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Volume 21 Issue 6 - March 2016

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From 30 camp profiles to spark thoughts of being your summer musical best, to testing LUDWIG as you while away the rest of so-called winter; from Scottish Opera and the Danish Midtvest, to a first Toronto recital appearance by violin superstar Maxim Vengerov; from musings on New Creations and new creation, to the boy who made a habit of crying Beowulf; it's a month of merry meetings and rousing recordings reviewed, all here to discover in The WholeNote.

Castro’s Lounge

Castro’s Lounge 2116e Queen St. E 416-699-8272 (full schedule) All shows: No cover/PWYC C’est What 67 Front St. E (416) 867-9499 (full schedule) March 5, 19 3pm The Boxcar Boys. March 12, 26 3pm The Hot Five Jazzmakers. De Sotos 1079 St. Clair Ave. W 416-651-2109 (full schedule) Every Sun 11am Sunday Live Jazz Brunch No cover. Emmet Ray, The 924 College St. 416-792-4497 (full schedule) All shows: No cover/PWYC March 3 9pm John-Wayne Swingtet: Wayne Nakamura (guitar), Abbey Sholzberg (bass), John Farrell (guitar). March 7 7pm Harrison Vetro Group; 9:30pm Jesse Malone Quintet. March 10 9pm Bossa Tres: Victor Monsivais (guitar), Abbey Sholzberg (bass). March 13, 27 6pm Monk’s Music. Fat City Blues 890 College St. 647-345-8282 Every Sun 8:30pm Fraser/Melvin Band. Every Wed 8:30pm The Mercenaries. Every Thurs 8:30pm Tyler Yarema & The Fat Boys. March 1 Robert Davis Trio. Gate 403 403 Roncesvalles Ave. 416-588-2930 All shows: PWYC. March 2 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. March 3 5pm Bruce Chapman Blues Duo with feature guests; 9pm Darcy Windover Band. March 4 5pm Joanne Morra & The France St. Jazz Ensemble; 9pm David Rubel Music. March 5 5pm Bill Heffernan and His Friends; 9pm Melissa Boyce Jazz & Blues Band. March 6 5pm Grateful Sunday featuring Trevor Cape and The Field; 9pm Célia Karocque Jazz Trio. March 7 5pm Mike and Jill Daley Jazz Duo. March 9 5pm Michelle Rumball with friend; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. March 10 9pm Kevin Laliberté Jazz & Flamenco Trio. March 125pm Bill Heffernan and His Friends; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Quartet. March 13 5pm Hello Darlings. March 14 9pm Chris Staig Trio. March 15 5pm Sarah Kennedy and Matt Pines Jazz Duo. March 16 5pm Rick Maltese: Rick’s Three in One; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. March 17 5pm Concord Jazz Quintet. March 18 9pm Tiffany Hanus Jazz Band. March 19 5pm Bill Heffernan and His Friends; 9pm Sweet Derrick Blues Band. March 20 5pm Rob Thaller & Joanna Reynolds Jazz Duo. March 22 9pm Kalya Ramu Jazz Band. March 23 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. March 25 5pm Whitney Ross Barris Jazz Band; 9pm Fraser Melvin Blues Band. March 26 5pm Bill Heffernan and His Friends; 9pm Donné Roberts Band. March 30 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. March 31 9pm Annie Bonsignore Jazz Duo or Trio. Grossman’s Tavern 379 Spadina Ave. 416-977-7000 D. In the Clubs (Mostly Jazz) (full schedule) All shows: No cover (unless otherwise noted). Every Sat The Happy Pals Dixieland jazz jam. Harlem Restaurant 67 Richmond St. E. 416-368-1920 (full schedule) All shows: 7:30-11pm (unless otherwise noted). Call for cover charge info. Hirut Cafe and Restaurant 2050 Danforth Ave. 416-551-7560 Home Smith Bar – See Old Mill, The Hugh’s Room 2261 Dundas St. W. 416-531-6604 All shows: 8:30pm (unless otherwise noted). March 3 6:30pm The Back Roads Country Talent Search (adv)/(door). March 4 Melanie Doane – One Night Only! .50(adv)/(door). March 5 Songs are Like Tattoos – Tribute to Joni Mitchell (adv)/.50(door). March 6 Enter the Haggis .50(adv)/(door). March 8 De Danann .50(adv)/(door). March 9 8pm The JAZZ.FM91 Songwriters Series – The Jewish Experience in Hollywood . March 10 Steve Hill (adv)/(door). March 11 A Man called Wrycraft presents The 4th Annual Live Concert Tribute – The Carole King Songbook (adv)/(door). March 12 Judy Collins (adv)/0(door). March 13 Steve Forbert .50(adv)/(door). March 15 Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project (adv)/(door). March 17 St. Patrick’s Day with Rant Maggie Rant (adv)/.50(door). March 18 The Kruger Brothers (adv)/.50(door). March 19 Anthony Gomes (adv)/(door). March 24 Sugar Brown & Madagascar Slim (adv)/.50(door). March 30 Stephanie Martin – CD Release (adv)/(door). March 31 So Long Seven .50(adv)/(door)/(students). Jazz Bistro, The 251 Victoria St. 416-363-5299 Every Wed 6pm Solo Blues Piano with James Dunbar No cover. Every Sun 12pm Sunday Brunch Solo Piano with Eli Pasic . March 3, 4, 5 9pm Dave Young and Michael Dunston – The Donny Hathaway Show (Thurs)/(Fri, Sat). March 6 7pm “Stevie Swings Softly” – A tribute to Rosemary Clooney with Steven Taetz (voice), Ewen Farncombe (piano), Scott Neary (guitar), Irene Harrett (bass), Andrew Miller (drums) . March 10, 11, 12 9pm Stephanie Trick and Paolo Alderighi (Thurs)/(Fri, Sat). March 18, 19 9pm Rebecca Binnendyk and her debut release of Some Fun Out of Life with Attila Fias (piano), Kevin Laliberte (guitar), Drew Birston (bass), Chris Gale (horns), Anthony Michelli (drums), Drew Jurecka (violin) (Fri)/(Sat). March 20 7pm Daniela Nardi’s (voice) Espresso Manifesto with special guest Lina Allemano (trumpet) and Ron Davis (piano), Mike Downes (bass), Steve Heathcote (drums, percussion) . March 22 7pm Sounds of Italy Jazz FM Piano Series with Giovanni Guidi. March 23 8pm Hump Day Blues with Jake Chisholm’s CD Release . March 24 8:30pm Colin Hunter and the Anthony Terpstra Seventet . March 25, 26 8:30pm(Fri)/10:30pm(Sat) Colin Hunter (voice) and The Joe Sealy (piano) Quartet with Paul Novotny (bass), Alison Young (sax), Daniel Barnes (drums) . March 27 7pm The Judy Marshak (voice) Quartet with Jordan Klapman (piano), Bucky Berger (drums), Bob Cohen (guitar) . March 30 8pm Hump Day Blues with Michael Jerome Browne . Jazz Room, The Located in the Huether Hotel, 59 King St. N., Waterloo. 226-476-1565 (full schedule) All shows: 8:30pm-11:30pm unless otherwise indicated. Attendees must be 19+. March 11 Amanda Tosoff Group . March 12 Bristles Trio . March 18 Derek Hines Big Band . March 19 Ross Wooldridge: Tribute to Artie Shaw . March 25 Andriy Tikhonov . March 26 Myriad3 . Joe Mama’s 317 King St. W 416-340-6469 Every Tue 6pm Jeff Eager. Every Wed 6pm Thomas Reynolds. Every Thurs 9pm Blackburn. Every Fri 10pm The Grind. Every Sat 10pm Shugga. Every Sun 6:30pm Organic: Nathan Hiltz (guitar); Bernie Senensky (organ); Ryan Oliver (sax), Morgan Childs (drums). KAMA 214 King St. W. 416-599-5262 (full schedule) Every Wed 5:30pm Jazz with the Kama House Band. Local Gest, The 424 Parliament St. 416-961-9425 Lula Lounge 1585 Dundas St. W. 416-588-0307 (full schedule) March 4 7:30pm Diane Roblin (free before 8pm); 10:30pm Changui Havana (free for women before 10pm). March 5 10:30pm Salsotika . March 6 7pm SHINE! . March 8 8:30pm Mike Herriott . March 11 7:30pm Eliana Cuevas (free before 8pm); 10:30pm Roberto Linares Brown . March 18 7:30pm David Buchbinder Trio . March 19 11pm El Quinto . March 24 7pm Singing for Love . March 25 7:30pm Alexis Baro Quartet (free before 8pm); 10:30pm Café Cubano (free for women before 10pm). March 30 7:30pm AVATAAR (adv)/(door). Manhattans Pizza Bistro & Music Club 951 Gordon St., Guelph 519-767-2440 (full schedule) All shows: PWYC. March 2, 16 Jamie ‘Giggles’ Mitges. March 3 Dan Austin Quartet. March 17 Lucas Rogerson Band. Mezzetta Restaurant 681 St. Clair Ave. W 416-658-5687 (full schedule) All shows: 9pm, (unless otherwise noted). March 2 Bill McBirnie (flute) & Bernie Senensky (piano). March 9 Ted Quinlan (guitar) & Mike Downes (bass). March 16 8pm Dino Toledo (guitar) & La Mari (flamenco dancer) No cover. March 23 Maureen Kennedy (voice) & Ben Bishop (guitar). March 30 Ron Davis (piano) & Mike Downes (bass). Monarch Tavern 12 Clinton St. 416-531-5833 (full schedule) March 14 7:30pm Martin Loomer & His Orange Devils Orchestra . Morgans on the Danforth 1282 Danforth Ave. 416-461-3020 (full schedule) All shows: 2pm-5pm. No cover. March 27 Lisa Particelli’s Girls Night Out Jazz Jam. Musideum 401 Richmond St. W., Main Floor 416-599-7323 (full schedule) Nawlins Jazz Bar & Dining 299 King St. W. 416-595-1958 All shows: No cover/PWYC. Every Tue 6:30pm Stacie McGregor. Every Wed 7pm Jim Heineman Trio. Every Thu 8pm Nothin’ But the Blues w/ Joe Bowden (drums) and featured vocalists. Every Fri, Sat 8:30pm N’awlins All Star Band. Every Sun 7pm Brooke Blackburn. Nice Bistro, The 117 Brock St. N., Whitby. 905-668-8839 (full schedule) March 30 Farrucas Latino Duo .99 (dinner included). Old Mill, The 21 Old Mill Rd. 416-236-2641 The Home Smith Bar: No reservations. No cover. food/drink minimum. All shows: 7:30pm-10:30pm March 3 Terra Hazelton (voice) Trio with Richard Whiteman (piano), Drew Jurecka (violin, sax). March 4 Canadian Jazz Quartet & Friends with Frank Wright (vibes), Ted Quinlan (guitar), Neil Swainson (guest bassist), Don Vickery (drums), showcasing William Carn (trombone). March 5 Ron Davis (piano) Trio with Mike Downes (bass), Ethan Ardelli (drums). March 10 Brian Barlow (drums) Trio with Robi Botos (piano), Scott Alexander (bass). March 11 Bob Brough (sax) Trio with Adrean Farrugia (piano), Artie Roth (bass). March 12 Lisa Martinelli (voice) Quartet with Kevin Turcotte (trumpet) Nancy Walker (piano), Kieran Overs (bass). March 17 Sherie Marshall (voice) Trio with Mike Cado (guitar), Steve Lucas (bass). March 18 Brian O’Kane (trumpet, flugelhorn) Trio with Ted Quinlan (guitar), Mike Downes (bass). March 19 Jay Danley (guitar) Trio with Mark Kieswetter (piano), Richard Whiteman (bass). March 24 Brigham Phillips (piano) Trio with Nathan Hiltz (guitar), Jon Maharaj (bass). March 26 David Buchbinder (trumpet) Trio with Dave Restivo (piano), Artie Roth (bass). March 31 Sharon Smith (voice) Trio with Jordan Klapman (piano), Shelley Miller (bass). Only Café, The 972 Danforth Ave. 416-463-7843 (full schedule) All shows: 8pm unless otherwise indicated. March 9, 23 Lazersuzan. 50 | March 1, 2016 - April 7, 2016

Paintbox Bistro 555 Dundas St. E. 647-748-0555 (Full schedule) Pilot Tavern, The 22 Cumberland Ave. 416-923-5716 All shows: 3:30pm. No cover. March 5 Kelly Jefferson Quartet. March 12 Landen Vieira (sax) CD Release party with Adrean Farrugia (piano), Malcolm Connor (bass), Ethan Ardelli (drums). Poetry Jazz Café 224 Augusta Ave. 416-599-5299 (full schedule) Reposado Bar & Lounge 136 Ossington Ave. 416-532-6474 (full schedule) Every Wed Spy vs. Sly vs. Spy. Every Thurs, Fri 10pm Reposadists Quartet: Tim Hamel (trumpet), Jon Meyer (bass), Jeff Halischuck (drums), Roberto Rosenman (guitar). Reservoir Lounge, The 52 Wellington St. E. 416-955-0887 (full schedule). All shows: 9:45 Every Tue, Sat Tyler Yarema and his Rhythm. Every Wed The Digs. Every Thu Stacey Kaniuk. Every Fri Dee Dee and the Dirty Martinis. Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar, The 194 Queen St. W. 416-598-2475 (full schedule) Call for cover charge info. March 1 6:30pm Tonight @ Noon; 9:30pm Classic Rex Jazz Jam hosted by Chris Gale. March 2 6:30pm Ernesto Cervini Trio; 9:30pm JV’s Bugaloo Squad. March 3 6:30pm Kevin Quain; 9:30pm Andrew Boniwell & Uncertainty Principle. March 4 4pm Hogtown Syncopators; 9:45pm Chuck Jackson’s Big Bad Blues Band. March 5 12pm The Sinners Choir; 3:30pm Swing Shift Big Band; 7:30pm Justin Bacchus; 9:45pm Way North. March 6 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz Band; 3:30pm Club Django; 7pm Ken Aldcroft’s Convergence Ensemble; 9:30pm Ben Ball Quartet. March 7 6:30pm University of Toronto Student Jazz Ensembles; 9:30pm Humber College Student Jazz Ensembles. March 8 6:30pm Tonight @ Noon; 9:30pm Classic Rex Jazz Jam hosted by Chris Gale. March 9 6:30pm Ernesto Cervini Trio; 9:30pm Scott Marshall. March 10 6:30pm Kevin Quain; 9:30pm Montreal/Brooklyn/Japan’s Split Cycle. March 11 4pm Hogtown Syncopators; 9:45pm Lorne Lofsky. March 12 12pm The Sinners Choir; 3:30pm Chris Hunt Tentet +2; 7:30pm Justin Bacchus; 9:45pm John MacMurchy Septet. March 13 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz Band; 3:30pm Red Hot Ramble; 7pm Ken Aldcroft’s Thread Ensemble; 9:30pm Stacey Y’s Dovira. March 14 6:30pm University of Toronto Student Jazz Ensembles; 9:30pm Humber College Student Jazz Ensembles. March 15 6:30pm Tonight @ Noon; 9:30pm Classic Rex Jazz Jam hosted by Chris Gale. March 16 6:30pm Ernesto Cervini Trio; 9:30pm Mike Janzen Trio. March 17 6:30pm Kevin Quain; 9:30pm N.O.J.O.: Neufeld Occhipinti Jazz Orchestra. March 18 4pm Hogtown Syncopators; 9:45pm Dave Young Quintet. March 19 12pm The Sinners Choir; 3:30pm Jerome Godboo; 7:30pm Justin Bacchus; 9:45pm New York’s Dave Liebman with Mike Murley Quartet. March 20 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz Band; 3:30pm Jake Chisholm Quartet; 7pm Ken Aldcroft’s Hat & Beard: Monk Tribute; 9:30pm New York’s Eric Divito Trio. March 21 6:30pm University of Toronto Student Jazz Ensembles; 9:30pm Humber College Student Jazz Ensembles. March 22 6:30pm Tonight @ Noon; 9:30pm Classic Rex Jazz Jam hosted by Chris Gale. March 23 6:30pm Ernesto Cervini Trio; 9:30pm New York’s John Raymond Trio. March 24 6:30pm Kevin Quain; 9:45pm Columbus, Ohio’s Tony Monaco Organ Trio. March 25 4pm Hogtown Syncopators; 9:45pm Columbus, Ohio’s Tony Monaco Organ Trio. March 26 12pm The Sinners Choir; 3:30pm George Lake Big Band; 7:30pm Justin Bacchus; 9:45pm William & William Sextet. March 27 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz Band; 3:30pm Freeway Dixieland Jazz Band; 7pm Ken Aldcroft; 9:30pm Three Blind Mice. March 28 6:30pm University of Toronto Student Jazz Ensembles; 8:30pm John MacLeod’s Rex Hotel Orchestra. March 29 6:30pm Tonight @ Noon; 9:30pm Montreal’s Sam Dickinson Trio. March 30 6:30pm Ernesto Cervini Trio; 9:30pm Ernesto Cervini’s Turboprob feat. New York’s Joel Frahm. March 31 6:30pm Kevin Quain; 9:30pm Ernesto Cervini’s Turboprob feat. New York’s Joel Frahm. Salty Dog Bar & Grill, The 1980 Queen St. E. 416-849-5064 (full schedule) Sauce on the Danforth 1376 Danforth Ave. 647-748-1376 All shows: No cover. Every Mon 9pm The Out Of Towners: Dirty Organ Jazz. Every Tue 6pm Julian Fauth. Seven44 (Formerly Chick n’ Deli/The People’s Chicken) 744 Mount Pleasant Rd. 416-489-7931 (full schedule) All shows: 7:30pm March 7 Advocats Big Band. March 21 George Lake Big Band. March 28 Mega City Swing Band. Toni Bulloni 156 Cumberland St. 416-967-7676 (full schedule) No cover. Saturday shows: 9pm. food/ drink minimum. Sunday shows: 6pm. food/drink minimum. Tranzac 292 Brunswick Ave. 416-923-8137 3-4 shows daily, various styles. Mostly PWYC. Every Mon 10pm Open Mic Mondays. Every Thurs 7:30pm Bluegrass Thursdays: Houndstooth. Every Fri 5pm The Foolish Things (folk). This month’s shows include: March 1 7:30pm Ali Berkok; 10pm Peripheral Vision. March 6, 20 5pm Monk’s Music. March 7 7:30pm Continental Shift with the Blythwood Winds. March 11 10pm ZimZum. March 15 10pm The Ken McDonald Quartet. March 20 7:30pm Diane Roblin. March 25 10pm The Ryan Driver Sextet. March 29 10pm Nick Fraser Presents. Benefits/Fundraisers ●●March 07 7:00-10:00: Join VOICEBOX- Opera in Concert for a benefit concert, “Spring of Songs,” at Gallery 345, in celebration of the world premiere of Isis and Osiris – Gods of Egypt. Sneak preview of the opera performed by Lucia Cesaroni, Julie Nesrallah and Michael Nyby and others; opportunity to bid on paintings by artist Anton Cetin; silent auction, post-concert reception and cash bar. Space is limited, so please RSVP via email to by March 4 to receive the early-bird price of . Door price . Festivals, Festivities ●●March 20: Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund (CMTTF) / Canadian Association for Music Therapy (CAMT). 3rd Annual March for Music Therapy. A grassroots, family and community focused event. 1:00: Check-in at The Music Therapy Centre, 1175 Bloor St. W.; 1:30: March commences with music for 2 km to the Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. W.; ends with a fun community event in celebration of the CMTTF’s efforts to provide music therapy services to underserved populations. Online registration for individuals and teams: per adult; children pledge what you can. ●●April 02 7:00: Toronto Gilbert and Sullivan Society. April Meeting. Join us for song, snacks and cheer, with spectacular performers. St. Andrew’s United Church, 117 Bloor St. E. 416-763-0832. for non-members. ●●April 15 (deadline): Coalition for Music Education. 12th annual Music Monday. All music makers are invited to submit videos that showcase learning and making music in their schools and communities. All videos received by the deadline April 15, 2016 will be considered for inclusion in the Music Monday - Coast2Coast (#MMC2C) powered Music Monday webcast. For more information: Lectures, Salons, Symposia ●●March 08 1:30: Oakville Opera Guild. Wounded Animals, Tragic Heroes and Flawed Figures – Exploring the Dark and Distinctive Artistry of Jon Vickers. Lecture by Wayne Gooding, editor of Opera Canada magazine. E. The ETCeteras THE ETCETERAS covers a diverse range of musical events that don’t fit comfortably into our other, performance-based listings. The ETCeteras are sorted alphabetically by category, such as Lectures, Master Classes and Workshops. We welcome submissions. Please send listings to Oakville Public Library Central Branch, 120 Navy St. Oakville. 905-827-5678; Oakville. (proceeds go towards our scholarship fund, to be awarded to a student attending the Faculty of Music at the U of Toronto and support our annual donation to the Canadian Opera Company). ●●March 10 7:30: Darchei Noam Synagogue. Jews’ Muse: Felix Mendelssohn. A mix of lecture, music and discussion with lecturer Rick Phillips as he explores the music of Mendelssohn - the influences that shaped his music, the impact he left on his times and his lasting legacy. 864 Sheppard Ave. W. 416-638-4783; or for all four dates. ●●March 11 6:00: The Music Gallery / Musicworks Magazine / OCADU Student Gallery. Musicworks: The Cassette Years. Opening of exhibition and listening salon bringing the public into contact with cassette tapes distributed with each issue of Musicworks between 1983 and 1997. Covering a diversity of voices, music, field recordings and sound collections from across the country. To March 13: 197 John St.; March 14 to 18: OCAD’s Open Gallery, 49 McCaul. 416-204-1080; Free. PASQUALE BROTHERS PURVEYORS OF FINE FOOD CATERING (416) 364-7397 WWW.PASQUALEBROS.COM March 1, 2016 - April 7, 2016 | 51

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