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Volume 2 Issue 9 - June 1997

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8 - ~~o,.ncert ,~ ...'-'tes • I • NORTHERN PORTRAITS A celebration of Northern composers and ensembles ,__.A Sponsore~ by: CAE June 8: KROUMATA An evening of electrifying music presented by six worldrenowned percussionists from Sweden. Works by Sandstrom, Xenakis and Norgaard. . J~ne 10: AVANTI! This acclaimed Finnish chamber orchestra performs the music of Saariaho, Pohjola, Lindberg, and Koskinen. Jukka-Pe~ka Saraste conducts the ensemble he co-founded in 1983. June 12: SORENSON & SOMERS The Northern Portraits Ensemble with conductor, Gary Kulesha, salutes celebrated Danish composer Bent Sorensen, and Canadian, Brian Cherney. World premiere by Juno awardwinning composer, Harry Somers for Robert Cram, flute, and live electronics. June 17: TERROR & EREBUS Named after the ships in the ill-fated Franklin Arctic expedition, Terror and Erebus, by Henry Kucharzyk, and librettist Gwendolyn McEwen, premieres with the celebrated baritone, Theodore Baerg, and the Northern Portraits Ensemble. The Penderecki Quartet showcases the music of Icelandic composers, Leifs and Sigurbjornsson. June 19: CHRISTIAN LINDBERG A consummate showman, extrovert, and musical genius, Lindberg has turned the trombone into an emotive solo instrument. Sandstrom's Short Ride on a· Motorbike, for which he is farnous, is included with works by Lindgren, Part and Sorenson. ·June 24: CIKADA Captivating iJUdiences with their interpretations o.f contemporary music, the string quartet will present music of Norway and Canada, including Nitnavut by Christos Hatzis, inspired by Inuit throat-singing. Guest artist, Beverley Jo~nston, marimba .;;.. 44et~ ·'!!'· All concerts at Glenn Gould Studio, Canadian Broadcasting Centre 250 Front Street West, 8 pm I Tickets: fOR TICKETS CALL (416) 872-4255 Or at the Glenn Gould box office on the day of performance Brochure and i~formation: (416) ~14-1451 June '97 who enote CIRCUMPOLAR CIRCUMSTANCES Toronto is host this month t~ the extraordinary "' "Northern Encounters" festival of the .arts. With music as its core element, it is described by its producers, Soundstreams Canada, as "a celebration of the unique qualities the 'circumpolar' countries of the world share." So 'what exactly are the unique qualities we eight northern nations share? Arguably we here in Toronto, immersed in our life of urban materialism, have more in common with the cities of temperate middle North America than with our fellow Canadians who live above the 60th parallel let alone people living tho1.1sands of miles from us, separated from us by oceans and speaking languages that most of us do not understand. But in terms of our experience of life and our environment, we cannot help but ~hare much in common with our northern neighbours -an exhilaration at the feel of the cold wind coming out of th~ north, a certain roughness and reverence a feeling of emptiness, space and loneliness. So, does this manifest itself in. art? We have a magnificent opportunity right now, to taste the experience and the work of our fellow northerners, and find out for ourselves what it is that we share. See you there. FREE NOON The number of free noonhour concerts this month is extraordinary. (Northern Encounters is responsible for many of · these.) Another reason is a summer series, Music Mondays, at the Church of the Holy Trinity next door to the Eaton Centre. They will be presenting excellent local artists every Monday, except the 30th, at 12:15. CHORAL WEALTH June also brings a wealth of choral music. One choral concert that has been long in preparation is the Amadeus Choir's "Heart of the Drum" on June 7th ·' featuring music from or inspired by Africa for voices and drums. Most famous piece on the program will be African Sanctus by English composer, David worked with choir members on Mrican · 1 drumming and dancing skills. ANNIVERSARRAY ARRAYMUSIC brings their 25th anniversary season to· a close with a two events--one a concert featuring compositions by a dynamic group of international composers at the d u Ma urier Theatre Centre; the other 1 the 11th annual ARRAYMUSIC Young Composers' Workshop, which gives· young composers the opportunity to prepare compositions for performance with coaching by established composers and with an experienced new music ensemble,. And speaking of "new", New Music Concerts' last concert of the season, Canadian Encounters, will take place on June 15 at the Glenn Gould Studio. ' I, SUMMER ESCAPE Fanshawe. The choir will also perform Songs from · It is not too early to book Gahu by Canadian tickets for the 'popular percussionist, Kathy Elora Music Festival and Armstrong, who has made the Festival of the Sound.' several long visits to Both have terrific rosters Ghana. Part of the of performers and provide preparation for the concert . a great excuse for a trip was a weekend workshop away from the City in which Ms. Armstrong TORO NTO S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPO RARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

,wholenote June '97 I' the the the the the etcetet·a file file file File file TEARS OF STONE ROUNDUP, ETC. MUSICA VIVA ~ill be doing a two week tour in· England, Scotland, France, Holland and Belgium in June and July. THE CLASSICAL CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, a youth orchestra with high standards and great young musicians, has positions for two flute players. Phone Peter Wong at 233- 4200. ETC file continues on page 22 TOO LATE TO LIST. 01 7:00: Tamara Gverdtsiteli, "Georgian Piaf". 733-2855. 01 7:00: Thomas Doherty, tenor. 538-7509. 01 7:30: RCM Adult Recreation Band, Jazz ­ Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Woodwind Quartet. 408-2824. 06 8:00: Sarabanda Piano Trio. 601-9442. 07 8:00: Komitas Musical Association. 754-7891 . 08 4:00: Nicholas Martel, baritone; Catherine Palma, organ; Brenda Mueller, cello. 691-3951. 11-12 7:30: Cantabile Chorale. 905-508-4726. 12 8:00: Lorien String Quartet. 962-6447. NB July-Aug deadline is June 15 9 There is no shortage of conflict and interest in Tears of Stone, the film about Icelandic composer, Jon Leifs, being shown by Cinematheque at the AGO June 21, as part of the Northern Exposures Festival. Leifs, an Icelandic composer living in 1930s Germany with his Jewish wife and their child, has the opportunity to join the Naziapproved Council of European Composers to advance his career. He refuses, further compromising a career already threatened by an earlier refusal to conduct concerts which do not include some of his own compositions. The stuff of tragedy, with musicians at the centre. AUDITIONS! The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir and the Toronto Mendelssohn Youth Choir, invite all, young and old, to audition for their upcoming 1997-1998 Seasons. Auditions are held annually for the next season, with all choir members re-auditioning each year. An accompanist is provided for all applicants. Those auditioning for the Adult Choir are asked to prepare an aria from Handel's Messiah, those interested in auditioning for the Youth Choir are asked to prepare a piece of their choice. This year's Youth Choir auditions will be held June II th and 12th. The Adult Choir auditions will be held on Monday evenings during the month of June. For further information on auditions call: (416) 598- 0422 TWO BY ISELER June 6 at Roy Thomson Hall and the Festival of the Sound's opening concert on July 8 will be among our last chances to hear the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir under Dr . . lseler's leadership. The Choir has conferred on him the title Conductor Emeritus, effectively ending his 33 years at the choir's helm. Guest conductors will lead the choir next season. A selection committee will choose a new conductor for the 1998-99 season. Reward, Offered for Basses The Toronto Camerata, the city's premier a cappella chamber choir, has two openings for bass/baritones for the 1997-1998 season--a year featuring works by Bach, Brahms, Chatman, Debussy, Druckman, Ginastera, Schuetz, Tallis, and Peter Schickele--and will offer a free CD ("Live at Glenn Gould Studio") to anyone supplying the name of a bass/baritone accepted into the group. Telephone Arthur Wenk, 905-841-6482 (or e-mail: for further information. PIANO TUNING, REPAIRS, REFINISHING SAM PIANOS 6770 Davand Drive #37 Mississauga. Ontario 905-564-3633 1-800-952-8833 25 YEARS IN BUSINESS Westcott 9\Loy WOODWINDS is PETER NOY Reed Specialist Selmer Paris Trained All repairs for SAX • CLARINET OBOE • BASSOON SELECT NEW & USED INSTRUMENTS One Yorkville Ave. (416) 972-0606 TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

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