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Volume 2 Issue 5 - February 1997

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Page!» • February 1 ·March 5 1997 (oncer.t .t:k>tes Continued from page 5 AND WATCH OUT FOR ••• ... at Roy Thomson Hall on February 9 Mazowsze (Mazof-sha), State Folk Song and Dance Ensemble of Poland. 5,300 performances in over 40 countries ... .integrity, vitality and visual appeal. Its repertoire includes songs and dances from 38 . different ethnographic regions, artjstically transformed and refined into a carefully staged spectacle. ... at the Music Gallery Charlie the Chicken (Feb 5-9) is 'back in T.O. for the first time since 1975. Opera Anonymous, known in the trade as "OpAnon", is reviving 1 '••• the darkly surreal, absurd, funny and poignant story of a Hungarian entertainer (Ferenc Horvath), hi~ perfoni1ing chicken, and of the ties that bind them." By Calgary composer and music professor, Quenten Doolittle, this one-acter features Ross Darlington and Edward Franko, with seven piece-. orchestra and tape. ... an opera experience of quite another· kind; regular patrons of Toronto Opera Repertoire, will make their way, as some have been doing for 27 years to take in TOR's faithfully staged and rendered (with piano accompaniment) at Central Tech Auditorium. ... The 1997 Kiwanis Festival will be held in 24 locations February 8 to 22. Former participants include Ofra Harnoy, Mary Lou Fallis, j\ngela Hewitt, Mark DuBois, Lois Marshall Liona Boyd, Erica Goodman, Steven Staryk, Naida Cole, Sonia Chan and the late Glenn Gould 'Festival winners will be· featured in the Kiwanis Showcase of Stars at the Ford Centre on March 3 at 7:00. TOO LATE'TO LIST The Clarke Institute is sponsoring a series of . concerts, curated by Mary Lou Fallis, which began in January and continue every Tuesday in February from 5:30 to 6:30. We learned about these too late for our listings. Refer to their ad on page 11 for details. •Music lovers, take heart! the Toronto-based Citizens' Coalition Against Noise has a "gripe" card to make complaining about loud THE GOULD: CONCEPTUAL DISSONANCE DISSOLVED continued from page 4 availab-le so that those who pe~form and record here can simply get on ·with it, and not be distracted by examining endless" As such, the space is suitable, or it is not - take it or leave it. Many performers have decided· to' take it In addition to the regular CBC programs recorded in the Hall, which include 'on Stage, ~~sic Around Us, the Stuato Jazz Series and the Stratford Reading Series, several artists an~ performing groups such as the Amici-Ensemble, the Aldeburgh Connection, the · Amadeus Ensemble and the Te Deum Orchestra and Singers stage regular concerts throughout the year. Increasingly, business and the corporate world have found the hall suitable for nieetings and awards ceremonies. Tom Shipton suggested that the use of the hall is split roughly in half between CBC and outside concerts, at around 80 per year, each. Some famous recording clients have included Oscar Peterson, the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir (for portions of the moyie background music in stores easier. The business-card-sized notes come in twos--one that advises storekeepers that the racket has lost thein_a customer; the other offers praise for the quiet atmosphere. ' Contact CCAN at 410-2236. •Ontario Choral Federation has announced that Dr. Mark G. Sirett, choral conductor, organist and composer from Kingston, is the recipient of the inaugural Ruth · Watson Henderson Choral Composition Competition Award For more information, cont

Soloists, dancers, choirs, orchestras & recitalists you can perform at Yonge and St. Clair . in a bright open space featuring: •I 00m 2 of unencumbered stage •high quality wood floor excellent for dance •36 rank Karl Wilhelm tracker organ and a $teinway grand piano • • fine acoustics suitable for recording •audience accommodation: approximately 500 persons •full wheelchair accessibility •close to subway, adjacent to municipal parking · We want you. to peifonn at Chn'st Church Deer Park Telephone 920-5211 I fax 920-8400 We buy tfll[] of your &lltriB~n&tfll IbfJJs (vinyl !) (like Beethoven, Mozart, Stockhausen} We travel anywhere for good collection MIKROKOSMOS . .. ./ Mail Order Company . • (416) - 224 - 1956 Fax (416) - 224 - 2964 MIKROKOSMOS Ask our free, monthly set-sale .catalogue: More than tfk(fXWJ &1~ [bfJJIB tiJ 'll&30 everY .month Many audiophile Decca & EM/ records (Sorry, mail or phone order only!) CD OF THE MONTH ·Fernando Sor Guitar Music {NAXOS CD 8 553342) Classical guitar music from Spain performed /Jy the brilliant American guitarist Nicolas Go/uses: Anyone zuho likes the sound of the guitar should have this disc, and remember, at the regular Naxos price it 1t1ill cost you less than o.oo: · Available at fine record stores cverylfJhere . ~ 1Xf11J: great music, incredible price. ~ For a FREE NAXOS CATALOGUE, please contact us at TELEPHONE 416 491-2600 FAX 416 491-2621 . E-MAIL: 'if?anacdt:Yz. 9onpd ~./" .9k/"tf6a.r and ..Y?:ape ¥!f;{a.nt:J canacd:az-.1 ~6.1, .1tnr~atue 'd pt~ SALLY DIBBLEE SOPRANO Centred\SCS serie Lavallee series RUSSELL BRAUN BARITONE I BARYTON CAROLYN MAULE PIANO CMC-CD 5696 Canadian Music Centre Distribution Service / available at' select record stores and all regional offices of the Canadian Music Centre Canadian Music CeAtre 20 St. Jospeh Street · Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9 Tel (416) 961-6601 Fax (416) 961-7198 e-mail:

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