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Volume 2 Issue 9 - June 1997

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4 B TRACK DIGITAL • Recordings • On Location • CO's & Tapes ·.Vocal and Instrumental Peter Hercus (905) c B 631-6938 ROBIN HOWELL Expert Woodwind Repair for all single and dbl. reed insts., recorders and -period winds Set-up, tuning voicing, maintenance and restoration done on premises. All work guaranteed. Insurance appraisals. Call for appointment. 41G-s34-ss3a ~~ tlie sound post Canada's String Shop violins, violas, cellos, basses repairs and restorations, bow rehairs strings and accessories music and recordings educational materials guaranteed lowest prices "' NEW LOCATION "' 93 Grenville St. (near College/Bay), Toronto phone (416) 971-6990 fax (416) '597-9923 Free Parking "' Open Sundays 12 - 5 L A A V R ·o I Q E U R E Dawn Lyons & Den Ciul 109 Fuller Avenue Toronto, Ontario M6R 2C4 Phone: (416) 538-3062 Fax: (416) 538-3062 s s e-mail hpschd HARPSICHORDS CLAVICHORDS SPINETS VIRGINALS FORTE-PIANOS Sales - Repairs - Rentals Agents for Zuckermann Harpsichords June '97 wholenote Stephanie Bogle Stephanie Bogle has been a singer all her adult life. After graduating from the Opera School at the University of Toronto she received a Canada Council grant to study with Vera Rosza and Robert Keys in London, England. Her good fortune, while there, was seeing and hearing some of opera's greatest rehea.rse and perform .. From these - Sutherland, Pavarotti, Vickers and Stratas - she learned the musical dedication and passion that underlies convincing portrayal of character in opera. And later in workshops with renowned Tito Gobbi in Italy, she gained insight into the kind of detailed preparation which underlies the discovery of a role. After completing her studies in England Stephanie went to Germany where she sang for eight years in opera houses. Based in Toronto since 1984, she began teaching at the Royal Conservatory of Music'and at Queen's University in 1990. While teaching it became apparent to her that there was a need for something to ena.ble singers to bridge the gap between music school and the professional world -- concentrated and rigorous stylistic work in pecialized areas of,repertoire; gaining expertise in doing auditions; understanding what is required to have a career as a professional singer. In 1994 she founded Creative Artist Productions (CAP) to fill this need. Through weekend workshops and a month long summer workshop, students (singers, vocal coaches and stage directors) receive personal attention and feedback from the best professional talent in the country -- people like Dwight Bennett, Marshall Pynkoski, David Fallis and Brahm Goldhamer. As artists, she says, we have the power to create what we need and what we want. By translating her own vision into reality, Stephanie is transmitting not only an artistic tradition but also a confidently qeative approach to life. MUSICIANS IN OUR MIDST is photographed by Michael Shaw, ASHLEY & CRIPPEN PHOTOGRAPHERS 200 DAVENPORT ROAD. ( 416)925-2222 TORON10'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

wholenote june '97 GRYPHON TRIO: DARING TO DREAM Continued from page 2 Roman Borys, cellist in the Gryphon Trio's enthusiasm for his ensemble isirresistible, and events bear him out. The group has toured Europe several times - under the auspices of Jeunesses Musicales, and .. widely in North America. A look through the reviews is revealing - suffice it to say that the European critics heaped praise on the Trio, not • merely for their technical excellence but also for the level of communication between them, their sound and · the subtlety of their interpretation. Happily, they are getting work near home too. Among other things, they have performances with the Guelph Spring Festival and th~ Festival of the Sound, this spring and summer. In the fall they are touring the Maritimes an,d Newfoundland, a tour organized by Debut Atlantic, an artistic umbrella organization so successful that something similar has now been started in 720 Bathurst Street, Suite 502 Toronto, Ontari.o MSS 2R4 Saskatchewan and Alberta. Closer to home, on June 5 they are playing one of the Northern Encounters fre~ noon hour concerts at the Glenn Gould Studio and on June 9th are doing their own concert at the Premier Dance Tneatre. This is a major concert in which the trio Woodwinds Ltd. FLUTE-CLARINET -SAX-OBOE-BASSOON Expert Repairs, Sheet Music, Accessories New & Used Instruments 535-6000 authorized warranty repair depot (~~i:'i'j.-\ \ -~~) ~~!~;;) will be playing maJure compositions by Smetana, Beethoven, Dvorak and Shostakovich. The renowned Canadian mezzo-soprano, Jean Stilwell, will be joining them in two of . these, Beethven's Four Scottish Lieder and Shostakovich's Seve~ poems of Alexander Blok. 'P-eco,.~ JEAN STILWELL soo Oomf:'(ete 01)~ * * fn> ... ·4·? 9 101)* 1?1-ofe~~io»Al J,.ook 1?1-ofe""io»Al S~11.h Fund raising, Xmas CDs, Demos ... Choirs, Community Groups, Soloists, Ensembles.:. Call (416) 410-8248 for details. RING MUSIC TORONTO'S GUITAR SPECIALISTS SINCE 1969 ' featuring a wide selection of student and concert guitars by Hirade, Ramirez,Rodriguez,Raimundo,;La Patrie, Takarnine, and others. SPECIAL!! Bring in this ad and purchase a Sullivan solid oak footstool for just .95 (reg.39.95) NEW!!'We are pleased to offer classical and flamenco guitar lessons with Ned Milburn, B.A. M11sic. Ned offers {' o~:8 te:ad:~=~o ~if::B:l:: the guiW. 1at 'P majust s. o oor) (416) 924-3571 . TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICI\L & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

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