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Volume 26 Issue 3 - November 2020

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Alanis Obomsawin's art of life; fifteen Exquisite Departures; UnCovered re(dis)covered; jazz in the kitchen; three takes on managing record releases in times of plague; baroque for babies; presenter directory (blue pages) part two; and, here at the WholeNote, work in progress on four brick walls (or is it five?). All this and more available in flipthrough HERE, and in print Tuesday Nov 3.

The WholeNote VOLUME

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MORE STORIES & INTERVIEWS 15 JAZZ NOTES | Jazz in the Kitchen | STEVE WALLACE 17 BANDSTAND | Music for Life | JACK MACQUARRIE 49 TAKE THREE | Remastering the Record Release | CATHY RICHES 51 MAINLY, MOSTLY | Rolling with the Punches – A Tale of Two Festivals | COLIN STORY 53 EARLY MUSIC | Tafelmusik’s Baroque for Baby | MATTHEW WHITFIELD 54 REARVIEW MIRROR | “Classical” Baggage vs Necessary Luggage | ROBERT HARRIS LISTINGS 24 By Date; Continuing, ETCetera MORE 5 Upcoming dates and deadlines 28 Classified Ads 17 DISCOVERIES: RECORDINGS REVIEWED 29 Editor’s Corner | DAVID OLDS 31 Strings Attached | TERRY ROBBINS 33 Vocal 36 Classical and Beyond 39 Modern and Contemporary 42 Jazz and Improvised Music 45 Pot Pourri 46 Something in the Air | KEN WAXMAN 47 Old Wine, New Bottles | BRUCE SURTEES SPECIAL SECTIONS IN THIS ISSUE PAGES 19-23 The 21st annual BLUE PAGES, Part 2 BRICK BY BRICK Presenter Profiles 2020/21 Upcoming in DECEMBER 2020 BLUE PAGES Profiles: Part 3 PRESENTER PROFILES 2020/21 21 BLUE st ANNUAL PAGES BLUE PAGES LIST, OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER 2020 Aga Khan Museum Oriana Women’s Choir Amadeus Choir of Greater Toronto Orpheus Choir of Toronto Annex Singers Pax Christi Chorale Azrieli Foundation Peterborough Singers Barrie Concert Association Piano Lunaire, The Canadian Children’s Opera Company Royal Canadian College of Organists, Canadian Sinfonietta Toronto Centre Chorus Niagara Royal Conservatory of Music Church of St. Mary Magdalene Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra Church of St. Peter and St. Simon-the-Apostle Sine Nomine Ensemble for Medieval Music Confluence Concerts Soundstreams DaCapo Chamber Choir St. Thomas’s Anglican Church Don Wright Faculty of Music, Tafelmusik Western University Tallis Choir Edison Singers Tapestry Opera Elmer Iseler Singers Toronto Chamber Choir Elora Festival & Singers Toronto Children’s Chorus Ensemble Vivant Toronto Choral Society Esprit Orchestra Toronto Classical Singers Etobicoke Centennial Choir Toronto Consort Etobicoke Community Concert Band Toronto Mendelssohn Choir Etobicoke Philharmonic Orchestra Toronto Mozart Players Exultate Chamber Singers Toronto Symphony Orchestra Flute Street Trio Arkel Hannaford Street Silver Band University of Toronto Faculty of Music Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts Village Voices Jubilate Singers VOCA Chorus of Toronto Kindred Spirits Orchestra Wychwood Clarinet Choir King Edward Choir Music at St. Andrew’s Big Picture Communications Music Gallery Bobolink Agency Music in the Afternoon Concerts in Care Music Toronto International Resource Centre for New Music Concerts Performing Artists Off Centre Music Salon Linda Litwack Publicity Opera Atelier Rebecca Davis Public Relations Orchestra Toronto SPEAK Music PR 21st ANNUAL DIRECTORY OF MUSIC MAKERS REBUILDING LIVE MUSIC BRICK BY BRICK Welcome to Part 2 of The WholeNote’s 21st annual Blue Pages directory of our region’s music community. Profiles which were printed in the October issue are in black type in the alphabetical list of directory members alongside this introduction. The 18 that can be found in this November issue are listed in red. The third and final print installment of the 2020-21 Blue Pages will follow in the December/January issue. Meanwhile, the cumulative Blue Pages directory will be continually updated online at under the “Who’s Who” tab, as new profiles arrive. Additionally, all members of the directory will be given the opportunity to update their online profiles as and when their plans for spring and summer 2021 continue to firm up. As mentioned in the October issue, for many musical organizations it has been a bumpy ride to this point, with crystal balls as much in short supply as paper products on supermarket shelves! Nevertheless we hope you will find the profiles that follow to be of interest, and the links they offer to be useful as one of the communities hardest hit by COVID- 19 rebuilds itself, brick by brick. Thanks to community members who have unhesitatingly come forward with WholeNote memberships and profiles: you are helping us find ways to keep the lights on during the winter ahead. Similarly we hope your presence here also sends a signal to our readers who care about what you do, that you are finding ways to do the same. And thanks also to our faithful readers, whether in print or online at where you can find a complete digitized archive of our print editions since 1995, including the five issues we have printed since March 2020. If you missed any of those four print issues and would like copies, please contact us at circulation@ For information on the benefits of a WholeNote membership (of which a Blue Pages profile is a feature), please contact Karen Ages at or 416-323-2232 x26. BLUE PAGES TEAM 2020/21 PROJECT MANAGER: Karen Ages PROJECT EDITOR: Danial Jazaeri LAYOUT AND DESIGN: Susan Sinclair WEBSITE: Kevin King an Ontario government agency un organisme du gouvernement de l’Ontario BluePagesNovember2020.indd 19 2020-10-26 5:42 PM 4 | November 2020

FOR OPENERS | DAVID PERLMAN For What It’s Worth Acouple of issues back (Vol 26, No 1) in this slot, I drew readers’ attention to the cheeky tagline “Priceless” on the top right hand corner of our front cover (where one would usually expect to find a newsstand price, or, failing that, the word “Free”). “But for how long? And what comes next?” was the question I asked. For what it’s worth, if you’ll be sad to see the Priceless tagline go, turn back to the cover and bid it a fond farewell. What will replace it? Perhaps nothing, immediately. The title of this Opener is maybe a good candidate. It captures the essence of what will need to change in our relationships with all the different constituencies within the music community who benefit in one way or another from the fact that we are around – in other words, you, our readership. We know how much you like us. But “what are we worth to you?” is a different question to grapple with – now that most of us, having slammed into an economic and social brick wall, find ourselves having to re-examine the fundamentals of how we used to ply our various trades. “You Can’t Fake the Classifieds” Reading Jenny Parr’s interview with Musical Stage Company’s Mitchell Marcus in this issue – especially the bit about Porchside Songs – brought to mind what I wrote here last month, after her recent death in Italy, about Kensington Market arts pioneer Ida Carnevali and her visceral understanding of how art is rooted in community. Which in turn got me thinking about another Kensington character from those days (thankfully still alive if not geographically among us), Buzz Burza. Buzz, as we all called him, had the same neighbourhood-rooted understanding of community publishing as Ida did of community theatre, finding his way into our lives in the 1980s (by way of such landmark controlled-circulation publications as the Toronto Clarion, The Skills Exchange, and Now magazine) when we were in the early stages of founding the Kensington Market Drum. While Perlman was ranting about how the Market needed our own voice to withstand the tides of cynical change, and the onslaughts of city hall, Burza was quietly signing up dozens of businesses or agencies in and around the Market who would agree to carry the newspaper if we ever got it off the ground. “You can fake-build everything else in a community newspaper but you can’t fake the classifieds” was a favourite bon mot of his, and we took it to heart – the DRUM’s classified (DRUM HUM community ads, we called them, took the form of a brick wall across the bottom of as many pages as required, with “DRUM Bricks, only a throw” as our rallying cry. Brick by Brick It was the same brick-by-brick approach to controlled circulation and community listings with which we built The WholeNote, from modest beginnings as a column in the Kensington Market Drum into what it was as recently as half a year ago. And, in principle, it’s the same approach – one brick at a time – that will see us (and I suspect many of you) through this next while. But we will only be as real as you help us be. There are four brick walls (five if you count the one on this page) in this issue, each representing an aspect of what we do that can’t be faked. Check them out. They are as fundamental to what makes The WholeNote hum as unfakeable classifieds were to the Kensington Market Drum. “I’ll buy that!” is the response we’d love to hear. And they are not all monetary asks either. But they are all crucial as we rebuild our usefulness (see page 2). Mind you, come to think of it, if you have thought about taking a subscription, for yourself or someone else, this might just be the time to consider doing so! And if you have immediate paid work to offer for musicians and other arts workers, see page 28. Till February those “bricks” are free! Upcoming Dates & Deadlines for our combined December & January edition Free Event Listings, deadline Midnight, Monday November 16 Display Advertising, reservation deadline 6pm Friday November 20 Display Advertising, artwork due 6pm Monday, November 23 Classifieds deadline 6pm Saturday November 28 Publication Dates Tuesday, December 1 (online) Friday, December 4 (print) Volume 26 No 4 “December & January 2020/21” will cover events December 1, 2020 through February 7, 2021 and include The 21st Annual BLUE PAGES, Part 3 for info: WholeNote Media Inc. accepts no responsibility or liability for claims made for any product or service reported on or advertised in this issue. Printed in Canada Couto Printing & Publishing Services Circulation Statement OCT 2020 8,000 printed & distributed Canadian Publication Product Sales Agreement 1263846 ISSN 14888-8785 WHOLENOTE Publications Mail Agreement #40026682 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: WholeNote Media Inc. Centre for Social Innovation 503–720 Bathurst Street Toronto ON M5S 2R4 COPYRIGHT © 2020 WHOLENOTE MEDIA INC November 2020 | 5

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