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Volume 3 Issue 8 - May 1998

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J m EHIND THE SCENES 4z ~ Gary Corrin not only knows the score, he knows where to find it BY DAWN LYONS PRINCIPAL LIBRARIAN: Gary Corrin of the TI>O is on The primary responsibilities of the phone: "Let's see, rm the principal librarian are to working Friday, fillturday and manage the acquisition. Sunday, off Monday and. preparation, distribution and collection of performance Tuesday ... my associate hlls materials for all Toronto the concerts next week, I'll just Symphony services and for AUGUST 9 TO 23, 1998 be doing preparation··· how other Toronto Symphony lJo t "--?• a u u•m activities, as required. The APPLEBY CoLLEGE Then is good. principal librarian also has Meanwhile, he says, stop by responsibility for the 1 and I'll give you some . administration of the library background info, including my and all library functions. job description: Gary translates: "I'm the guy foR A BROCHURE: who keeps track ,of stuff and prevents accidents from Phone 90)-)2J-4I~6 · happening. Come and see.• Fax 90)-))2J~0809 E-mail St. Lawrence String Quartet Kenneth Perkins Terence Helmer Marcel Saint-Cyr . . (formerly Orford Quartet) Chris Paul Harman DOLGIAN HOUSE ARTISTS' COLONY A acre property in the Beaver Wtlky T#lcomeJ CompOJm Bdrm & Studio /day: 1 wk. min./2 mth max. Open: July-Labour Day H-Heighington (416) 968-1228 The library is off the greenroom, bright and orderly, with a wall of windows looking out onto the pond. A female mallard waddles by, pursued by a lady with crackers. Inside the door is a service counter with a yellow binder on it labelled "SIGN OUT BOOK." Behind it are stacks, to the right a set of turkey-sized pigeonholes containing neatly stacked music. Beyond that are three or four work tables, a photocopier, more bookcases, some file cabinets and, around still more bookcases, a ,desk. Looks like a library, all ri~t. Me: •so, what exactly do you do?• Gary grins: "I move the right stuff from HERE (he waves at the stacks) to 11IERE (he points at the pigeonholes) for the players, and then back after the concert. • • As soon as 'The Artistic Plan' -(our list ofconcerts for the season) comes out, I start; if we don't already have a piece, we have to buy or rent .• I peer into the stacks. Neatly numbered black folios are tidily piled on the shelves. Gary tells me: "Everything is in acquisition order. Easy. Cross-referenced in the files. Each foli.o is a performance set, usually two complete scores -- one for the conductor, one for the concertmaster -­ and all the paris for Please go to page 37 A unique blencl of music camp and performance series, now in it's seventh year! ;a~E lei ~ I) ........,......,.,_ _..., ""'-' Jazz Camp (instrumental and vocal): August 2 to 7 Chamber Music Camp (strings, winds and piano): August 7 to 15 6 ~ Music for Young People (voice and percussion) Ages 4 to 6 (mornings only): August 3 to 7 Ages 6 to 8 (full days): August 9 to 15 Junior Choir and Recorders (ages 9 to 12) Two, sessions: August 3 to 7 and August 9 to 15 Festival Week Music Camp: August 9 to 15 n n - ~ I) Beginning Band, Band, Beginning Strings, Strings, Symphony Orchestra and Senior Choir And do'n 't miss our fantastic concerts! jazz Week: Monday, August 3: "Swingin' with Swingtime" Tuesday, August 4: An Evening with Lisa Martinelli Wednesday, August 5: Jazz Superstars Thursday, Augus.t 6: Time Warp: "Portraits of Jazz" Friday, August 8: Jazz Student Concert ........,......,.,_ _..., ""'-' Festival Week: Sunday, August 9: Serenade on a Summer Eveing Monday, August 10: Festival Woodwinds · Tuesday, August 11: "Pianos Forte" Wednesday, August 13: Staff Spectacular Thursday, August 14: "Master Pieces" Friday, August 15: Chamber Student Concert Saturday, August 16: Grand Finale Student Concert Brilliant Teachers • Exciting Programs • Famous Artists • Great Concerts For more information ca/1519-396-9716, email:, check out our website at: or write to: KSMF, Box 251, Kincardine, ON, N2Z 2Y7 Information about accomodations in the Kincardine area is available on request. TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSI~L & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

AMAD,EUS ENSEMB·LE :1998 1999 SEASON 13TH 511NNIVERSARY Enjoy the Amadeus ·experience -from Bach to Gershwini.rf the relaxed, inviting · atmosphere of Glenn, Gould Studio Gary Corrin, principal librarian, TSO Passionate as a flamenco dancer, invisible as a ninja, finding deep satisfaction in repetitive tasks --oh, and _ did I mention, very tall? PH9TO: DEN cJuL . SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1998 Y.lN eVENING OF 13ACH The Amadeus Ensemble with Moshe Hammer; Gue~t Soloist: Lawrence Cherney oboe • SUNDAY, 'DECEMBER 13, 1998 MAINLY

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