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Volume 3 Issue 6 - March 1998

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The month of

The month of March is always a very busy one for choirs in Toronto and fans of choral music can look forward to a month of great singing. As always, · •there's not room for everything, but here are a few highlights that I feel confident to recommend: BARTLE'S VILLAGERS Toronto Children's Chorus - March 7 Jean Ashworth Bartle and Mitch Bondy lead the Senior and Intermediate choirs of the TCC organization in a concert entitled "Our Global Village", which is billed as a celebration of diverse musical styles -- from "driving rhythms born in Africa to luminous harmonies glimpsing the cultural character cf Russia, China, the Canadian North, South America and Australia." Featured guests are master percussionists Kathy A.-mstrong and Russell Hartenberger aJ!d the Rosedale Scottish Country Dancers. The real stars of the show will undoubtedly be the choristers, who are renowned for their first-rate performances. WALKER'S RENAISSANCE SECRET The Tallis Choir - March 28 The affable Peter Walker conducts this choir, which is one of the best-kept secrets in Toronto. They specialize in music of the Renaissance and Baroque eras and their performances are always of a very high standard. This nionth, Monteverdi's High Mass of Easter. Toronto Children's Chorus choral music, it is guaranteed to be an event! GUELPH'S 'RIVER RUN For those of you looking for a trip out of town, there is a great deal happening in Guelph, this month. The University of Guelph Choir, conducted by Marta McCarthy, arc giving a concert on March 20 at t: pm at the new River Run Centre and th~ Guelph Chamber Choir, under Gerald Neufeld's direction, are performing the Rachmaninoff Vespers on March 28 at !J pm at the Church of Our Lady. APRIL ST. ,;OHN Looking aheatl to the beginning of April, there are several performances of Bach's St. John Pas:.ion coming up on the first weekend of April, presented by the Tafelmusik Chamber Choir and Baroq1;e Orchestra under Ivars Taurin's able direction. CHORAL CARNIVAL Plans are well underway for the Ontario Choral Federation's CHORAL CARNIVAL, which is happening on Saturday, May 30 at Lansing United Church in the former North York. In addition to the OCF's Annual General Meeting, the Leslie Bell Competition f•jr choral conductors will take place on th!s day, there will be many workshops and performances, choir tables, games for kids and much, much more. Mark it on your calendar! If your choir would like to be involved in the CHORAL CARNIVAL, please contact me at the Ontario Choral Federation office. We're located at 100 Richmond Street East, BIAS FOR BACH? The Bell' Arte Singers - March 28, 29 Now before I go any further about this concert, I must state that, as opposed to a disciplined critic, I am a practising musician in Toronto, and I do perform with many choirs and ensembles in the Suite 200, our phone number is 363- city on a regular basis. That being said,. . 7488, our fax is 363-8236 a I am involved with the Bell" Arte nd our e-mail address is Singers' performances of Bach's Mass in B Minor, conducted by Lee Willingham so at the risk of complaintS of conflict of Thank you to all those who have ·. nterest I bring it up, but I can't not contacted me about this column. If you mention it, because any time there is a want to let. me know of an upcoming · performance of this great monument of event, please get in touch. CHORAL ... QUICK GUIDE · Many other choral events are taking place this month. Get out to as many as you can. There's nothing)ike a concert of choral music to mdke Marchfeellike May! · You can find all of ·the following in this month's WholeNote listings! •March 1: Victoria Scholars, Village Harmony, Darbazi, Wibijazz'n' &• ., · Toronto Choral Society •March 1: Concertsingerst •March 1: Serenata Singers. Markham Theatre for Performing ,, Arts. ' .. •March 1: Toronto Chamber Society •March 6,7 & '8: Toronto Camerata •March 6: Vienna Choir Boys •March 7: Toronto Children's Chorus •March 7: North York Singers •March 8: Yip's Children's Choir •March 9,10 & 1 1: University of Toronto Choirs •March 13: Theatre of Voices •March 15: St. Anne's Choral Evensong •March 20, 21 & 22: Boys Choir of Harlem •March 21: La Classics Chamber. Choir, Peel Choral Society & · Brampton Festival Singers •March 22: Opera in Concert Chorus •March 22: York University Choirs •March 23: University of Toronto Choral Lab Choir •March 24: Georgian Vocal ensemble •March 26: MacMillan Singers •March 27: Vie Chorus. Victoria University Chapel •March 28: Etobicoke Centennial Choir •March 28 & 29: Beii'Arte Singers •March 28: Bach Elgar Choir •March 28: Tallis Choir •March 29: Elmer lseler Singei·s •March 29: Hart House Chorus •March 29: Choirs of St. Andrews, King Street & Rosedale Presbyterian •March 29: Dunvant Male Choir •March 29: Musica Antiqua ' •March 29: Cantabile Chorale •March 30: York University Choir & Chamber Choir •April 2, 03 & 04: Tafelmusik •April 4: Amadeus Choir •April'4: U. of Toronto Choirs •April 5: Toronto Chamber Society •April 5: High Park Girls' Choir •April 5: Annex Singers of Toronto •April 5: Elora Festival Singers •April 5: Scarborough College Chamber Choir & Repertory Choir . , •April 5: Choir of Christ Church ' · Deer Park •April 5: Hart House Singers •April 6: University Women's Chorus •April 7: Elora Festival Singers TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

Guess what! lt's camp-planning time again BY SOPHIA PERLMAN If you are reading this arficle, you probably like music. If you play, or if you just listen, you may wish to further your musical skills. This summer, here in Ontario, all across the country, and around the world there are hundreds of summer music schools and camps, that spedalize in various instruments and styles. This article just barely scratches the surface. I sent out questionnaires to various musical people and places that might have a summer program. So what you are reading is the fruit of my research. 0 One of Canada's most famous music schools, is the Banff Centre for the ~. They have been running for 65 years. Their director is Isobel Rolston. Their summer music program, The Music & Sound Program, has classes. in all aspects of performance and sound recording including jazz, classical, contemporary, voice and instrumental, for graduate and professional musicians. Other requirements, will depend on which program you wish to participate in. Fees also depend on which program you choose to take part in. The length of the program can be up to two months. If you are interested, call the office 'of the registrar at 1-800-565- 9989, or the Toronto office at 416-594-6673. week two, jazz. There are many other programs in this camp, and some are only available one week. For more information and registration, call 416-444-0804. 0 Centuries Opera, provides operatic training and performance opprtunities for young singers. The director is Michele Strano. This program has been running for the last five years, and partidpants have performed in workshop operas of la Traviata, and Plaisir d 'Amour as well as the annual Opera Magic concert at the Ford' Centre. This program is for those between the ages of 19 and 70. It costs 0.00 - 0.00. Auditions for Puccini's La Boheme and Offenbach's Tales of Hoffman are coming up on March 1,2 or by appointment. For more info, please'call Michele Strano at 416-787-3708. O · The Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute is in its tliird year in its present location, at Wilfrid Laurier University, in Waterloo, Ontario. It is the third successor to the Guelph Suzuki Institute which ran for 10 years. This program is for beginner to advanced students, and teachers in the Suzuki program. There are individual, group, and enrichment courses for violin, -viola, cello and piano from pre-Twinkle to advanced master class, opportunities in orchestra, reading ensemble, Dalcroze, jazz, and fiddling, and short term teacher workshops. Paule Barselow is the director for strings, and Gail Lunge is the director for piano. The summer program is from August 16 to the 21st, and the fee ranges from , 0.00, to 9.00, and add on courses are extra. If you are interested in this program, call Joyce Johnson, administrative coordinator, at 519-824-7609. 0 Yip's Music Centre, in Richmond Hill has classes in percussion, strings, choral,and piano, for those ages 3-16 years old. The organization has been running for 8 years, under the direction of Dr. Gabriel Leung. The Summer Music Camp is for 1 -10 weeks, from June 15 -August 28. The fees depend on the program. Audition is necessary. For more info, contact Belinda Leung at 905- 764-9339. 0 Cellist, Mihai Tetel is the director of Aria International Summer Academy. This organization has been running since 1992. Housed at the University of Western Ontario in London, _this program is for ages 12 - 30, and provides numerous private lessons, master classes, and chamber music coaching,' in piano, violin, viola, cello, flute and oboe. August 2 -23, is the three week program for piano, violin, viola and cello, which costs ,850.00. Flute and oboe is a 12 day seminar from August 12- 23, and costs ,050.00. Both prices include tuition and room and board. You will need to audition, and the application and fee are due by May 1, 1998. If you are interested, please contact Mihai Tetel at 416-423-8042. 0 The National Music Camp has a Junior and High school program. The junior division is for ages 9 - 14, and covers band/orchestra, music theatre, begining instruments, Suzuki strings and guitar. This takes place from August 21-29. The high school is for those who are 14 - 19, and covers, Camp-planning continues JUNIOR DMSION Aug 21st - Aug 29th 0 CAMMAC (Canadian Amateur Musicians I Musicians Amateurs du Canada), has been running for 21 years. The directors are Margot Rydall Onodera and Bruce Redstone. Their summer program is called the Cedar Glen Summer M;usic Camp for Adults. This program is held in Cedar Glen in Caledon. There are two one week sessions. This year in addition to the normal courses, guitar will be offered in both weeks - flamenco and classical in week one, and in HIGH SCHOOL Aug 29th - Sept 6th Co-Ed Programs OUR UNIQUE PROGRAM OFFERS BAND •:• ORCHESTRA •:• JAZZ •:• JAZZ VOCAL MUSIC THEATRE •:• COMPLETE WATERFRONT & LANDSPORTS PROGRAM •:• EXCITING EVENING PROGRAMS PROFESSIONAL MUSIC FACULTY •:• ACCREDITED FACILITIES 150 ACRES ON BEAUTIFUL LAKE COUCHICHING Call Us For A Colour Brochure (416) 482-24 75 VISIT OUR WEBSITE TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

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