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Volume 3 Issue 8 - May 1998

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~ PRIL FLASHBACK li PHOTOGRAPHY BY MICHAEL SHA W Among the events attended by the wholenote in April were Orchestras Canada's recording workshop at the CBC Broadcast Centre on April 1st and the Amadeus Choir's "Glorious Mozart: A Tribute to Dr. Elmer Iseler;' concert at the Ford Centre on April 4th. Starting from the bottom left, first, are saxophonist, Daniel Rubinoff, with Dorith Cooper, the organizer of the event. Next are four of the panelists: producer, Anton Kwiatkowski, "Canada's Own" Mary Lou Fallis, cellist David Heatherington, composer and producer, Omar Daniel. Movil:~g on to the Amadeus Choir's concert, the choir needed an orchestra for their performanq: of Mozart's Mass in C minor. Believe' it or not the one they found was the Amadeus Ensemble chamber orchestra! Considering that this concert was just three days after Elmer Iseler's death, the mood at the reception was a mixture of sorrow over his death, appreciation for his life and celebration at the • successful completion of a major musical event. The bottom right picture is of John Bird Of the Elmer Iseler Singers board of directors With soprano soloist, Leslie Fagan. In the top right, Ainadeus Choir conductor and interim conductor of the Elmer Iseler Singers, Lydia Adams, and Moshe Hammer, conductor of the Amadeus Ensemble, enjoy a cele_bratory hug. SUNDAY 5:30am 12:10 pm 1 pm r Gloria Richard Gale_ .k< .. J' Music for Sunday John van Drieland Ker,ry Stralton Luncheon Date Arlene Meadows 5:15pm 6:00pm

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