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Volume 3 Issue 2 - October 1997

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John McGuigan is

John McGuigan is currently the administrative secretary of the Canadian Band Association (Ontario Chapter). His main function is the editing of the quarterly magazine "Fanfare" and to maintain records and offices for the association. He also owns and operates "COMPRINT" a publishing house for new Canadian music. Currently this catalogue contains 28 Band publications and 24 Choral publications. CANADIAN MUSIC IS AVAILABLE NOW FOR BAND AND OTHER ENSEMBLES This month I would like to take most of this column to publicize some of the efforts of Canadian musicians and composers. I hope that band educators and conductors will become more aware of current attempts to make Canadian Band Music available to bands across the country. Canada has always been a place where our own artists often get recognition here only after successes in other countries. Great efforts by major Canadian publishing institutions all seem to have gone the way of the dinosaur. Waterloo Music, G. V. Thompson, and Canadian Music Sales, made heroic efforts to publish in the past. Unfortunately all have succumbed to the well publicized and financed works of the major American and European houses. Until the advent of desktop publishing and "Finale" it was impossible for a small entrepreneur to put out any of the wonderful writings of our own Canadian composers . The Canadian Music Centre is only a library of submitted scores (often in script form) limited to writings by established composers. Things are changing, however. The computer has enabled mini-publishers to present competitively produced copy on a limited budget. Small publishers are proliferating putting out an impressive quantity of accessible music for band and other types of musical ensemble. Some of this output is of a high quality and useability for the various bands around the country. Much of this material was on display at the recent "Band-Aid" conference sponsored by the CBA. In spite of the problems, Canadian composers have continued to produce fine works for band, mainly through the use of commissions by various bands. These organizations by some divine intervention, have managed to find funds for such productions. Previously those efforts languished in dusty files after an initial enthusiastic performances. Now those pieces are being made commercially available, through mini publishers who are willing and interested enough to produce new performing material. I Hopefully conductors will begin to discover this new material . Ask your dealers for information about Canadian publications and let them know that you are interested in checking out this source of refreshing new works for band. We might even reverse the Canadian characteristic of revering Canadian artists only after they succeed elsewhere. It would be very encouraging if Canadian success could precede exportation of this valuable resource. What a thought! Following is list or" some of the publishers who are now in production. Included is a comment about the works available. BELDRIANA publishes a line of Jazz Ensemble charts. 416-481-1171 APPRO is an Edmonton company producing a line of band and jazz charts mainly for educational institutions. 403-439-1851 COMPRINT produces Band, Choral, Orchestral , and Jazz Ensemble charts. Phone or fax 905-826-5542 EIGHTH NOTE PUBLICATIONS has a line of small wind ensemble works. 905-471-4450 JAYMAR is a London company with a line of choral, organ, and band charts. 519-672-7369 NORTHDALE MUSIC PRESS has a line of quality band charts available only by mail. 416-694-5102 LES EDITIONS DE LA FEDERATION DES HARMONIES DU QUEBEC publishes French Canadian works for band under a provincial grant. 514-252-3026 If you are a band director o,r educator, do yourself a favour and take a look at this new material. I know that you will be gratified and pleased to be flble to program listenable new Canadian works on your next conceit. 8TH ANNUAL ROYAL CANADIAN MILITARY INSTITUTE MASSED BAND SPECTACULAR SUN. OCT. 26TH AT ROY THOMPSON HALL 2:00PM Featuring 10 massed military, bugle, fife & drum, and pipe and drum bands of the Army, Navy, and Air Force reserve units from the Greater Toronto Area Extensive indoor and outdoor displays . The focus of media attention provides the Canadian Forces with an excellent opportunity to enhance their "community footprint." TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSIQ\L & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

wholenote october '97 WORKSHOPS, ETC •October 4 9:00am: Toronto Early Music Players Organization workshop for players of renaissance and baroque instruments, given by Avery MacLean, recorder player with Aradia. 932-8167. •October 4 & 5 !O:OOam: Barry Harris Jazz Workshops. Hands on & open to all instrumentalists & vocalists. 485-8620. •October 5 9:00am: It's a Clarinet Affair! presented by Boosey & Hawkes & Gary Armstrong Woodwinds. Workshops, masterclasses, teaching forum, original instrument demonstration & more. 535-6000. •October 15 7:00: CAMMAC Flute Club for performers to play with others. 421-0779. •October 26 2:00: CAMMAC Musical Reading of Bach: Cantata 180. Kevin Mallon conducts. 421-0779. •October 27 8:00: Toronto Wagner Society presents Tristan and Isolde. Various video and CD versions will be compared with discussion. 778-9397. •November 2 1:30: Toronto Early Music Players Organization workshop for players of renaissance and baroque instruments, given by Marie-Fra~ce Richard, baroque oboe player. 932-8167. AUDITIONS, LECTURES, ETC THORNHILL COMMUNITY CONCERT BAND, Nancy Stover' music director, invites new members to join. All amateur musicians with high school proficiency and their own band instrument are welcome. Rehearsals every Tuesday evening. I 905-731-9638. 1 LECTURES North York Symphony Association presents a series of 6 Monday evening sessions in which conductor Kerry Stratton shares his insights into classical music & jazz. Expand your musical horizons! Begins October 20. 499-2204. the body electric october 5, 1997 guest artist TIM BRADY (Canada), electric guitar composers TIM BRADY (Canada) The Body Electric for electric guitar and orchestra, world premiere PAUL DOLDEN (Canada) The Heart Tears Itself Apart With The Power Of Its Own Muscles. Resonance #3 GLENN BRANCA (United States) Free Form RON FORD (United States/Holland) Salome Fast JIMI HENDRIX (United States) Purple Haze MARIUS CONSTANT (France) The Twilight Zone rit orchestra 97.98 music director and conductor 15 CHAMBER MUSIC IN A CAFE SETTING. Bach to the Future, presented by The Interlude Chamber Quintet featuring clarinetist Terry Storr. Admission includes an ample sampling of exceptional beers & superb espressos. Future Bakery and Cafe, 270 The Kingsway. 233-7468. STRATFORD FESTIVAL DAY TRIP. Matinee presentation of Camelot, as well as all-you-can-eat buffet and time to browse, presented by ACT II STUDIO RYERSON. Registration deadline October 24. 979-5103. TORONTO SYMPHONY 7TH ANNUAL FINE WINE AUCTION & FESTIVAL. Eight events spanning the month of October featuring various combinations of good music, gourmet eating and fine wines. Project of the Toronto Symphony Volunteer Committee. Proceeds benefit the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. 593-7769 ext.359. ' FOR AUDITIONS, CLASSES, COURSES, ETCETERA, SEE WHOLENOTE UNCLASSIFIED ADS ON PAGE 30 THE PERFECT BIRTHDAY Party Puppet Show specially designed for your child 2 to 6 years old (416) 922-8249 Call the St. Lawrence Centre box office, 27 Front St. E. (416) 366-7723 4-Concert Subscription Series: ; studentjsen1or. Single tickets: ; .50 student/senior All concerts start at 8:00 p.m. (7:15 p.m. pre-concert talk) Jane Mallett Theatre, St. Lawrence Centre spectra november 3, 1997 POST-CONCERT ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION guest artists RIVKA GOLANI (Canada), viola ROBERT AITKEN (Canada), flute composers ROBERT AITKEN (Canada) Spectra GILLES TREMBLAY (Canada) Traversee concerto for flute and orchestra, world premiere JOJI YUASA (Japan) Revealed Time for viola and orchestra COLIN MCPHEE (Canada) Tabuh-Tabuhan un, deux, beaucoup february 22, 1998 guest artists ELIZABETH TURNBULL (Canada), mezzo-soprano FUJIKO IMAJISHI (Canada), violin composers JEFFREY RYAN (Canada) eternal silence ... infinite spaces world premiere ROGER BERGS (Canada) Soundbites world premiere ERIC MORIN (Canada) un, deux, beaucoup ANA SOKOLOVIC (Canada) Pesma, for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra CHRIS PAUL HARMAN (Canada) Violin Concerto dutch treat march 29, 1998 guest artists RIVKA GOLANI (Canada), viola LOOS (Holland) tenor saxophone piano percussion composers R. MURRAY SCHAFER (Canada) Concerto for Viola and ·Orchestra world premiere GUUS JANSSEN (Holland) Verstelwerk GUUS JANSSEN (Holland) Passevite BERND ALOIS ZIMMERMANN (Germany) Antiphonen Handling charges apply to subscription, telephone, and group sales. GST is included in all prices. Programming is subject to change without notice TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

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