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Volume 3 Issue 1 - September 1997

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6 september '97

6 september '97 wholenote Am I losing my hearing? A musician 1 s nightmare ALBERTO BEHAR - Am I losing my hearing? NOISE CONTROL This is a question that may send tremors down your Alberto is a Professional Engineer and an Industrial spine, since for a musician Hygienisc. !!is area of interest (or devotee of music) is noise control and hearing hearing is the most conservation in the workplace. precious gift that one As an amateur violin player, ·possesses. There are he is also interested in many causes of conserving the hearing of his . hearing loss: use of fellow musicians. . d th t f"' t r-------------...;'--'-1 rugs a can a 1ec 1 the acoustical nerve (such as ROBIN streptomycin), aging, HOWELL some infections, just to quote the most Expert Woodwind prevalent. But there is another cause that Repair by itself has become for all single and the single most important generator dbl. reed insts., of hearing loss: recorders and excess1ve no1se. period winds It is well known fact that prolonged exposures Set-up, tuning to high noise levels can voicing, damage the delicate maintenance and hearing cells located in the restoration done inner ear. The consequence of such damage is a on premises. All gradual loss of hearing, work guaranteed. which starts with the frequencies in the 4000 Hz Insurance band (close to C8) and appraisals. Call for gradually extends to higher appointment. and lower frequencies. The tragedy of this type 416-534-6538 of hearing loss is that: a) ~==========, the process is so slow that Critically Acclaimed Location Recording . & Digital Editing Complete CD Packages af great prices! Call for free brochure (416) 41 0-8248 0 0 when the person becomes aware that "there is something wrong" the loss is already significant, and b) the loss is permanent, nerve tissues cannot heal or be cured. The first manifestation of this type of hearing loss is often difficulty in understanding speech: the person hears but cannot understand easily. Speech sounds like mumbo-jumbo. One's reaction, most often, is to complain that other people are mumbling. People affected. by this loss also, increasingly, start listening to radio/TV at a volume too high for the persons surrounding them. Sometimes it is only when the hearing loss becomes a "nuisance factor" in this way, that some·one in the person's household recommends going to see a doctor. There is more than one manifestation of damagingly persistent exposure to excessive loud noise. Often the loss is accompanied by tinnitus (ringing in the ears or hearing nonexistent noises). Tinnitus also occurs frequently after an , exposure to a single loud noise (such as a gun shot), although in those cases, it is of short duration and disappears with time. Tinnitus varies in tone (frequency) and duration, but in severe cases the person can be awakened from sleep and kept awake by this "nonexistent" noise generated by the affected ear. Ironically, in an industrial setting most workers are aware of the Continued on p. 21 Maria Callas ~------------------------------------------------------, September 16th marks the 20th Anniversary of the death of Maria Callas. To commemorate the anniversary of her death, and to celebrate her career, EMI Classics has refurbished the entire Callas catalogue - 30 complete operas, 11 recital LPs for the first time in their original form on CD, and a variety of· miscellaneous recordings. available on CD at all good record stores

it orchestra 9 7. 98 music director and conductor the body electric october 5, 1997 guest artist TIM BRADY (Canada), electric guitar composers TIM BRADY (Canada) The Body Electric for electric guitar and orchestra, world premiere PAUL DOLDEN (Canada) The Heart Tears Itself Apart With The Power Of Its Own Muscles. Resonance #3 GLENN BRANCA (United States) Free Form RON FORD (United States/Holland) Salome Fast JIMI HENDRIX (United States) Purple Haze MARIUS CONSTANT (France) The Twilight Zone Call the St. Lawrence Centre box office, 27 Front St. E. (416) 366-7723 4-Concert Subscription Series: ; student/senior. Single tickets: ; .50 student/senior All concerts start at 8:00 p.m. (7:15 p.m . pre-concert talk) Jane Mallett Theatre, St. Lawrence Centre spectra november 3, 1997 POST-CONCERT ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION guest artists RIVKA GOLANI (Canada), viola ROBERT AITKEN (Canada), flute composers ROBERT AITKEN (Canada) Spectra GILLES TREMBLAY (Canada) Traversee concerto for flute and orchestra, world premiere JOJI YUASA (Japan) Revealed Time for viola and· orchestra · COLIN MCPHEE (Canada) Tabuh-Tabuhan un, deux, beaucoup february 22, 1998 guest artists ELIZABETH TURNBULL (Canada), mezzo-soprano FUJIKO IMAJISHI (Canada), violin com posers JEFFREY RYAN (Canada) eternal silence ... infinite spaces world premiere ROGER BERGS (Canada) Soundbites world premiere ERIC MORIN (Canada) un, deux, beaucoup ANA .SOKOLOVIC (Canada) Pesma, for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra CHRIS PAUL HARMAN (Canada) Violin Concerto dutch treat march 29, 1998 guest artists RIVKA GOLANI (Canada), viola LOOS (Holland) tenor saxophone piano percussion composers R. MURRAY SCHAFER (Canada) Concerto for Viola and Orchestra world premiere GUUS JANSSEN (Holland) Verstelwerk GUUS JANSSEN (Holland) Passevite BERND ALOIS ZIMMERMANN (Germany) Antiphonen Handling charges apply to subscription, telephone, and group sales. GST is included in all prices. Programming is subject to change without notice Deer Park United Church 129 St. Clair Ave. W. at A venue Road Concert, Meeting Room, and Studio Space Available =:=:::;;;;:t::~~==~ Please phone (416) 962-3381 Woodwinds Ltd. 720 Bathurst Street, Suite 502 Toronto, Ontario MSS 2R4 NIUSICVVORKS 179 Richmond St. W., Toronto ON M5V 1V3 phone: (416) 977 3546 fax: (416) 204 1084 email: http:/ / FLUTE-CLARINET-SAX-OBOE-BASSOON Expert Repairs, Sheet Music, Accessories New & Used Instruments 535-6000. authorized warranty repair depot )!!.._ :~tJ;-\ '~·-J.;:.) ff.iH,,\HI•l

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