For example, members are invited, upon joining, and every summer thereafter, to submit for publication a short PROFILE of themselves and their plans. And members enjoy significant discounts on display advertising, throughout the season. With the vote of confidence that each new membership represents, Pulse comes a bit closer to our goal of being a dependably useful contributor to Toronto's classical and contemporary musical life. Off Centre Administrator ' Music Series f. Tel.: (416) 466-1870 Fax: (416) 466-0610 Artistic Directors: lnna Perkis and Boris Zarankin Address: 968 Logan Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4K 3E5 )'. After a sold-out premier season, OFF CENTRE MUSIC SERIES, Toronto's only venue dedicated to presenting Romantic music in an authentic salon setting, launches its second season on Sunday, November 3 at the Arts and Letters Club. Discover the VITORIS salon and experience a musical odyssey through six exciting performances given by internationally acclaimed artists: Jacques Israelievich, Boris Zarankin, Joaquin Valdepenas, Inna Perkis and Mihai Tetel among others_ Witness the re-creation of the intimate atmosphere of poetry and prose readings by distinguished Canadian actors, pre-concert talks by Dr. Alan Walker - Liszt's renowned biographer, and exquisite postperformance pastries. Highlights of the 1996 I 97 season include Beethoven's "Hammerklavier" Sonata, Brahms' three Violin Sonatas ·and a "Schubertiad" marking 200 years since the composer's birth. Join us on Sunday afternoons and savour music as it would have been performed in Schubert's day. ~ Yip's Children's Choir (Canada) 905-513-0955 (tel.) 905513-0979 (fax) Dr. Gabriel Leung, Chief Conductor Ms_ Katherine Kwok, Yip's Children's Choir (Canada), a non-profit subsidiary o( internationally renowned Yip's Children's Choir, (Hong Kong), was founded in 1990 under the musical direction of noted pedagogue, Dr. Wai-Hong Yip. The Choir is dedicated to the promotion of formal music and fine arts education in children and youth. Choristers are trained with the use of the Yip's Hand Signal System and speciallydesigned computer games and musical activities. The repertoire of the Choir ranges from Renaissance to Contemporary. Selections include religious works, art songs, folk songs of various nations including China, musical theatre, operettas and Broadway numbers. The Choir has grown steadily in the last six years, performing locally at Massey Hall, Roy Thomson Ha 11, and the Ford Centre, and being invited to tour Vancouver, Los Angeles, Thailand, Hon Kong, Taiwan and China for cultural exchange. In 1993 and 1996 it launched two CD albums which received rave reviews. The Choir collaborates frequently with the Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra and can be heard on radio and television nationally. ~ Toronto Canadian Chinese Artists Centre 45 Tarbert Road North York, Ontario M2M 4A2 Tel. (416) 733-8900 Fax (416) 733-0041 Artistic Director: Dong-Dong Dong The establishment of the Toronto Canadian Chinese Artists Centre is to promote and enhance the growth of Canadian Chinese artists and Chinese culture and to bring the East closer to the West by fostering the exchange of cultural activities between Canada and China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 'In this respect, the Centre attempts to present each year a total of twelve concerts, some by renowned artists from overseas and some by artists from the Toronto area. In addition, the Centre encourages the development of talent in youth and has formed three groups under the direction of professional artists: The TCCAC Youth Orchestra, Xiao Ping Chorus and the Ye Ling Youth Dance Company. The 96-97 season is highlighted by the Festival of Great Chinese Artists, featuring five internationally renowned artists from New Yorlc, London and Hong Kong. Did you miss the July I August Pulse? 39 previously published PROFILES now available fax, or e-mail by m~il, THIRTY-NINE PROFILES like these appeared in the July-August Pulse. They make fascinating reading--Pulse's classical and contemporary crystal ball for the 1996-97 season! Well it's not too late! Phone 416-603-3786, fax 416-603-3787, ore-mail to request any or all of these previously published PROFILES. Aldeburgh Connection, Amadeus Choir, Amadeus Ensemble, Aradia Baroque Ensemble, Arbor Oak Trio, Artword Theatre, Bach Children's Chorus, Canadian Children's Opera Chorus, Canadian Music Centre, Canadian Music Competitions (Toronto), Concentus Arts, East York Symphony Orchestra, Elmer lseler Singers, Elora Festival, Ensemble Unterwegs, Esprit Orchestra, Ford Centre for the Performing Arts, Mooredale Concerts, Music at Metropolitan, Music Gallery, MUSIC ToRONTO, Music Umbrella Chamber Concerts, New School of Classical Vocal Studies, Opera Atelier, Opera Division (Faculty of Music, U. of T.), Organ Alternatives, Orpheus Choir of Toronto, Scarborough Philharmonic, Sine Nomine Ensemble for Medieval Music, Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, Tallis Choir of Toronto, Toronto Consort, Toronto Early Music Centre, Toronto Mendelssohn Choir, Toronto Mendelssohn Youth Choir, Toronto Operetta Theatre, Toronto Senior Strings, Toronto Sinfonietta, Women's Musical Club of Toronto.

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