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Volume 3 Issue 9 - June 1998

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n EI-llND TilE scENEs.

n EI-llND TilE scENEs. s: I • • • • ~ Forty summers later, and Anns still In the thiCk of 1t all BY DAWN 1;. YONS ' a physical instrument which (PHOTOS: DEN CIUL) ' will not last forever, It's Forty years' experience as importantthat singers and ' an international artist's dancers get it right early on, manager, has made Ann because their careers are so Summer~ aware of some short. omissions in the training Me: n~at routes should there of young artists. So, in be for young artists to mov~ addition to her into performing r management business, she has organized the International Resource Centre for Performing Artists. The brochure elaborates: "A charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to helping young artists bridge the gap between formal training and steady employment." Me: ~y do young performers opera, they say 'Oh, so · Ann: "There is nothing like contact with other members of your profession. When I was living in New York in the '60's, the singers ·and artists were'like family. Jim Lyons, the music writer, and his wife Paige, lived in the same building that I did. Musicians and artists would drop in after performances., critics would turn in their reviews and then having rrouble getting work? Ann: They don't know how to behave as working artists. ' They don't have the experience to step onstage as performers, to handle auditions, to prepare a role for rehearsal." Me: Is this a fault of their education? Ann: There are several factors, I suppose. Teachers have often retired from performing, some never had a career. Another factor is fewer entry-level opportunities. The Metropolitan Opera's touring company, for instance, was a wonderful place for young singers to get experience. The Met discontinued touring when the regional companies seemed well established. The problem is that regional companies use big name soloists, they say they need them to fill their halls. That leaves no pla

just to be fired on the spot because you ' don't khow the recit." . . . And we have found new training opportunities, too. We . were doing a masterclass series in Florida. We were always too hot or too ~cold . . Someone moaned, "Can't we do this somewhere eJse?" and Bill Woodruff said "Ann, can you find me someplace in Italy?" So I asked around and some friends said, "Oh yes, the Villa Mazzatti that belongs to the village of Chiari, in Brescia would be ideal." There are 20 rooms, two sweeping staircases and a hall that seats 200. We now do a two-week program there each summer called "Collaborations". This includes vocal ma~terclasses, coaching and assessment; with performances most evenings. Singers live with families in the village, so they are immersed in Italian language and culture. The families get quite involved. "Signora, when is OUR singer singing?~' It has been good for the village, too; our rent paid for some badly-needed repairs to the villa, and our presence helped them to get someprovincial funding for new plumbing and heating. Cultural offi.cers from other towns now go to Chiari to fmd out how they did it, and last year we met a delegation from 15 ot!ter cities in Brescia who had a proposal for us. These cities own some 60 restored operl,l houses. These are small houses, very beautiful. (She .shows me a picture. It , looks like ajewel box, all red and gold.) Ann continues: They are currently presenting plays and concerts, but they have no opera. They asked, could our singers present operas in their houses? I said, "Well, 60 opera houses is a lot. How about ten to start?" So I made some phone calls and we revived an old project that had been shelved; The International Joy of Singing Festival will be presenting opera in concert next winter, and next spring we will tour SUM,MER MUSIC PROGRAM FOR VIOLIN, CELLO, PIANO AND ACOUSTIC GillTAR AT THE HOLLOWS CAMP A FIVE DAY OVERNIGHT CAMP EXPERIENCE FOR ' YOUNG MUSICIANS SEVEN TO FOURTEEN AUGUST lOTH TO AUGUST 15TH MUSICAL DIRECTOR HELEN JACOB-STEIN ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, TORONTO ~~ -~--... ._ ~ FEATURING AN EXCITING MUSICAL REPERTOIRE ALONG WITH ENGLISH RIDING, SWIMMING, CANOEING, KAYAKING, ROPES COURSE, TENNIS, MOUNTAIN BIKING ten Italian opera houses with three fully-staged Puccini operas. We will have a 45 piece orchestra, 60 singers, and 32 divas plus coaches, pianists, ·everything. After that, North America! Oh, and the indefatigable Ann has one more project ... Ann: Our local (Queen East near Sumach) Bank of Nova Scotia closed a while ago. We are asking them to donate the · building to the International Resource Centre for Performing Artists. We would have space for master classes, meeting rooms, small concerts, a libra'r: .. International Resource · Centre For Performing Artists Where that "something extra" turns potential into accomplishment --------CAREERS IN Focus-------­ Spring "Encounters• postponed to Fall · due to Jack of Funds --------COllABORATIONs--_: ___ _ IIVA International Institute of Vocal Arts, 5th summer season, Chiari, lti!ly June 14-July 10, 3 levels: study, professional, special project For application/audition, fax Wm. Woodruff, (212) 874-8112 -INTERNATIONAL jOY OF SIN

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