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Volume 24 Issue 4 - December 2018 / January 2019

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When is a trumpet like a motorcycle in a dressage event? How many Brunhilde's does it take to change an Elektra? Just two of the many questions you've been dying to ask, to which you will find answers in a 24th annual combined December/January issue – in which our 11 beat columnists sift through what's on offer in the upcoming holiday month, and what they're already circling in their calendars for 2019. Oh, and features too: a klezmer violinist breathing new life into a very old film; two New Music festivals in January, 200 metres apart; a Music & Health story on the restorative powers of a grassroots exercise in collective music-making; even a good reason to go to Winnipeg in the dead of winter. All this and more in Vol 24 No 4, now available in flipthrough format here.

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FOR OPENERS | DAVID PERLMAN This Time I’ve Got Nothing (So Thank Goodness for Our Columnists) When is a trumpet like a motorcycle in a dressage ceremony? Jack MacQuarrie has the answer in Bandstand. And whose songs will Danika Lorèn be singing in Toronto’s inaugural songSLAM January 16 at Walter Hall – an event that threatens to singe the eyebrows off that often sober-sided venue? Lydia Perović reveals all in Art of Song. As of the date of writing this (November 26 2018) how many times has conductor Johannes Debus conducted Messiah? Brian Chang has the handle on that in Choral Scene. Pianists can be a handful. Which one is quoted in this month’s magazine as saying “If I were only to play Saint-Saëns for the rest of my life, I think I’ll stop playing the piano”? And how many pianists in a handful, anyway? You can find out in Paul Ennis’ Classical and Beyond. What instrument (or should that be implement?) will Marco Cera wield in addition to his usual oboe in Tafelmusik’s Harlequin Salon commencing January 16? Matthew Whitfield explains in Early Music. And what is it about the three CD sets from Mosaic Records that Steve Wallace is thinking of buying for himself for Christmas, if no-one else does, that makes them a bargain at 4 (U.S.)? Read Jazz Notes if you dare. You may well never have wondered what Bernice means to singer Robin Dann. And how many Danns can safely fit in one column anyway? Colin Story answers that one in Mainly Clubs. Come January, Rose is arose in Rose and Jenny Parr can hardly wait. There’s pepper for the soul in Music Theatre, guaranteed. How many Brünnhildes does it take to change an Elektra? According to Chris Hoile in On Opera we are about to find out. And what under the sun are a dizi, yangqin, zamba, chacarera and kamanche? And which of them does Andrew Timar (World View) try to use in Scrabble? From all of us at The WholeNote to all of our readers, our best wishes for this thing called the holiday season. Don’t look for a new issue in print at the beginning of January. In case you haven’t noticed, this is (for the 24 th consecutive time, actually) a combined December/ January issue. You can however expect to hear from us in all our other media, digital and social, including HalfTones, our mid-month e-letter. And you’ll see us in print again at the end of January. Upcoming Dates & Deadlines for our February 2019 edition Free Event Listings Deadline Midnight, Tuesday January 8, 2019 Display Ad Reservations Deadline 6pm Tuesday January 15 Advertising Materials Due 6pm Thursday January 17 Classifieds Deadline 6 pm Friday January 25 Publication Date Tuesday January 29 (online) Thursday January 31 (print edition) Volume 24 No 5 “FEBRUARY” will list events February 1 through March 7, 2019 WholeNote Media Inc. accepts no responsibility or liability for claims made for any product or service reported on or advertised in this issue. Printed in Canada Couto Printing & Publishing Services Circulation Statement NOVEMBER 2018 30,000 printed & distributed Canadian Publication Product Sales Agreement 1263846 ISSN 14888-8785 WHOLENOTE Publications Mail Agreement #40026682 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: WholeNote Media Inc. Centre for Social Innovation 503–720 Bathurst Street Toronto ON M5S 2R4 COPYRIGHT © 2019 WHOLENOTE MEDIA INC December 2018 - January 2019 | 7

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